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  1. CxeeFoxx

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    Name: Kat
    Profession: Creative Professional and Artist - this includes services in a large variety of areas including, but not limited to: event/cuisine photography, catering, cake design, seamstress/sewing, professional audio/video production (directing live concerts as well as running equipment), Web design, Graphic Design, prop making/stage design. I get a lot of creative requests for a variety of creative fields and love the challenge, so I take on many jobs to grow and learn in my abilities.
    Favorite Halo:
    • Campaign - ODST the music and storytelling are so rich and the fact that you are not an invincible spartan makes you think more about the way that you interact in situations.
    • Multiplayer - I have been playing multiplayer since halo 3, but some of my favorite multiplayer experiences have been in Reach multiplayer. I also have many fond memories of halo 3 shenanigans.
    Favorite Thing About Halo: I love that halo has such a stellar ability to bring people together. I love being a team player and I play a support role whenever I play (I think one of my most common Halo 5 medals is the distraction medal lol)
    Small Confession: I love exploring my world through creativity, so I usually have at least 3-5 projects on the go ay any given time. I try my best to document them because sometimes people don't believe that I made the things I have made, and it is also encouraging to me to see how I improve as I grow my creative endeavors progress.
  2. MGZweis

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    Name: Danial
    Country: Malaysia
    Soon to be Profession: A game developer or a comic/manga artist
    Age: 15
    Favorite Hobby: Video Games, drawings and doing model kits
    Favorite part of halo: Probably Spartan armors, regardless from which series they are. Most favourite would be the MK.V B (Also currently making it as my first build)
    Favorite Halo: Reach, 3 and 2(Gotta love the Blow Me Away playing)
    Favorite Video Game: Halo(main reason why), Battlefield, some anime visual novels(Yes I am a weeb) and probably Milsim(Arma series)
    Other Interests: Piano(Been practicing to play Ashes for a while now), animating, MMD, 3D modelling and JDM/Tuner Cars.
    Favorite Food: Anything that is spicy, also Pizza with thin crust.
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  3. Auboiron

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    Name: Martin
    Age: 19
    Country: France
    Profession: Student in high school
    Favourite hobby: aeromodelisme
    Favourite Halo: Halo Reach
    Favourite Movies: The Greatest Showman (Star Wars, the two first trilogies, but it is apart)
    Other interests: Creating, crafting, gaming, and other

    I can't wait to make my first armor! Thanks to you, if I ever have an issue, I'll have people to talk to!
    Have a good day, or night depending XD
  4. Artemis 1

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    Name: Raven
    Profession: Currently unemployed, I help My dad renovate houses from time to time
    Age: 22
    Country: New Zealand
    Favorite Hobby: 3D modeling, Cosplay and music
    Favorite part of halo: Sending off the Autumn at the end of Reach
    Favorite Halo: Reach
    Favorite Video Game: Elder Scrolls Oblivion
    Other Interests: Making random things in 3d
    Favorite Food: Teriyaki Salmon
    Other: every injury related mistake I've ever made has been on my left hand
  5. Revier

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    Name: Ash
    Profession: Railway Engineer
    Age: 28
    Country: UK
    Favorite Hobby: Cosplay, 3d Modelling and printing
    Favorite part of halo: learning about what the covenant "Regret"
    Favorite Halo: Reach
    Favorite Video Game: Stardew Valley (It scratches an itch:) )
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  6. Ray Vadam

    Ray Vadam New Member

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    Name: Natalia
    Profession: Biology student
    Age: 20
    Favorite Hobby: Draw
    Favorite part of halo: The Covenant level
    Favorite Halo: Hard one but maybe 2 or 3
    Favorite Video Game sagas: Halo, Mass Effect, Super Mario,...
    Other Interests: Animals, science, drawing, evolution, dinosaurs,...
    Favorite Food: Chicken and lasagna.
    Favorite music: Rock and soundtracks.
    Favorite Movies: Saving private Ryan, Jurassic Park, Toy Story 2,...
    Other: Comics
    Glad to be here
  7. CrippledWolf

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    Hi umm I'm 17 and I've been trying to socialize more and I thought why not join a group and chat in some forums my name's Devon nice to meet all of you
  8. 3DVagabond

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    Name: Cornell
    Profession: A simple cashier for now...
    Favorite Hobbies: Delving in the 3D Animated Space with 3d Characters and Animation.
    Favorite Part of Halo: Not an actual fan, but the story from the Halo 1 Remastered Edition was pretty interesting.
    Favorite Halo: I will stick with the previous answer.
    Favorite Video Game Franchise: Metal Gear.
    Other Interests: History and Video Games
    Favorite Food: Pancakes
    Favorite Music: Orchestra Soundtracks from movies.
    Favorite Movie: Back to the Future.

