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heck ill do this to

name: jeremy

job: student


favirote halo: all of them!

favirote video game: halo,lost planet 2,and left 4 dead 2\

about me: im a noob at pepekura,i study fossils that i find,and playing xbox 360

favirote food: karage chicken and pizza

fact: the way to tell if a zebra is black or white look at its butt

and everybody on 405th is EXTREMLY HELPFUL!!!!!!

frustration index meter: double obama and tariaki!!!!


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Name: Austin
Profession: Professional Bodyworker and aircraft painter
Age: 24
Favorite hobbies: Cars, video games, working out, going anywhere and doing anything
Favorite part of halo: All of Halo: Reach
Favorite food: Sushi
Other: I like the out doors, blowing lots of money, and just having fun.


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Favorite Halo:Reach

Favorite Video Games:Halo CE, Reach, Half-Life, Bioshock

About Me: Play on the Allen Drum Line, love playing xbox with my friends, tend to be a perfectionist

Favorite Food: Anything Italian

Fact:Rooster Teeth is AWSOME


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Well here goes
My name is James Anderson
I am kinda new to this whole community forum things i saw a video about making halo armor with pep so i thought i would check out this community out. I am a all around kinda guy i like to do just about anything. I am just really looking for a fun and worth while hobby and this looks like something i could actually have fun with. I am a hard core video gam player i enjoy any type of first or third- person shooters along with a marid of Rpg and adventure styled games. I am hoping to be able to get a little help in learning how to do the pep stuff just so i can go from there and try better and stronger materials. I figure i would start out small and then go from there. So if anyone has any ideas as to wat would be a good start please by all means let me know. If there is anything else you need to know about me it's all in my profile lol. looking forward to work with some of you.


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Name: Matthew Nichols (Revan)
Profession: Mailroom Supervisor for a newspaper, and DAD
Age: 32
Favorite Hobby: Drawing, custom helmet building, now getting into Pepakura (ITS GREAT!!!!) and airbrushing
Favorite Halo: Love them all
Favorite Video Game: To many to choose,
Other Interests: Guitar

C Sabx

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name- curtis (C Sabx)
prof.- roofing
born- '86
fav. halo- halo 3 odst
fav. part of halo- the score of odst and halo wars
fav. armor piece- odst helmet
fav. games- MGS, resident evil's, gears, GOW, halo, COD, splinter cell, zelda, mario, any cheap game
fav. movies- any 007, blood diamond, burn after reading
more about me- diy's, playing and watching poker


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Name: Thomas Michael Riches (TMR)
Nationality: British
Birth date: 12/1/1998
Classes: Sniper, Scout, Demolition
Favorite Armour: ODST
Favorite Colour: Brown
Favorite things to do: Draw, play games (Ranging from Halo to TF2), make videos , listen to music, play with friends.

Fact: Quiet (Until shot) and prefers to go lonewolf all the time. Unless forced to teamwork. Laughs after a revenge kill.


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Name: Spencer Friend
Favorite Hobbies: Video games, war hammer 40k, assorted table tops, and paint ball
Favorite part of halo: The whole concept of bio-engineered super soldiers gets me haha
Favorite Halo: Book-Ghost of Onyx Game- Reach (im sorry i just love the ending)
Favorite Video Game: Fable FTW
Favorite Food: German food
Favorite Finisher: Zerg rush lololol
Favorite Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Favorite Movie(s): Starwars, Boondock Saints, Fight Club, and Braveheart


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name: Nate
hobbies: sports, video games, making things, hangin with friends, snowboarding
favorite video games: Fallout New Vegas, Assassins creed brotherhood
favorite food: pizzas
favorite movie: borat, haha


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Handle: Ice Brodie, Ice
Skills: Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
Hobbies: Video Games, Taking screwdrivers to electronics, Modification, Engineering, Industrial Design
Favorite Halo: Reach for gameplay and armor designs, ODST for story and HUD features (VISR is a system I wish was in all the games)
I am one of those grand Jack of All Trade types, though enough smashing at problems has left me with a couple masters as well.
I have Electrical Engineering training as well as some CAD design. I also have this crazy idea to engineer, rather than just pep or mold a Halo armor. My skills include such eccentric items as soldering, programming, mechanical and electrical design, and materials studies. Generally if I see it, I can figure out how it's assembled.

I'm known for a (practically trademark at this point) t-shirt labeled "I am a bomb technician, if you see me running, try to keep up."

I'm just as good in a team of friends as I am lone wolf, though I don't talk a lot unless I have something to say. In multiplayer I'm usually pretty good at making the ball go where it needs to go, or getting the flag back to our base, though I prefer slayer gametypes for the simplicity and rarely manage to actually run an invasion objective to it's goal.

Also, if I'm actually interested in talking, I babble... a bit... if I'm not, you probably won't hear me till the knife's in the enemy's back or that thing's in friendly capture zones.

All that aside, I'm building an armor using rapid prototyping and engineering, rather than cardboard and papercraft. My goals are to make the armors available for sale when I'm done for those of us who may not have the patience or space for such work. (I, myself, lack the space in my current location for building a Pep based armor) Though I'll also provide information on how my stuff's made and files when I can.

TL;DR version: Blah blah blah, engineering geek who wants to make armor like the rest of us, blah blah, secret missile bomb, blah blah blah, secret base, blah blah blah good luck!


