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Name: Ryan
Profession: NEET
Age: Old Enough :V
Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Airsoft
Favorite part of halo: I like all of it
Favorite Halo: Reach because it looks neat
Favorite Video Game: Deus Ex
Other Interests: Music, Airsoft (I'm sponsored!)
Favorite Food: Sashimi, Fatty Tuna, Rice, Korean BBQ
Favorite Musician: Nujabes, Funky DL, Substantial, CL Smooth
Favorite Movie(s): Harry Brown, Casablanca


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Name: Samuel Sheffield
Profession: Full time student
Age: 22
Favorite Hobby: Writing, Diverse forms of art, PS3, XBOX, PC, Tennis
Favorite part of halo: Technology based within the storyline
Favorite Halo: 1
Favorite Video Game: Tie between Halo and Dead Space
Other Interests: Music
Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Finisher: Not entirely sure...
Favorite Band: Metallica
Favorite Movie(s): Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, etc...
Other: Uhmm.. Met alot of famous actors?


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I'm pretty new to all this, but I'm currently having a go at making a custom noble 6. I'm hoping to get some feedback on my adventure through the land of Pep/Fibreglass/Bog.

Name: ryan
Country: Australia
Profession: Panel beater
Age: 23
Favorite Hobby: cricket/afl football or Gaming
Favorite Halo: Reach
Favorite Video Game: Halo
Other Interests: Creating stuff. Just starting to get into creating armour.
Favorite Food: Pizza


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Name: Abby
Age: 16
Profession: None yet, but hoping to finish up high school, go to college in Oregon or Washington, then work for Bungie. *nerd*
Favorite Hobbies: Xbox, Music/Guitar/Songwriting/Singing, Art, Getting into armor replication now.
Favorite part of Halo: Far too many favorites.
Favorite Halo: 2
Favorite Video Game: Halo series, CoD series, Assassin's Creed series.
Other Interests: I play a lot of instruments, spend a lot of time on the computer and Xbox, getting outside/working out/running, and driving.
Favorite Food: Fettuccine Seafood Alredo. Gotta' love Italiano.


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Name: Michael Dooley
Profession: full time volunteer gamer (haha)
Age: 17
Favorite Hobby: 40k
Favorite part of halo: community side of it all.
Favorite Halo: halo 2 for story line (arby) reach for customization
Favorite Video Game: WoW
Other Interests:
Favorite Food: sushi
Favorite Band: I killed the prom queen, parkway drive, wish for wings.
Favorite Movie(s): iron man 1 & 2, black hawk down, avatar.


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Name: Jared
Profession: Sadly none lol
Age: 21
Favorite Hobby: Drawing art related stuff ect lol ( armor counts?)
Favorite part of halo: The amazing ideas of the future
Favorite Halo: 1
Favorite Video Game: Blazblue
Other Interests: I LOVE music and playing instruments and im really into airsoft/paintball <---- ironically right on point lol
Favorite Food: pizza burgers ect
Favorite Finisher: Taokaka ( Astral Finish)
Favorite Band: Atreyu
Favorite Movie(s): saving private ryan, sean of the dead, catch a fire

Sonniku 727

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Who is Sonniku 727?

Name: Ryan Walker
Profession: Nothing at the moment but I intern at a vet clinic.
Age: 17 (almost 18 sweet juicy freedom)
Favorite Hobby: Video Games and fencing
Favorite part of halo: Playin on legendary, when ur shields are done for there's no cover, it's just you a pistol and a fleet of covenant, SUCH a rush!
Favorite Halo: 3 (gotta love arby!)
Favorite Video Game: Halo/sonic the hedgehog/ the legend of Zelda
Other Interests: I Play guitar, I love writing and art.
Favorite Food:calamari/ chicken fried stake
Favorite Finisher: Now its the awesome assassinations in Halo reach
Favorite Band: Nirvana
Favorite Movie(s): Red vs blue, inception, and dazed and confused
Other: I've got a 2 month old son named Cooper

My gamer tag is SONNIKU 727!


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Greetings all!!!

I got introduced to this mighty site by one of my buddies (Nintendude, posting tutorial on Pepakura) on The Hunters Lair, the Predator costume & prop forum, where I have the same username as here.
Happy to be a part of the 405th at last!!!

