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T Cal

New Member
Name: Ty Calvin
Profession: i work at domino's. i'm attending college next fall so I will have to get a new job in that town and i plan on getting an internship at an accounting firm
Age: 18
Favorite Hobby: Hmmm.... I'm going to have to go with running track, but other sports and video games are a close second
Favorite part of halo: Master Chief kicking the crap out of everyone haha
Favorite Halo: oh man... this is a hard one. I'm going to have to go with 3 or reach,but I like them all except for odst...
Favorite Video Game: Probably Fable or ElderScrolls IV
Other Interests:Music is one of my top loves. I play all kinds of drums and listen to a mix of everything.
Favorite Band: A Day to Remember
Other: I'm very excited to start my projects, learn, and share with the community


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Name:Branden Tran
Favorite Hobby:pepakuraing and drawing
Favorite Band:Green Day
Favorite Song:Battle Royale-The Word Alive
Favorite part of Halo:The Endings
Favorite Halo:Reach :D
Favorite Video Game:Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
Other Interest:parkouring(Free Running)
Favorite Food:Noodles.I am so FOB lol
Favorite Finisher:Tea Bag xD
Why I'm Here:I want Halo Armor and make me some money!:D

UNSC Carter

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Age: 29
Favourite Hobby: Movies, hanging out with friends, playing halo
Favourite Band: Nirvana, Metallica
Favourite Song: Dont have one fav song, I have many. Ill say "Teen Spirit"
Favourite part of Halo: When I see the covenant dead at the bottom of my boot
Favourite Halo: Toss up, between Halo3, and Reach
Favourite Video Game: ohh thats a tuffy, theres to many favs. Fallout??
Other Interests: Mountain Biking (downhill)
Favourite Food: Spagetti
Favourite Finisher: Classic Tea bag style, nothing gets under the skin of people then that move
Why I'm Here: Loved the Halo armor, now I want to make some :)


New Member
Age: 18
Hobbies: Airsoft, Video games and Model aircraft
Band: Ayreon, but i prefer electronic music
Song: cant think of my favorite right now...
Favorite halo part: In reach, when that corvette takes a MAC round in atmo
Favorite Halo: Personally i like them all, they've got such an immersive universe
Favorite Video Game:
Other Interests: School, Air Force ROTC
Food: If its edible i usually can eat it.

Why Im here: Definitely want my own ODST setup. Bonus points if i can put Airsoft internals into it.


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Name: Jason
Age: 23
Occupation: unload freight for Lowe's.
Interests: Many... mostly the ladies, video games, reading, drawing, football, music.
Favorite Halo: tie between 1 and Reach.
Favorite moment in Halo: to many to bother to list.
Favorite Video Game: again lots but the one I go back to again and again is Final Fantasy 7. Will probably be my favorite game for as long as I live. best JRPG period.
Favorite Band: currently its a pretty eclectic mix of Alexisonfire, City and Colour, Kid Cudi, B.O.B, Coheed and Cambria, Killswitch Engage, Five Finger Death Punch, and a bunch more.
Favorite Movies: any of the 80's action movies (pure awesome), anything scifi, basically anything with lots of guns, explosions, and blood.
Favorite Food: anything my mom makes.
Other: I'm a pretty competitive person. Played football in High School and was the Captain of the Wrestling team. I got the nickname Moose from football seeing as I was 250 lbs my freshman year and holding my own against the senior boys. Still a very big guy not so much in height only a little over 6' but in weight (270+lbs). I look like I'm probably 230 though. I plan on making the up armored version of the EOD helmet with the comms link from Reach but can't seem to find any really good ref so I;ll have to make my own. And I have no qualms with being called a momma's boy you mess with her you will be broken.


