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Name: Mark
Profession: Work as a security officer
Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Reading
Favorite part of halo: I like the story line.
Favorite Halo: idk
Favorite Video Game: COD series and final fantasy series
Other Interests: I LOVE music and playing games
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Band: 7th Surrender
Favorite Movie(s): the Hobbit and TLOTR series


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Name: Chuck
Profession: Stay at home dad
Favorite Hobby: Collecting comics
Favorite part of Halo: Story Line
Favorite Halo: Reach or Halo 3
Favorite Video Game: Gears of War
Other Interest: Gaming, Music
Favorite Food: To many
Favorite Band: Metallica, Slipknot
Favorite Movie(s): E.T., The Lion King,

Ivar Freyjason

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Name: Blade
Profession: Linguistic Anthropologist
Favorite Hobby: Warhammer
Favorite part of Halo: Story Line
Favorite Halo: Halo 3
Favorite Video Game: Anything Bioware
Other Interest: Cigars, Scotch, and fine clothes.
Favorite Food: All of it.
Favorite Band: Rammstein
Favorite Movie(s): Star Wars


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Name: Rob
Profession: I see to the health and safety of individuals with developmental disabilities
Age: 33
Favorite Hobby: Playing games for now until I get good at pepping
Favorite part of halo: The universe, from game story to book story
Favorite Halo: Reach (for now)
Favorite Video Game: Halo (also assassin's creed series and fallout 3 & FO:NV)
Other Interests: Reading, writing (when I'm not blocked), used to paint miniatures (always criticized by family), and would like to get into armor building for my halo geeky ness even if my family criticizes me.
Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Finisher: Pai Mei's five-point palm exploding heart technique
Favorite Band: Love all music
Favorite Movie(s): Way to many to name but off the top; LOTRs and The Hobbit, Fast & Furious series, Star Wars
Other: Father of three (two step and the youngest from me, but I consider them all mine), mentioned in the San Antonio Express Newspaper with a picture of my wife and two oldest on the front page.


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Name: Alexis
Profession: Work for the state
Age: 28
Favorite Hobby: Video Games and costuming
Favorite part of halo: Story line
Favorite Halo: 4
Favorite Video Game: Legend of Zelda
Other Interests: Manga and anime ^_^ quite the otaku neh?
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Band: Linkin Park, CNBlue, and lots of 70's and 80's music
Favorite Movie(s): Dreamworks (ie: How to train your dragon, rise of the guardians), Ghibli (ie: Ponyo, Totoro, Spirited Away), Marvel movies, and lots of others. I'm quite young at heart. lol
Other: My dream job is to make costumes all day everyday.


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I know forerunner writing and sanghelin so when the elite's come I'll do the talking. okay if you don't belive me then try and read this "wuok tikita."


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I know forerunner writing and sanghelin so when the elite's come I'll do the talking. okay if you don't belive me then try and read this "wuok tikita."
Either "Check with Controls" - Literal Translation
Or "Check the controls" - Loose Interpretation


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Hi my name is Dalton.
I live in the OKC area
I am 18
Favorite hobby: dagorhir
Interests: Halo, Legend of Zelda, Vodeogame cosplaying
Favorite thing about Halo is the story
Favorite halo game: Halo 3
Fovorite color is blue (you'll probably notice that in my builds when I start them)


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Name: Joseph "Roadie" Eshenroder
Profession: U.S. Navy Seabee and Coastal Riverine
Age: 25
Favorite Hobby: Skyrimming my balls off
Favorite part of halo: My custom EOD trooper in Reach
Favorite Halo: Reach
Favorite Video Game: Skyrim
Other Interests: I'm a mechanic and mechanical designer. I am currently developing composite ballistic armor based on the MJOLNIR (part of my interest in Pep)
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Finisher: One shot, one kill (you only need one when your sniper rifle can punch through 1/2" steel plates)
Favorite Band: AC/DC
Favorite Movie(s): Boondock Saints I, The Punisher (Thomas Jane), Gladiator, Enemy at the Gates, Hitman, Supertroopers
Other: Spain is SO BORING


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Name: Joseph "Roadie" Eshenroder ...(snip)
I am currently developing composite ballistic armor based on the MJOLNIR (part of my interest in pep
I'm sure when you finish that, several people here will buy.

