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  1. Aden Shalala

    Aden Shalala New Member

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    Name: Aden
    Profession: Pizza Delivery Boy
    Age: 17
    Favourite Hobby: Gaming and the occasional jam
    Favourite part of halo: The level of all terrain combat and action
    Favourite Halo: ODST or 3
    Favourite Video Game: Tough to say, recent fave is Cuphead
    Other Interests: Guitar and Music
    Favourite Food: Kangaroo Steak
    Favourite Finisher: Most Doom Glory Kills
    Favourite Bands: Tenacious D, Queen, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold
    Favourite Movies: Nightmare before Christmas, BlacK K Klansmen, Where the Wilderpeople are
  2. wasili

    wasili New Member

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    Name: Wasili
    Profession: Model- and propmaker
    Hobby background: Grew up in the 80's so lots of my fav movies and tv series are from that decade. Have been a member of the RPF since 2002, been building my own replicas of filming miniatures, but recently the interest has shifted to costumes. Halo has grown on me, so we'll see what comes out of that.
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  3. Connor C

    Connor C New Member

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    Name: Connor C.
    Profession: Work parttime for Lowe's, going to college to be a firefighter/EMT.
    Age: 21
    Favorite Hobby: Video Games, Outdoors, Farming/Ranching, fixing Cars.
    Favorite part of halo: The Story Line for ODST
    Favorite Halo: Halo ODST
    Favorite Video Game: Halo, Minecraft, COD, Halflife, War Thunder
    Other Interests: music, outdoor activities, and
    Favorite Food: Beef
    Favorite Finisher: Halflife BlackMesa
    Favorite Band: neffex
    Favorite Movie(s): Star Wars Series, Zoro, terminator Series
    Other: I participated in the 2011 and 2013 State Games of America
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  4. BubbaT954

    BubbaT954 New Member

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    Name: Terry M
    Profession: Mortgage Industry
    Age: 43
    Favorite Hobby: Metal Fabrication and building custom cars
    Favorite part of halo: I've read the books and really enjoyed the first part where the kids are being trained as Spartans
    Favorite Halo: 1
    Favorite Video Game: Halo and Chrono Trigger on the SNES
    Other Interests: Computers and tinkering
    Favorite Food: Grilled Burgers
    Favorite Finisher: Not sure on this
    Favorite Band: Weezer
    Favorite Movie(s): The Jason Bourne movies
    Other: I used to race jetskis in the late 90's. My 1996 Sea-Doo XP had 150 horsepower and would accelerate from idle to 62 mph in 4 seconds.
  5. ShVR1K3N

    ShVR1K3N New Member

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    Hey guys, Stanley Here.
    Another noob just saying hello :eek:. Have been watching your forum for few years now. I'm really amazed of what you'd achieved here. Maybe it's time to build something for myself.
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  6. The Starch

    The Starch New Member

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    Name: Markus Spodzieja
    Profession: Actor/Barista/Cosplayer(?)
    Age: 26
    Favorite Hobby: Cosplay Armor Building
    Favorite part of Halo: Every time the bass drops and you know s*** is about to get real. "DAHNDAHNDAHNDAAAAHN"
    Favorite Halo: Halo: Reach
    Favorite Video Game: Anything of the Blizzard genre, between WoW or Overwatch
    Other Interests: Guided meditation, mental wellness, hiking, conventions, comedy, living my BEST LIFE.
    Favorite Food: Pretzels.
    Other: Don't forget to breathe!
  7. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO & BCO 405th Regiment Officer Community Staff

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  8. The Starch

    The Starch New Member

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  9. SPARTAN G051

    SPARTAN G051 New Member

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    Name: Skyler (Sky)

    Profession: Steamfitter/Pipefitter (Apprenticing still, but I will be a Journeyman one day.)

    Age: 23

    Gaming Name: NeoInsanity51

    Favorite Hobbies: Playing Guitar (Most prominent right now), EDM Dance, Some vidya, Miniature painting - Warhammer 40k & Fantasy (Sometimes), Snowboarding, Longboarding, Skating, Martial Arts, Metal Fabrication, Acting, Singing, Much more I like to do lots of stuff.

    Favorite part of halo: Loading the title screen and getting those nostalgic chills whenever the music starts. Ya'll know what I'm talkin' 'bout. That and the storyline, even though people say the story from books and all that get kinda messy with the games. I'm still thankful the halo universe exists.

    Favorite Halo: Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Reach, Halo 4 (Bungie Halo's all time fav tho) (I actually haven't played 5 yet! I've been pretty busy the last couple years however, I'm meaning to though.) (Screw it, all of them)

    Favorite Video Game(s): Halo (Pretty much any of them), Darksouls II & III, Warcraft Series, Neverwinter Nights, Dawn of War II, Path of Exile, Jak & Daxter, Mechassault 2, Elder Scrolls, Mechwarrior Online, Planetside 2, (Again... I like alot of things hah)

    Favorite Food: Pizza, Taco, Nacho, Pie, Steeeaak, Beef jerky, (Fooood, food gooood lol)

    Favorite Band(s): A Day to Remember, Anberlin, NOFX, Circle Jerks, Rancid, Bullet For My Valentine, GBH, SNFU, Breaking Benjamin, Blink 182, Cancer Bats, Bad Religion, Billy Talent, Pink Floyd, The Verve, The Cure (Honestly, I like pretty much whatever as long as it sounds good. I'd imagine this is the same for most.)

