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How did you find us?

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Doom, May 15, 2008.

  1. AtomicDeadlock


    Found this site and immediately signed up after I started building my Halo armor. Incredibly helpful.
  2. Lasrig

    Lasrig New Member

    Just joined because I want to get into prop building. This site is a great place for finding all sorts of resources. What is the record for most people online at one time now?
  3. Lady Cue

    Lady Cue New Member

    My husband found it, after we finished putting together my Agent Tex armour. Lots of great info here, I wish we would have found it sooner.
  4. Zippmonk

    Zippmonk New Member

    Found site as I just got into cosplay and found some helpful tips on it so far from that i signed up and look forward to furthering this grand adventure of cosplay.
  5. louloun

    louloun New Member

    I joined up after talking with and aquiring my own armor and gear from a couple members 2 of whom I have met in person, Bryan Doell, Luis Morin, Brian Jhonson, Jose Valdez, Sean Bradely. All cool guys!
  6. KaiVorail

    KaiVorail New Member

    Instructibles tutorial on building armour. First step was this site. Stopped reading the tutorial actually lol.
  7. Invictuss

    Invictuss New Member

    Bing search results for 3d printed Master Chief Armor. I was in the process of making plans for what I wanted to build and came across the 405th. Very thankful to have found this treasure trove of knowledge and the great people who represent it
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  8. CamoNinja128

    CamoNinja128 New Member

    I was trying to figure out how to make my own armor and I saw a lot of 405th when I was doing research on how to make it, mostly on youtube
  9. Lieutenant Jaku

    Lieutenant Jaku

    Nice story and I Know you are new and may not know but just a friendly reminder... Try not to necropost. This thread is over a year old
  10. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    To be fair though, the thread was started almost 10 years ago and seeing how people stumble across the 405th is definitely useful.
  11. Lieutenant Jaku

    Lieutenant Jaku

    If you say it is useful you must be right.
    So I might as well put in a story.
    I found it while I was working on my 3d costume. My costumes back then we're all free hand and not very good. Now that I've found it I would like to think I have improved.
  12. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Leiutenant Jaku - It's mostly dead build threads that are a concern. Stuff like this or tutorials never die.

    I found the site after googling "real halo spartan" on google images and @davidduffy's awesome photoshoot in the snow came up.
  13. mblackwell1002


    Oooohh...I found the 405th when I was looking to make a homemade costume for the first time a few years ago. So, I decided to make some MC armor, and stumbled upon an image of Mr skywalker and his foam Halo 4 MC armor. That pretty much kickstarted my cosplaying journey.

    I started out with this ugly duckling:
    Old MC.png

    and am currently sitting with much better props and cosplays:
    Serious Face.JPG
    (i'm the warlock on the left)

    So glad I got into this hobby, I've done lots of cool stuff and met lots of cool people along the way.
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  14. electricknite


    I don't remember when I first found the 405th.. Probably back when indy mogul posted his vid on halo armor (holy 9 yrs ago)... I joined after going to CCEE and going to the 405th panel in 2016. It was a long time coming.
  15. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    I found the 405th by accident, made an account, forgot about it for a year and then actually started making costumes. Two and a half years down the road, this is probably my third most visited site aside from Reddit and Facebook.
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  16. Dirtdives


    I can't recall if I told this story before.....My son was at a friend's house and played HALO and was wow-ed by the armor and asked if I could make a costume like that for Purim (Jewish version of Halloween). All my research lead me to here. A few months later IMG-20160323-01209.jpg he had a low rez suit. Not my best work.....but not my last.
  17. PaiganBoi


    Let me see... How did I find this site. I follow a whole wack of people on Instagram. Started seeing all the sweet cosplay. Started watching YouTube vids of cosplay compilations from different cons like SDCC, DragonCon, NYCC and and some local stuff like Anime North and Toronto FanExpo. After testing the waters with a couple of small foam props and my son's Saiyan warrior armour, I wanted to build my own cosplay and thought it would be cool to do something from Halo. Did a Google search for templates and everything pointed here. So here I am. Almost a year later. Now I've built a Spartan suit for my son, a few weapon props and I am procrastinating on my ODST armour at this point. Oh, I've also helped convince Dirtdives that he needs a wall put up to protect him from the Canadian regiment.
  18. Dirtdives


    Convince?.......Nah, you just keep proving my point of the necessity of the wall. No convincing needing.
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  19. mblackwell1002


    I'm not even Canadian and I can gladly say I've contributed as well. INCITE TERROR! ;)
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  20. Terric


    Found the site through my best friend Kevin r.. he a member here already
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  21. Hein B107

    Hein B107

    Lately i have been collection some halo models. I love to paint them and look at them. I also have the halo 3 master-chief helmet (way too small to fit mind you). But i also like the idea of having some props like the guns. I like to collect those things and now i want to make it myself, including a set of ODST Armour.

    so while googling at work for some info i stumbled upon some references about the 405th. so i decided to use this chance and register to get access to a helpful community and maybe one day meet others at a convention
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