Halo-themed wedding cake

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I just got married and, given that my husband and I are both huge Halo fans, we had to include it in the festivities somehow. So I walked out to "Keep What You Steal" from the Halo 3 soundtrack and our cake was Halo-themed.
The bottom layer is shaped liked the Halo symbol and colored like a halo ring. The second layer is supposed to resemble Cortana's patterns. The top layer is UNSC green with the UNSC emblem on the side.
The patterns on the bottom two layers aren't exact, but the cakemaker did a fantastic job with the UNSC emblem up top. I need to refind the closeup someone got of it. It was incredibly tasty, too.


I wanted to have a Halo themed wedding, but my husband isn't the big Halo addict........I AM! XD But due to the short notice of our wedding, we did not have the money nor the time to plan everything out. :( We had got married about 2 months after we decided to do it. But at least we got married on 7/7 of last year! hehe I am hoping that if we ever have the money, we will renew our vows and do the whole Halo thing.

I really like that cake though! Maybe you should have had Cortana stay on her base, have it lit up then have Master Chief with one foot on the base and the other on the cake. That is how I have mine posed in my display cabinet. Having the base lit up would have added a nice touch to the cake! :p
I was all for that pose, with his arm around her, but my artist husband was worried that the size of the base and the lights would make Cortana visually overwhelm Master Chief. He should of had his arm around her still, but she probably forgot that bit. No biggie.
I call BS. NO pics of the happy couple! Plus the chance..is what ..one in a zillion that two happy HALO fanatics would find eachother in this world and fall in love....( i mean really, how often do gamers venture from the lagoon otherwise called the basement)


hahhaa that's so cool ^_^ did you get this idea of a halo wedding cake from the guy who had a halo birthday cake??? just wondering :p :))) congratulations to the.... newly weds? anyway congrats again! :D
Congratulations! Your wedding cake is terrific and memorable. I think you'd better post some more pictures so that people may enjoy them more and sharing the joy with you :)
I was married on June 23, 2007. I should have held out for a few more days and gotten married on 7/7/07, it was even on a saturday! Oh well.

Cool cake and congrats!
Thanks everyone! More pictures will be shared within the week. We're both currently busy moving in to a new place and I'm busy reading/writing some papers.
There was a Halo birthday cake? Are there pictures on the forum?
It took me more than a week...But here are the rest of the cake photos worth posting. I never could find that close-up of the emblem that I swear I saw on facebook...

The top of the cake was not completely flat and the icing started melting in the sun. This resulted in Master Chief taking a dive.

We got him set up again for the cutting, though.
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