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Name: Stephen Skuse
profession: Superintendant of an apartment building
Age: 31
Favorite Hobby: Cooking and playing Halo
Favorite Part Of Halo: Red Vs Blue Videos
Favorite Halo: 3 (but when Reach comes in later this month from my Taco Bell winning, that may change)
Favorite Video Game: Halo
Other Interests: Spending time with family, computers, mmorpgs, reading, football
Favorite Food: Anything I can cook
Favorite Finisher: Assassinating someone from behind


Jr Member
Name: aldo serena
Age: 15
Favorite Hobby: making halo armors
favorite part of halo: noble six dying
favorite halo: halo reach
favorite video game: halo series

another thing im meican :O

XD i like party!!!!

Spartan 029

New Member
Name: Yusamirul
Occupation: Student
Age: 14(about next wednesday im turning 15)
Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Sports(Soccer)
Favorite part of halo: The Story Line, Soundtrack, enviromental of halo....everything, master chief)Favorite Halo: 1 & 2
Favorite Video Game: Halo or Counter Strike Source
Other Interests: I LOVE music and playing instruments and im really into Military stuff
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Finisher: hold the neck of an opponent and make it fall down and force the head smash into the ground (The C029)
Favorite Band: Breaking Benjamin
Favorite Movie(s): Green Zone, Black hawk down, Iron man 1/2


Jr Member
Name: Xavier
Occupation: Student
Age: 19
Favorite Hobby: Video Games , making models and cosplay
Favorite part of halo: Parasit zone in H3
Favorite Video Game: Halo or Call of Duty
Other Interests: World Wide Weapons
Favorite Food: Russian food
Favorite Band: Deathstars
Other : I've a little problem , i can't start new thread in Noob Section and it's a problem because i'd ike to start a Hayabusa Armore but can't DL part of it ^^'

Cpt Badger

New Member
Name: Samuel J Blakeley
Profession: Currently working on markets, but will soon be designing for a local blacksmith
Age:22 (need to get my modelling skills back up)
Favorite Hobby: Playing Board, Table Top and Video Games...Films, Music, sailing
Favorite part of halo: Two things. 1. The recent live action that gets used to promote the halo franchise. 2. The reactions that the flood caused in halo 1 (WHY WONT THEY STAY DOWN)
Favorite Video Game: I have followed both the Halo and Fable games intently
Other Interests: Mainly hanging out with friends. esp the beach parties during the summer
Favorite Food: Shepherds Pie (favorite drink = home brewed cider)
Favorite Finisher: hmmmmm the hammer blows on fable 3
Favorite Band: Radiohead
Favorite Movie(s): LOTR im a big Tolkin fan... more to add but would take too long
Other: I have many nicknames... Ranger, Thor, The Viking, Chewy, The Labrador and The Wicker Man

Delta Red Fox

New Member
Name: Aedo AKA: DRF or Delta
Profession: District Security Manager
Age: 37
Favorite Hobby: Prop Making, Video Games, Hockey, Paintball, and Airsoft.
Favorite part of halo: Everything!
Favorite Halo: 3
Favorite Video Game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Other Interests: Love competing in Airsoft Events, Prop Making, and Graphic Designs
Favorite Food: Cuban Food!
Favorite Finisher: Mini Gun
Favorite Band: News Boys "Christian Music"
Favorite Movie(s): Black Hawk Down, The Expendables, Navy Seals, Heartbreak Ridge, Avatar
Other: I'm the Commander of a Paintball & Airsoft Team out of Jacksonville Florida by the name of "Task Force 904"


New Member
Name: William
Profession: High school soon
Age: 13 (23 days till I'm 14)
Favorite Hobby: Video Games and computers
Favorite part of halo reach : awesome graphics
Favorite Halo: reach
Favorite Video Game: Halo or COD series
Other Interests: I like music and I'm into computers I am currently making my own, ya I'm kinda a nerd
Favorite Food: Just food really in general, I find that if you tell yourself that you like a food that you really don't while eating it you will like it.
Favorite Band: Nickelback or Eminem
Favorite Movie(s): action movies