    Favorite Movie(s) & Show(s): LOTR, The Hobbit, Star Wars, Halo movies, Game of Thrones, Red vs. Blue (Hell yes), Band of Brothers, Hacksaw Ridge, Mad Max: Fury Road, Sunshine, Ender's Game,

    About Me: Think I covered most of me in the previous sections tbh, should have just but "Video Games I like, Movies" and vice versa. I like meeting new people and making new friends with like minded interests that have a good sense of general morals for other people. I like alot of things as is pretty much aforementioned above, I've probably left alot out since I like a whole lot of different things and have probably gotten into whatever I tend to take a liking to! Not exactly new to the Halo community, I've loved these games since I played Halo: Combat Evolved with one of my friends co-op when we were around 8 or 9. Halo was the first console game I ever touched I think, so I grew up with this into my years as a gamer. Things have come a looong way since then. Which is actually pretty cool to have witnessed. Pretty new to the cosplaying though for Halo! I hope to see some cool people at cons in the future if and when I complete my build!
  10. Frogn

    Frogn New Member

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    Name: Jannis
    Age: 21
    Natianality: German
    Profession: studying computer science
    Favorite Hobby: Video games, RC flight, Motorsports ...
    Favorite part of halo: the awesome lore & the spartans
    Favorite Halo: difficult question.... I started with 2, so I gues 2 :)
    Favorite Video Game: Halo, some Race sims... idk it changes time to time
    Other Interests: Aviation, Halo lore
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  11. Ben Anway

    Ben Anway New Member

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    Name: Ben
    Profession: Performance Car Part Builder
    Age: 17
    Favorite Hobby: Mechanical watch building or knife forging
    Favorite part of halo: The fact that Master Chief is boss
    Favorite Halo: CE (I HATE 4 and 5 hopefully Infinite will be good since it's most likely a prequel)
    Favorite Video Game: Halo (next would be Destiny)
    Other Interests: Prop/Replica building, Car/Bike building
    Favorite Food: Mediterranean (Shish Tawook with garlic), second would be good ol' round pie pizza
    Favorite Band: Led Zeppelin
    Favorite Movie(s): Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Interstellar
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  12. hibneryt

    hibneryt New Member

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    Name: Sergiusz
    Profession: microbiologist
    Age: 30
    Favorite Hobby: ice hockey
    Favorite part of halo: Master Chief
    Favorite Halo: 2
    Favorite Video Game: Graviteam tactics
    Other Interests: snowboard, creating stuff (from films to paper models)
    Favorite Food: pizza
    Favorite Band: Sabaton
    Favorite Movie(s): Band of Brothers, 9th Company
    Other: erm... Hi everyone!
  13. DJames

    DJames New Member

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    Name: Daniel
    Profession: Student (Part time cleaner)
    Age: 17
    Favorite Hobby: Video Games
    Favorite part of halo: Halo Wars Cutscenes
    Favorite Halo: 3 ODST
    Favorite Video Game: Everything from Halo, Total War and Fallout
    Other Interests: Into Reenacting and Cosplay
    Favorite Food: Burgers!
    Favorite Finisher: Halo 5 Assassinations
    Favorite Band: Imagine Dragons
    Favorite Movie(s): The Entire Star Wars Series (Except for 7-8)
    Other: I like reading
  14. Neviah

    Neviah New Member

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    Name: Emma/Octavia(take your pick though I prefer the latter and Octi is fine)
    Profession: Twitch
    Age: 22 (will be 23 as of February)
    Favorite Hobby: Video Games, Tabletop Wargaming, Cosplay, Miniature Painting, Mobile Games
    Favorite part of Halo: The thrill of player vs player(The thought of actually fighting someone else other than a computer is highly gratifying)
    Favorite Halo: ODST
    Favorite Video Game: That is a cross between a few, Warframe, Food Fantasy, Halo, Fallout and Titanfall
    Other Interests: Relaxing, chatting with friends, hanging out, and being a little nerdy and weebish
    Favorite Food: You got me there to be perfectly honest, it would be a mixture of sweets.
    Favorite Music: Techno, Rock, Punk and Instrumental.
    Favorite Movie(s): To start it off and get the eyerolling out of the way, G-Saviour. Next up we have the Ultramarines movie, followed by Pirates of the Caribbean and lastly its obvious, Halo 4, Forward unto dawn.
  15. Leviathan King

    Leviathan King New Member

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    Name: Tanner
    Profession: Schneider Trucking after hours fulltime and College full time
    Age: 20
    Favorite hobby: Reading fantasy and sci fi books, video games, weightlifting, going on hikes
    Favorite Halo: Reach and CE
    Favorite Game series: SWTOR (The console version not the mmo)
    Favorite Book: Eragon
    Major: Going for Psychology

    Really on here to look for help on how to make armor like most of us :)
  16. Darq

    Darq New Member

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    Name: Dave

    Profession: Tech Support

    Age: 51

    Gaming Name: Darq or DarqSoul

    Favorite Hobbies: motorcycles and 3d modeling.

