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Name: Jin Park
Profession: Part Time at Mark's Work Wearhouse.
Age: 19
Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Airsoft
Favorite part of halo: I love the story and the action
Favorite Halo: 3
Favorite Video Game: Right now Halo Reach
Other Interests: I'm very interested in airsoft, have quite a collection.
Favorite Food: Anything my girlfriend makes me
Favorite Finisher: Knife kill

Question. How do I get pepakura files?


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Name:Cooper J
Profession: Part Owner and head of marketing and regulatory for a small medical device manufacturer.
Age: 27
Favorite Hobby: Video Games
Favorite part of halo: FPS with a story? heck yes!
Favorite Halo: 3
Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy VI, or Earthbound.
Other Interests:Music, Travel, Cars, Been trying to get back into building things.
Favorite Food: Tough choice, Im a big fan of real chinese food, or anything with gratuitous amounts of dead animal for me to eat.
Favorite Finisher:the Death grenade, nothing like someone shotgunning you in the chest and you stick a plasma to their face. Never die alone.
Favorite Band: Too many to choose from, Im a big fan of Shadow's Fall, Soul Fly, 311, They might be Giants, John Coltrane, the Prague Philharmonic, Paul Oakenfold, Chris Ledoux, and Sex Bob-omb.
Favorite Movie(s): Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Avatar, the Lotro series, My Blue heaven, Raising Arizona, Top Gun, Rudy, Fast and Furious, Braveheart, Gladiator, 300, Dark Crystal
Other: Not much else, anything you wish to know, feel free to ask.


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Name: Bradley McRae
Profession: 89B Ammo Specialist, United States Army
Age: 25
Favorite Hobby: Photography
Favorite Part of Halo: The story
Favorite Halo: ODST
Favorite Video Game(s): Halo series, Resident Evil series, Gears of War, Assassin's Creed, Left for Dead, Batman: Arkham Asylum
Other interests: reading, soccer, writing stories, photography, drawing, my job
Favorite Food: Chili
Favorite Finisher: would have to be in RL. M1A1 Abrams getting a guy at point blank range
Favorite Band: have a lot, but I would have to say Metallica
Favorite Movie(s): Star Wars, Halloween, District 9, LOTR, 28 Days/ Weeks later, Saving Private Ryan
Other: Like I said above, I'm in the U.S. Army. Was deployed to Iraq from Oct. 2008-Oct. 2009, and will be leaving for Afghanistan next month, a year after returning state side. Trying to plan out and get constructed a ODST set of armor for Halloween next year when I get back. If anyone is interested in helping or has any ideas or questions, feel free to msg me.


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Name: Lars van der Zeijden
Profession: Unemployed but graduated as 3D graphics designer, speciality: Animation and game design.
Age: 24
Favorite Hobby: PLaying HALO on Xbox (who doesn't)
Favorite part of halo: Halo universe, Like to read all the books, watch the dvd's playing the games.
Favorite Halo: 3
Favorite Video Game: 1.HALO 2.Assasins Creed.
Other Interests: Perform as (amateur-) actor in a Englisch Speaking Theatre.
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Finisher: Altair's Neck stab from Assasins Creed
Favorite Band: The Beatles
Favorite Movie(s): Transformers, Iron Man and Pandorium
Favorite series: Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory and IT Crowd.
Other: Won a theatre award for playing the roll of a (space-)ships cleaner called Rodney, doing a airguitar routine in a spacesuite. :D


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Name: Travis
Profession: CAD/CAM operator, computer tech
Age: 21
Favorite Hobby: Photography
Favorite part of halo: Campaign, Forge, and Custom Games
Favorite Halo: 2
Favorite Video Game: Battle Field series
Other Interests: Computers, technology, making whips, kayaking
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Finisher: Melee?
Other: I like to take up random hobbies from time to time. I'm not sure if I'll make a whole suit or just a few helmets, but I'm excited to learn!


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Name: John Sames
Profession: Systems Administrator for a med school and practice plan
Age: 36
Favorite Hobby: gaming for the most part, getting into costuming now
Favorite part of halo: the immersive story line
Favorite Halo: 3
Favorite Video Game: Any of the Halo series
Other Interests: I play paintball and ride horses
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Finisher: old school Scorpion from Mortal Combat "Get over here"
Favorite Band: Social Distortion
Favorite Movie(s): Appaloosa
Favorite series: Still love Friends, Rome was great too
Other: I am looking into starting to do costuming. I actually have the time and the funds to start experimenting, just hard to figure out where to start, and thats why I'm here.


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Name: Steve
Profession: Peace Officer
Age: 23
Favorite Hobby: Airsoft
Favorite part of halo: extensive story line in Novels
Favorite Halo: Reach
Favorite Video Game: Modern Warfare 2
Other Interests: love drawing, doing it for 18 years, as well big fan of power lifting.
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Finisher: Super Sonic Kick To The Wind!


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Name: Andrew
Profession: student
Age: 17
Favorite Hobby: gaming
Favorite part of halo: Campaign, Forge, and multiplayer
Favorite Halo: reach
Favorite Video Game: reach
Other Interests: Computers, technology, sports, reading, drawing
Favorite Food: can't say i have but i'll say anytihng my mom makes (best cook ever!!)
Favorite Finisher: ultimate punch
Other: I just found out about this stuff and it sounds awesome btw looking forward to making my own suit of armor soon and hoping it will be sweet

Ghost Nova

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Name: Shawn Hargrove
Profession: Full time student at College of Coastal Georgia
Age: 27
Favorite Hobby: Movies, Music and Video Games
Favorite part of halo: The Story-line
Favorite Halo: ODST
Favorite Video Game: HALO Series
Other Interests: Playing video games and working out
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Finisher: Plasma Grenade to the dome
Favorite Band: Basshunter
Favorite Movie(s): XXX, Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick

