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How did you find us?

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Doom, May 15, 2008.

  1. TnG R1ckx

    TnG R1ckx

    2 Words.


  2. Virti


    but when I googled the page it was when the site was down and then I went to the Maker Faire and saw the stormtroppers and I got re inspired WOO
  3. computergeekman

    computergeekman New Member

    i heard about the 405th from indy mogul on youtube because i had heard (i don't remember how) that it was possible to make homemade halo suits so i searched for a tutorial on youtube.
  4. Monk358

    Monk358 New Member

    Two friends that have always wanted to do a build, they mentioned it to me.
  5. methadome666


    Team phenoix videos on youtube.
  6. RYNO 666

    RYNO 666 Well-Known Member

    Same here Indy Mogul link from Halo Waypoint Tweet.

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  7. JayOneSeven

    JayOneSeven Jr Member

    I actually saw a dragon mask from Skyrim tutorial, and it linked this place as one of the places to learn how to pepakura. It all started then, about a month ago. Hadn't heard of it before that.
  8. beto

    beto New Member

    i was serching a pepakura master chief armor and i found this page
  9. Abhorsen55

    Abhorsen55 New Member

    I can't remember where I first heard of the 405th, I think I may have just been looking at pictures of Armour builds cause I was kinda thinking about making some at the time.

    More recently I started looking for templates for Spartan armour as I'm looking to build my Reach armour
  10. ShockWave


    Alot of 405th activity going on in Instagram
  11. Daniel382

    Daniel382 New Member

    I was looking up halo armor on youtube and found Adam's youtube page
  12. colbs


    googling pepakura
  13. FlusherCape26


    I was on youtube one day and decided that I has going to build ODST armor so I looked it up and found a hate video I guess? were this guy got banned from the 405th for calling some of guy here a liar and a talentless ass clown? Well the guy showed some of his work and I thought it was awesome so since he said 405th.com in his video I looked you the website and joined.
  14. FLYzilla

    FLYzilla Jr Member

    Looking up halo armor on youtube and found Adam's youtube page
  15. Redtail

    Redtail New Member

    I found this place many moons ago, during an extended bout of downtime where for months on end I couldn't register or even look at the forums. I was looking for a place to get feedback about my airsoft BR55-HB battle rifle without walking into a circlejerk in the form of "IT IS HALO AND YOU ARE A GOD" or "IT IS NOT CALLADOOTY AND YOU ARE A FAIL". With the exception of some bizarrely double-standard postings relating to liability issues with making durable armor for use as load-carrying equipment for paintball or airsoft being against forum policy but allowing talk of using carbon composites and boron nitride plate to make *actual* anti-ballistic armor and adding respiratory protection to suits, it has been an extremely professional, extremely helpful, and extremely fun community to take part in.
  16. Biggus Dickus

    Biggus Dickus New Member

    I was looking for a way to contact Sean Bradley to buy one of his ODST kits and I ended up here

    (by the way, if anyone can help me ocntact him, I would be extremly thankful!)
  17. Darman2361

    Darman2361 New Member

    Looking around for buying cheap *snort like that was ever going to happen* armor... Nonetheless led me to make my own within a couple weeks after seeing this website.
  18. MyrHerder


    I kept running into armor groups like the 405th and 501st in my real life adventures. For example, I saw Weird Al in concert, and he had a chorus line of storm troopers in "the Saga Begins." I also met several Spartans from the 405th at RTX 2013. When researching how to build or buy an ODST outfit, I came across the site. Last birthday, my girlfriend put me in touch with Sean B. (via the admins at GrifballHub) to buy a helmet and start on an armor kit. Now that I am actually beginning the build, I decided it was time to join.
  19. TomcatHeavy

    TomcatHeavy New Member

    I was researching cosplay material and techniques after running across the "KamuiCosplay" website - figuring I'd enjoy Blizzcon 2014 in full regalia. That led me to a storm-trooper/ Mandolorian costuming website where people were discussing the pros and cons of respective building materials, specifically Worbla thermoplastic (the reviews were all pretty much "no"). A few posts into it a user suggested EVA foam "like the 405th people" use, and I found my way here! I also ran across a few of JUSTINIAN's builds on The RPF and followed that bread crumb trail, too - but either way both were reasonably indirect means.
  20. Bobby Boucher

    Bobby Boucher

    Browsing, looking for info on making an ODST. Came across this website and it was like hitting the mother-load. After two months of researching the threads I decided to join.
  21. Nordic Blacksmith

    Nordic Blacksmith New Member

    I too was also looking for info on ODST for my and my buddy, we are going to start making our own ODST armors, will be nice to have a 2nd set of hands.
  22. Leembell

    Leembell New Member

    found my way here from you tube helm guids
  23. StayGoldenTonyBoy

    StayGoldenTonyBoy New Member

    I was watching some prop building tutorials on YouTube and stumbled across Cereal Killl3r's Halo 3 chest armor build series. I heard him say some numbers and I typed them into google. Alas, I found this forum and lurked around a bit before actually joining, and I am glad I did.
  24. Retralpha

    Retralpha New Member

    IndyMogul is all I can say.. I've been inlove with cosplay ever since their Halo video


    I was reffered here from the IndyMogul video that Retralpha mentioned

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