    Favorite Halo: Reach

    Favorite Video Game(s): Depends on what I'm in the mood for

    Favorite Food: Everything I'm not supposed to eat
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  17. Grants Armory

    Grants Armory New Member

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    Name: Will Grant
    Profession: Aspiring Mechanic and soon-to-be U.S. Marine
    Age: 17
    Favorite Hobby: Gaming, airsoft, or foam crafting/3d printing
    Favorite Part of Halo: The memories of playing with my bro
    Favorite Halo: 1
    Favorite Video Game: Halo series or Destiny
    Favorite Food: Burgers (I mean, is there any other?)
    Other: Signed up for the U.S. Marine Corps and will be leaving in the summer!
  18. Trans4m117

    Trans4m117 New Member

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    Name: Justin Reimer
    Age: 20
    Profession: Freelance Editor
    Favorite hobbies: Editing, Prop building, Gaming
    Favorite part of Halo: The lore and the customization, *when it was good* (I'm looking at you Halo 5...)
    Favorite Halo: All of them except 5
    Favorite Games: All time - Halo Series | Runner-ups - Warframe, Destiny Series
    Favorite Food: Sushi and Burgers
    Favorite Bands: Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, FFDP, Nothing More, Cryoshell
    Favorite Movie: Spider-Man 2 **PIZZA TIME**
    Favorite Animes/Mangas: Attack on Titan, Jojo, Tokyo Ghoul (f**k the anime)
    Misc: Once I have a sketch for an OC of mine, creating their story and personality is easy.
  19. GryphonGaming

    GryphonGaming New Member

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    I should hop on this too, since I'm gunna start actually being somewhat active on here.

    Name: Sam
    Profession: Not employed rn, just moved into my new place. Looking though!
    Age: 21
    Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Art
    Favorite Halo: Ehhh tie between 3 and 4? 4 was the first one I REALLY played, but 3's definitely the better of the two.
    Favorite Video Game: Currently Destiny 2, with Spiderman following VERY close behind.
    Favorite Food: Mac n Cheese boiii
    Favorite Finisher: Injustice 2 Red hood(?)(I don't understand the prompt???)
    Favorite Band: Couldn't pick honestly, but Hans Zimmer's one of my favorite artists rn.
    Favorite Movie(s): Iron Giant, Treasure Planet, Titan A.E.
  20. Trans4m117

    Trans4m117 New Member

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    the favorite finisher is in reference to halo 4 and 5 assassinations
  21. GryphonGaming

    GryphonGaming New Member

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    Oop, then probably the uhhhh Sweep The Leg one from H5.
  22. Smithy299

    Smithy299 New Member

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    Name: Siena
    Profession: writer
    Age: 23
    Favorite Hobby: marvel movies
    Favorite part of halo: 4
    Favorite Halo: 1
    Favorite Video Game: Halo
    Other Interests: writing
    Favorite Food: icecream
    Favorite Finisher: -
    Favorite Band: Queen
    Favorite Movie(s): Marvel Movies
  23. SteeleZero6

    SteeleZero6 New Member

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    Name: Steele Sellars
    Profession: Shipping Coordinater
    Age: 31
    Favorite Hobby: prop builder
    Favorite part of halo: When you see master chief fall from space and go to get him
    Favorite Halo: 2
    Favorite Video Game: Halo2 MHW
    Other Interests: I LOVE Crafting and building with my kids
    Favorite Food: KFC
    Favorite Finisher: Big bang attack

    Favorite Movie(s): Saving private Ryan
    Other: I have built an Ironman suit and working on MHW cosplay
  24. Excelsior935

    Excelsior935 New Member

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    Name: Kyle
    Profession: U.S. Marine
    Age: 20
    Favorite hobby: paintballing
    Favorite part of Halo: the warthog runs
    Favorite Halo: Halo 3
    Other interests: Star wars, Star Trek, Stargate, legos, anything outdoors, photography, Military history, and science.
  25. AndrewGillen

    AndrewGillen New Member

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    Name: Andrew Gillen
    Profession: Soon to be Mechanical Engineer
    Age: 21
    Favorite Hobby: Doing miscellaneous projects
    Favorite part of halo: The armor design
    Favorite Halo: 2
    Favorite Video Game: The Last Of Us
    Other Interests: Video games, social life
    Favorite Food: Chicken Alfredo
    Favorite Finisher: What?
    Favorite Band: Quinn XCII
    Favorite Movie(s): Any Quentin Tarantino Film

    Been a "member" for a while now. Did the dragon con parade a couple of years and most recently did dreamhack Atlanta. Just not an active member on the site
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