Noble Seven

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Name: Noah Witek
Profession: Emergency Medical Technician
Age: 21 (woo)
Favorite Hobby: making things and streching the boundaries of my capabilities.
Favorite part of halo: I was 12 playing combat evolved system link with my friend pete in the other room (the good times)
Favorite Halo: REACH (It's SO hard)
Favorite Video Game: Halo
Other Interests: I love my fiance, I like going to car shows and showing off my ride, I like playing airsoft Rep to FTA!
Favorite Food: I don't know?
Favorite Finisher: Halo 2 style quick snipe
Favorite Band: the Ink spots
Favorite Movie(s):From paris with love, live free die hard, the losers, A-team, Tropic thunder and the list goes on.
Other: I like to live life like there may not be a tomorrow, Kinda a adrenaline junkie:cool.


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Name: Dylan Ashfield
Profession: i guess halo :p
Age: 12 (4 months till 13)
Favorite Hobby: Video games/rugby league cant decide
Favorite part of halo: At the end of Halo:Reach when Noble 6 dies, He puts up a good fight.
Favorite Halo: Reach
Favorite Video Game: Halo:Reach
Other Interests: I love music, i want to play paintball, LOADS OF OTHER STUFF :)
Favorite Food: Pasta Bolognese
Favorite Finisher: Mid air speacial melee and they go flying into the ground (Halo:Reach)
Favorite Band: Too many to decide
Favorite Movie(s): Karate kid, Vampires suck and too many to say
Other: i dont know


Name: TK (female)
Profession: Carer
Age: 21
Favorite Hobby: gaming, reading, writing, art etc
Favorite part of halo: blowing things up
Favorite Halo: Not played them all yet. Halo newbie here
Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy, Spyro, Assassin's Creed
Other Interests: I LOVE music and playing instruments and im really into airsoft/paintball
Favorite Food: anything
Favorite Band: The Who, Westlife
Favorite Movie(s): Loooooooooads. Mostly Star Trek


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Name: Nicole
Profession: student
Age: 20 (21 in two months!)
Favorite Hobby: anything outside, gaming and i guess just being with my boyfriend and pets :)
Favorite part of halo: anything that has to do with co-op mode
Favorite Halo: 1
Favorite Video Game: Zelda Ocarina of Time (N64)
Other Interests: reptiles. specifically snakes.
Favorite Food: sashimi
Favorite Movie(s): Star Wars movies, Interview with a Vampire, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV show) and I guess any cheesy romantic movie or funny movie


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Name: Joshua Prothro
Profession: US Army Infantry
Age: 21
Favorite Hobby: looking for a new one
Favorite part of halo: Epic and well constructed story line
Favorite Halo: all
Favorite Video Game: halo
Other Interests: Anything that makes me forget that im in Iraq
Favorite Food: irrelevant
Favorite Finisher: Dome shot
Other: irrelevant


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Name: Alex K.
Profession: Student
Age: 14
Favorite Hobby: Gaming
Favorite part of halo: The awesome/epic storyline.
Favorite Halo: ALL of them.
Favorite Video Game: Halo
Other Interests: I am a newbie C# programmer, I don't like to run, I am fine at drawing.
Favorite Food: PIE!
Favorite Band(s): Linkin Park, Disturbed
Favorite Movie(s): S.W.A.T, Predator, Aliens, Hangover

Jamie E

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Name: James Eising (my friends call me Jamie)
Age: 17
Profession: student, and I have a part time job at Resene colorshop
Favorite Hobby: I don't have a favorite but i like longboarding, gaming, spudguns, building stuff.
Favorite Halo: Never actually played Halo but i plan on getting Reach soon.
Favorite Video Game: Call of Duty 4.
Other interests: Airsoft, archery.
Favorite food: Chicken wrap.
Favorite Movie(s): Hangover, Anchor man, Boat that Rocked, Book of Eli, Iron Man, Lock stock and two smoking barrels.


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Name: Leon Albert van Zyl
Country: South-Africa
Profession: FSE (Field Service Engineer)or IT technician
Age: 27
Favorite Hobby: Video Games and soon building awesome halo stuff
Favorite Halo: 3
Favorite Video Game: Halo and Assassin Creed
Other Interests: Movies and extreme sports
Favorite Food: KFC
Favorite Finisher: Melee From Master Chiefs Gun
Favorite Movie(s): The fifth element,AVP ,Robin hood (2010 release)
Other: i could tell you .. but then i will would have to kill you!

I joined cause i have become a halo fan .. and will be a great fan aholic.. depending on the consumption of excellence! my first project will be a basic rogue helmet .. which i will try and mod as much as possible .. to be awesome . also we will be if funds permit .. start building a real waRHOG ...!!


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Name: Rich Kitchen
Profession: Network Engineer
Age: 36
Favorite Hobby: Model Building
Favorite Halo: Reach, It was Halo: Combat Evolved
Favorite Video Game: Reach
Other Interest: Tabletop Gaming; Miniatures; Hockey; Cycling
Favorite Food: Do I have to pick one?
Favorite Movie: To Hell and Back; any WW1/WW2 era movie
Other: If I think of something I'll add it.

I've been lurking for some time now. I joined the site last Oct when I wanted to get more info on building an ODST set. I'm finally getting around to introducing myself since I'll be starting a test build of some pep files. I would like to build the skills to make my own custom armor and make some friends along the way.

moondrixx B266

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hey my name is luke
im 18
i just started got my first halo game (reach) and untill now have only ever played over friends houses,
i love the game and have desided to get started on making a jun suit.
but have no idea where to start any help apresheated.
also im Lisdexic and dont know how to spell apoligies in advance
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