Name: Vini Gascoigne
Profession: Museum showcase installer
Age: 37
Favorite Hobby: Motrorbikes, costume & prop building, video games......
Favorite part of halo: All of it......just waiting for someone to invent a Total Imnersion Video games console now, to REALLY feel a part of the Halo world!
Favorite Halo: 3.......but seriously loving making my way through Reach
Favorite Video Game: Halo, COD, AVP, Gears of War.....
Other Interests: Music, movies,travel,
Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Band: Tool
Favorite Movie(s): "V" for Vendetta, The Alien & Predator movies, Dog Soldiers, Doomsday, District 9, Event Horizon......
Other: I've fired the AK-47 full auto from the hip!!!!!!

I'm currently building Predator suits for myself & my long suffering girlfriend, but not happy with just having the 2 projects on the go.......I'm now in the process of building a Pepakura Colonial Marine & Spartan costume too!!!!

My Xbox gamertag is vinidafish666.........maybe see you there!!!


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Name: Linus
Profession: Student, IT Media design
Age: 20
Favorite Hobby: Papercrafting, 3dcg, RPGs, heavy, power and death metal
Favorite part of halo: the awesome looking suits
Favorite Halo: 1
Favorite Video Game: Baldurs Gate 1 and 2
Favorite Bands: Manowar, Rhapsody of Fire, Raubtier, Amon Amarth, Freedom Call and many others
Other: Long time papercrafter just finding out that you could actually make wearable good looking suits and other amazing things with my favorite hobby as a base.

Other: \m/


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Hello, people. I am registered for months, but only now I am begining my armor form Halo. And I feel I really, really will need some tips..

Weel, here is my profile:

Name: Fernando Siqueira
Profession: Software Engineer
Age: 30
Favorite Hobby: Bikking, video-games and cosplay
Favorite part of halo: The fall of Reach
Favorite Halo: Halo Reach
Favorite Video Game: Fina Fantasy 6 and Dead Space
Other Interests: Listen music and travel
Favorite Food: Feijoada and Yakisoba
Favorite Band: Apocalyptica
Favorite Movie(s): Nausicaä, The Dead Poets Society


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Hi All, Matt here, long time skulker first time poster. I have been checking out the forums here for about 6 months and figured it was about time I joined the conversations.

I was a little put back when I first found this place as the first thread I found was Sevv's "South UK based clay sculpt" (awesome btw).
My first atempt at making armor was to try the WETA ODST Helmet, this went fairly well except I did it with standard printer paper (80GSM) and before I could harden it it flopped.

Since then I have tried an Ironman MkVI helmet (scaled down for my son, unfortunately too much and now it is going to be a money box) and a Imperial Commando Helmet.
I am sure I will post up my builds in the noob forums sometime soon.
anyway here are some quick facts about me.

Name: Matt Vicary
Profession: IT Consultant
Age: 29
Favorite Hobbies: Video Games, Books, Movies.
Favorite part of Halo: My first playthrough of Halo 3 in HD, absolutely stunning environments
Favorite Halo: Halo: Halo Reach
Favorite Video Games: "The Legend of Zelda" "Halo" and "Assasin's Creed" series
Other Interests: Anime and Manga
Favorite Food: Lasagne.
Other: I have a 3 year old son


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Favorite part of halo: Playin on legendary, when ur shields are done for there's no cover, it's just you a pistol and a fleet of covenant, SUCH a rush.


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All right, I've lurked long enough, time to come out of the shadows.

Name: Alex
Occupation: Grad Student
Age: 27
Fav. Hobbies: Cycling, cars, this new pepakura thing I keep reading about, crew, books, gaming
Fav. Halo: Still stuck on 1, although I haven't spent enough time with the rest to fairly judge
Fav. Games: Settlers of Catan, Forza3, the Gran Turismo series, Just Cause 2, GoldenEye
Other Interests: Music, thrilling conversation, driving
Favorite Food: Pasta
Current project: Iron Man Mk3 build, closely followed by Stormtrooper armor

Thanks to those of you who have presented admirable examples to the rest of us. Your work gives us something to aim for!


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I should have posted here first oops :D

Name: Paddy
Age: 43
Favourite Hobby: Medieval Battle R-enactment
Favourite part of halo: erm...
Favourite Halo: the one that doesn't ket killed all the time
Favourite Video Game: X2 the Threat followed closely by CSS and Vampire Bloodlines
Other Interests: I Have way too many to list but a few key ones are Brewing, Computers (Gaming and Building), Fishing and Cooking
Favourite Food: Home Cooked ;)
Favourite Finisher: Barry Scott... BANG and your dishes are done... Only Joking :p
Favourite Band: Pink Floyd
Favourite Movie(s): Bladerunner, LOTR Trilogy, Matrix Trilogy, Harvey, Underworld Trilogy... ever noticed there's a lot of trilogy's these days?
Favourite TV: I don't have a TV but I did used to really like Red Dwarf ;)
Favourite Books: The incarnations of imortality by Pierse Anthony
Other: I was part of the medieval crowd scene in Red Dwarf Season 7 Episode 2 (I'm the one in green with long hair) and I also had to barge past the hero in the market scene during the filming of Neverwhere, I don't think he was expecting my armour to be real hehe.