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User Name: Sosuhno
Profession: Doctor's assistant at a veterinary hospital.
Age: 28
Favorite Hobby: Cosplay Junkie
Favorite part of halo: The pictures. I've never actually played the game, but my coworker has been asking me to make a build for her, and she says I could make any of them and she'd like it, but there are just so many cool suits to choose from! I'm leaning towards Hayabusa, but that may be too complex for right now.
Favorite Video Game: Kingdom Hearts
Other Interests: Books! I'm like Sheska without the memorization skillz.
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Favorite Finisher: Resin and Embossing powders
Favorite Band: At the moment? Eiko Shimamiya and Scooter. Before that was Within Temptation, Caramell, Ensiferum, Vengaboys, Finntroll...
Favorite Movie(s): Princess Bride (best played while sewing)
Other: I like doing hand sewing/embroidery, beadwork, and playing with new materials. I've been stalking these forums for at least a week, reading through pages and pages of tutorials, and I think I'm ready to start slowly trying pepakura. ^_^

Jack Duggan

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Hey everyone, My name is Jack. I'[m really looking forward to learning here on the site. I'll be lurking and reading a lot for awhile but I wanted to say hi to start off with....So,...

Jin Jin

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Name: Johnny Weber
Profession: Advertise for Little Ceasers
Age: Almost 17
Favorite Hobby: Video Games
Favorite part of halo: Customizing armor and emblems
Favorite Halo: 3
Favorite Video Game: Halo or COD series
Other Interests:Guns( i buy kits and build my own guns)
Favorite Food: New York style pizza
Favorite Finisher: Gears of War Curb Stomp
Favorite Band: Disturbed
Favorite Movie(s): Green Hornet
Other: Smoker and Dipper


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Name: Eric Alcaraz
Profession: 3D modeling (unemployed)
Age: 15
Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Technology
Favorite part of halo: The Story! This has one of the most well developed story lines I've seen in a long time.
Favorite Halo: I can't choose between 1 & 2 :p
Favorite Video Game: Halo (as a series), Descent 3, CoD: MW 2
Other Interests: I play guitar (Metal Head), play airsoft, and socializing
Favorite Food: CHOCOLAAAAATE! (insert chocolate-fish rage here)
Favorite Finisher: When MC finishes the fight. :3
Favorite Band: In Flames, The Project Hate MCMXCIX
Favorite Movie(s): Halo Legends, Live Free Die Hard, Iron Man (1 & 2)
Other: I make add-ons for a game called Blockland. :D


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Hi I am not sure if I have introduced myself yet because I found this site a long time ago, but haven't been active on the forum, so I guess I will introduce myself to the website.
My Name is: Rohan Diddee
Current Source of income: Classifed
Favorite: As of now, I like cosplaying
Other games I like: Resident Evil, Splinter cell, Metal gear solid, Call of duty.


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It seems like most of these are copied and pasted so hopefully its cool if I do the same.

Name: Ben
Profession: I paint custom/boutique guitar pedals and do custom multi layered stencils when its not freezing outside. I also just started the process of working at a recording studio.
Age: 24
Favorite Hobby: I suppose lately its been playing halo, generally though craft/artsy stuff and guitar
Favorite part of Halo: I havent played much other than reach so.. so far I guess I like choosing armor and stuff. heh.
Favorite Halo: Reach (as far as I know)
Favorite Video Game: Probably left 4 dead 2, although its been sitting on the shelf for quite awhile now.
Other Interests: music/artsy stuff.. reading and learning new things. I also like tumblr?
Favorite Food: pizza
Favorite Finisher: Idk? tea bag. hahahaha (not really)
Favorite Band: Thrice
Favorite Movie(s): shawshank redemption, dogma, the matrix, movies are another thing i am into so i have a lot...
Other: I haven't purchased any card stock yet. hahaha!

hopefully I find something to contribute and all that jazz!


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I'm pretty new to all this, but I'm currently having a go at creating a Fallout: New Vegas ranger, and a Jorge from Halo: Reach. Once I get some photos up I was hoping to get some feedback on my adventure through the land of Pep/Fibreglass/Bog.

Name: Lachlan Moore
Country: Australia-land.
Profession: IT Technician.
Age: 24.
Favorite Hobby: Snowboarding or Gaming.
Favorite Halo: Hard to choose!
Favorite Video Game: The whole Fallout Series, but mainly Fallout 2.
Other Interests: Digital Painting, Creating stuff. Just starting to get into creating armour.
Favorite Food: Anything Mexican.
Favorite Bands: Coheed and Cambria, Disturbed, Stone Sour.
Favorite Movie(s): Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Eurotrip
Other: Ran a couple of webcomics for some time.


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Name: Connor Sullivan
Profession: school
Age: 14
Hobby's: Video games, Sports
Favorite part of Halo: Story
Favorite Halo: 3
Favorite video game: Halo series
Other Interests:building stuff, armor making, movie making
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Band: Aerosmith
Favorite Movie(s): remember the Titans
Other: am an Eagle Scout


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Name: Zac
Profession: Foundryman
Age: 20
Favorite Hobby: Metalworking
Favorite part of Halo: End of Reach
Favorite Halo: Reach
Favorite Video Game: Bioshock
Other Interests: Art, Martial Arts
Favorite Food: a variety of sandwiches particularly pulled pork
Favorite Finisher: Hammer Time
Other: I make stuff...Out of Metal


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Name: Lauren Woodroffe (Yes, I'm a girl)
Profession: Work at a GAME store part time and Study video game development at university
Age: 20
Favorite Hobby: Gaming, comics, collecting figurines and drawing
Favorite part of halo: Multiplayer when I have the shotgun :)
Favorite Halo: 2
Favorite Video Game: Varies constantly. Atm probs Halo:Reach and Dante's Inferno
Other Interests: I love general Geekery. I don't really have any other hobbies :/
Favorite Food: Rice. God that's so dull...
Favorite Finisher: shotgun / sword
Favorite Band: Not a major music fan but if I HAD to choose probs japanese electro artist she just for the use of old skool sonic sound clips :D
Favorite Movie(s): Not really a film person...
Other: I look nothing like the stereotypical geek....
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