And foxleader, I can not. I posted the full size images, and truthfully it is just a font, and is actually English.


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Name: Joe
Profession: Casino Slot Machine Vendor
Age: 27
Favorite Hobby: Anything that fly's!
Favorite part of halo: Spartans, Of course!
Favorite Halo: Halo Anniversary, Brought back memory's.
Favorite Video Game: Metal Gear Solid, But I have many favorites.
Favorite Food: Chicken Fried Steak
Favorite Band: Anything Upbeat, I'm not that picky.

Well I've been thinking about this for years, but im just now where I feel I could spend the funds to build a full suit. I have NO idea where to start! I've seen tons of stuff about printing out your armor and going from there, but that's where this forum comes in. I think im going to shoot for a Halo 2 model, those are whats always impressed me the most. Anyway I look forward to hearing from everyone. I think I'll start with the helm first.

Also I'm surprised with the age in this noob room post. 12-15.... Not that im old, but im older than that lol. If there is anyone in the Oklahoma area, Love to meet up and see how your doing, maybe become friends. We fully plan on going to the Wizard world comic con this year suited up also!
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Also I'm surprised with the age in this noob room post. 12-15.... Not that im old, but im older than that lol.
I was surprised about that too... It's ok Joe, I'm with you on that. Anyway...

Name: Jason, or JR
Profession: Marketing
Age: 25
Favorite Hobby: Parkour, boarding (snow, surf, long, you-name-it)
Favorite part of halo: Scout Spartans. Jun is BA. (Just about to start a Reach Scout build!)
Favorite Halo: Halo 1 and Reach, so far. 1 was my first real fps.
Favorite Video Game: Halo and Assassin's Creed series.
Favorite Food: It's food. Pretty much anything.
Favorite Band: Switchfoot, AVA, Three Days Grace. I love all of them pretty equally.

I have also been loving the idea of building a suit for years, but haven't had the confidence or resources to start one... But that's about to change! As I mentioned, I'm shooting for a Reach Scout build, out of foam. (Possible exception for the helmet I might go fiberglass for that.) Other than reading about other people's builds on this forum, I'm a complete noob, so hopefully it goes well! If anyone has any suggestions on what to start with, I'd love to hear them! Shooting for the finished piece to be showcased at DragonCon in ATL in August.


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Name: Alex
Profession: Full-time college student, part-time cashier
Age: 18
Favorite Hobby: Video games (Mostly PC), reading, and redditing
Favorite part of halo: The vehicle sequences never fail to disappoint. Any time you round a corner and are presented with A) A beautiful vista and long stretch of road and B) when there's a Scorpion parked there.
Favorite Halo: Halo: Reach, because is has a great campaign coupled with the best damned multiplayer in the history of gaming.
Favorite Video Games: TES series, Fallout series, Halo series, Bioshock series, Dead Space series, Half-Life series, Portal series, and Minecraft
Favorite Musician: Mord Fustang (But this changes almost monthly!)
Favorite Movies: Sushine, Her, Oblivion, Moon, Event Horizon, Alien and Aliens, and The Fountain. Can you tell that I love Sci-fi?
Favorite Books: The Dark Tower series, or pretty much anything by Stephen King, The Stars my Destination, and the ASOIAF series.

Nice to meet everyone! I'm entirely new to the world of replica armor/costume making, but it looks like it's a great community to be a part of.



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Name: Eric
Profession: Mechanical Engineer
Age: 30
Favorite Hobby: Gaming, DIYing.
Favorite part of Halo: Sweeping music score.
Favorite Halo: ODST - Firefight mode was a great coop experience.

I'm hoping I'll be able to merge my love of gaming, building, and engineering into a successful (and well documented) costuming exercise here. Thanks in advance for all the tips I'll receive.


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Hi my name is colin.I just started on my first big build so any advice will be awesome and I am going to document it as well so tell me your oppnion on it .It would really help.