If anyone wants more information than that you'll have to buy my autobiography... I'll get round to writing one in a few years LOL

The Engage

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Ello! The name is Ethan and I'm 20 years old. I'm enrolled at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. I work almost full time at Target (Can I help you with anything is engraved into my soul.) I have a beautiful girlfriend whom loves Halo almost as much as I do. My favorite games are the Halo series, Call of Duty, Fable, Oblivion, BioShock. I'd like to get pretty good at armor making so I can successfully build a couple suits of armor for myself and significant other. Plus I think it would be a nice hobby to take up. Which is why I'm here!


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Hi there all :)
Name: Simon
Profession: ODST (I wish :p ) Plumber & Gas fitter
Age: 24
Favorite Hobby: AIRSOFT ^_^
Favorite part of halo: Playing legendary when the s@&t hits the fan
Favorite Halo: you REALLY want me to choose?? o_O
Favorite Video Game: Thats a hard one to cod 4 comes to mind
Other Interests: model cars
Favorite Food: apple pie
Favorite Finisher:
Favorite Band: Night Wish
Favorite Movie(s): Where eagles dare, the great escape, the A-team,
Guns of navarone, kellys heroes and any thing with Richard Burton and clint Eastwood int it.


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Hey ya'll
Stumbled across the 405th in my net wanderings looking for ideas on one of my favorite hobbies- DIY. I'm not really a Halo fan as I haven't played since x-bix first came out and we had one in the lunch room back in my TSR days...spending retarded amounts of time on projects that get pushed to the side for another one until the fanacy hits me again- now THAT is my specialty! (currently on the go nylon whip, leather segmentata, cigar box guitar, etc etc) I'm also a fan of strange and obscure tidbits, and the steampunk genre (when the future is bleak and miserable cogs and steam will always brighten your day...until they explode)
I'll be diving into the how-to's here for some time reading and researching then once i have a plan down and have played with pepakura a bit i'll post a WIP...I already have a few in mind.

all for now,


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after registering on this forum i stayed in the shadows because in the years I had it very busy. but now its time finally do some peps(hopefully)
Name: Jasper Meijer
place: Netherlands
Age: 20
Favorite Hobbys and interests: watching movies, gaming, DIY
Favorite Halo: halo combat evolved
Favorite part of halo: when i bought my first xbox for halo combat evolved and the scene in the first halo where they all round up to kick the ass of the covenant, and the second mission when you get out of the rescue pod
Favorite Video Game: Halo combat evolved, splinter cell chaos theory, mass effect(both), dead space
Other Interests: electronic gadgets, i can really enjoy game and movie music
Favorite Food: pizza, greek salad
Favorite Band: very hard to say love almost every kind of music but frank zappa comes to mind
Favorite Movie(s): Pulp fiction, inception, and i am a trekker( star trek fan)


I dont remember if I did this.

Name: Michael (aka TAB)
Profession: shift leader,school (calstate)
Age: 25
Favorite Hobby: Video Games,prop makeing,tei-kon-do,cosplay.
Favorite part of halo: The Story line gets me into it and gives me the rush as if i am noble 6
Favorite Halo: reach
Favorite Video Game: to many to choise from.
Other Interests: Girlfrind,Gundam,modles,gaiaonline,con's
Favorite Food: PizzA !!!!
Favorite Finisher: sticky plasma to the face.
Favorite Band: nine inch nails,slipknot,many ost's form games and movies.
Other: Im here to learn how to make armor and to help others as well.
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Here's my official intro post:

Name: Brandon
Profession: Student
Age: 17
Favorite Hobby: Prop-making, airsoft, writing
Favorite part of halo: Ponin BK's
Favorite Halo: Tie between Reach and H2V
Favorite Video Game: Oblivion (Hopefully to be replaced by Skyrim soon)
Other Interests: Lock picking, non-malicious hacking, being generally roguish
Favorite Food: A nice melty cookie
Favorite Finisher: 360 bxz
Favorite Band: It could take hours to answer this question
Other: Not really.
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