New Member
Name: John G
Profession: Illustrator, Graphic Design & Illustration Student (3rd year and 2nd year respectively)
Age: Very nearly THIRTY
Favorite Hobby: Dont have one, Semester is a bit hardcore
Favorite part of halo: Local couch multi
Favorite Halo: 3
Favorite Video Game: Mass Effect 2
Other Interests: Painting, illustrating, pepakura, sculpting and boobs
Favorite Food: Lychees
Favorite Finisher: Tequila
Favorite Band: Mindless Self Indulgence
Favorite Movie: Princess Mononoke
Other: Bit of a lecher, always have been.


New Member
hey, my name is Derick,I work full time in a factory,where i run heavy machinery and fab up certain pieces.I also weld,paint,sketch,or draw.I work nights so i spend alot of time playing video games.My fav game right now is medal of honor.Although my all time favorite is army of two.My favorite band is the rolling stones,fav food is chinese,and my favorite movie is the predator series.


Jr Member
Name: Jeff
Profession: Software Development Manager
Age: 51 (fer real!)
Favorite Hobby: Varies - Reading Sci Fi, RC, Ice Hockey... Right now it's building MJOLNIR Mark VI Armor from Pepakura files.
Favorite part of halo: The story
Favorite Halo: Still playing 1, but I get read errors when I go to Assault on the Control Room! (Guess you only get to play it 3000 times or so)
Favorite Video Game: Have played very few - Halo
Other Interests: Coaching and playing ice hockey
Favorite Food: Sushi (Spent a year learning how to make it)
Favorite Finisher: Norm Abram :)
Favorite Band: Clapton, Pink Floyd, Killers, 10,000 Maniacs, Goo Goo Dolls, Chuck Mangione
Favorite Movie(s): 2001 a Space Odyssey, Forbidden Planet, The Day the Earth Stood Still, 12 Angry Men, Goonies, The Princess Bride, (Is that Halo movie ever going to come out?)
Other: Aerospace Engineer by training. Worked in software for my entire professional career. Back in 2001, a friend brought me over to a LAN party (what the heck is that?). Told me, "We have four XBoxes set up in four rooms on a network. They are all connected together. We'll make four teams an play Capture the Flag." "Wha? Don't we have to go outside for that?" "No, it's Halo." "I don't know how to play..." "It's kinda like Marathon. (yes, played Marathon) Here is the controller sit and follow the instructions." He started me up in a campaign and that was all it took.

Killer B

New Member
Name: Brandon Wormington AKA B
Profession: I work in the Anodize department of EFCO a Pella Company
Age: 24 (I will be 25 net month)
Hobbies: R/C cars, video games, and pretty much anything that involes me using my hands
favorite video games(s): Halo and Assassin's Creed
Other: I love a good challenge
Hello everyone!

Name: Richard Fortney
Profession: Student (Criminology major at the University of Northern Iowa)
Age: 20
Hobbies: Costuming (duh!), I'm an official Mandalorian Merc, 4th degree black belt in tae kwon do, Eagle Scout, love doing air soft, love reading, love playing and writing music, anything else, feel free to ask!

Divine Mjolnir

New Member
Name: Conner S.
Age: 16
Favorite Hobby: Varsity Track/Playing Halo. Its a tie =D
Favorite part of Halo: Sniping, I'm a God with the sniper rifle on any map.
Favorite Halo: its a tie between Halo: CE and Halo Reach.
Favorite Video Game: HALO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D
Other interests: Halo armor in general, Mjolnir, ODST, Marine, Pilots.
Favorite Food: Meat
Favorite Finisher: Looking down the sights of a sniper rifle and watching someone for a few seconds before you take them outta their misery. BOOM HEADSHOT!


New Member
name jalen davis
profession 7 grade
age 12 hope no one will baby me cuz of my age
favorite games halo 3 halo reach
interests games electronics
armors emile carter master chief
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