    I came here to the forums to achieve knowledge into making a better costume. The last one I tried to make was doomed from the start. (Ugh!) I try my best to be as detailed as possible, but when ambition outpaced reality well, it can get a bit out of hand. Currently working on another costume design that I had my eye on for some time from the Power Rangers/Super Sentai series but with some re-imagining. I'll post it on a non Halo based thread in the sometime future.
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  9. Kristoffer

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  10. Kristoffer

    Kristoffer New Member

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    Hello there Kristoffer here .... joined 2 year ago but lost in Halo for a while.
    Not sure I post it right here or not.
  11. Kristoffer

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    Hi there...
    New to this.. OK here we go...

    Name : Kristoffer
    Profession : Gardener
    Age: 43
    Country: Singapore
    Hobby: Build model kits like Gundam, Frame Arms and other 1/35 scale kits.
    Halo stuff : Not very sure ...Never play the game before. Saw some cosplayer at STGCC on ODST and wanted to make one .Just got to know halo after watching youtube video for more information and also a friend intro me to this page.

    Recently just started a small project on ODST on September 2018.
    This is my pepakura build up... so IMG-20180922-WA0009.jpg IMG20180924203651.jpg IMG20181001221136.jpg IMG20181012075629.jpg
  12. Sean Anwalt

    Sean Anwalt RCO 405th Regiment Officer

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    Wow. That's impressive. great work!
  13. JNova

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    Name: Jen
    Profession: Studying to become an Architect and running a full-time firm (architecture).
    Hobbies: Eating, 3D Rendering, Making templates, sleeping
    Favorite part of halo: The music
    Favorite Halo: Halo 3: Odst
    Favorite Video Game: Halo, F.E.A.R Series and Bioshock.
    Other Interests: Food, cosplay and karaoke
    Favorite Foods: Fried Chicken, Empanadas, Nachos and Chips+Gravy
    other:'If you don't try, you'll never know!'
    Current Cosplay; Cortana Halo 5 - its completed but I need to fix the lights again

    yoo, I joined hoping to meet other Cortana cosplayersssssss, would love advice on bodysuits and such!
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  14. HelljumperDoc

    HelljumperDoc New Member

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    Name: Sean Kakta
    Profession: USN HM
    Age: 18
    Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Airsoft
    Favorite part of halo: How in depth the lore is.
    Favorite Halo: 3
    Favorite Video Game: Halo duh.
    Other Interests: I LOVE music as well as drawing and hope to make cosplaying a small hobby.
    Favorite Food: Pizzaaaaa
    Favorite Band: Five Finger Death Punch
    Favorite Movie(s): Super Bad, Hot Rod, Black Hawk Down, and Saving Private Ryan.
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  15. Asgardianhammer

    Asgardianhammer Identity Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

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    Looking great! The new Singapore Regiment will be needing a few more members and ODST will do nicely!
  16. Rinzlerr

    Rinzlerr New Member

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    Name: Mason
    Profession: Photographer now I guess
    Age: 32
    Favorite Hobby: Photography, Photoshopping
    Favorite part of halo: the atmosphere
    Favorite Halo: 1
    Favorite Video Game: Halo, Asseto Corsa, Borderlands
    Other Interests: Aviation, EDM
    Favorite Food: Thai
    Favorite Finisher: wait wutt
    Favorite Band: Currentlly Deadmau5, Borish Brejcha, Miss Monique, Amon Amarth, Lamb of god, Caravan Palace
    Favorite Movie(s): Deadpool, Bladerunner, Tron Legacy
    Current projects: in attached photo
    Current Cameras: Sony A7, Canon T6i with cinestyle, velvia and portrait soft profiles
    and twitch I stream on sometimes

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  17. Kristoffer

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    Thank you Sir i have been trying my best to make it nice...hahaha is still a long way to go... hope it will turn out good.
  18. Mark hertzog

    Mark hertzog New Member

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    Name: Mark
    Profession: Walmart support manger
    Age: 29
    Favorite Hobby: Playing games
    Favorite Halo: 2
    Favorite Video Game: megamanX
    Other Interests: i want to get in to more cosplay
    Favorite Food: pizza
    Favorite Band: Rise Against
    Favorite Movie(s):scott pilgrim
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  19. TomboyAJ

    TomboyAJ New Member

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    Name: AJ
    Profession: Maintenance
    Age: 27
    Favorite Hobby: Movies
    Favorite part of halo: Almost everything, I'm big into Science Fiction.
    Favorite Halo: Halo: Reach {Too short but love the campaign.}
    Favorite Video Game: Alien: Isolation
    Other Interests: TV series, Video Games, Collecting various things
    Favorite Food: Sushi
    Favorite Band: Starset
    Favorite Movie(s): Aliens, Avatar, The Evil Dead, Species, The Terminator, Don't Breathe....I'm going to stop there because I could keep going. Forever. ;~;
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  20. TuckerDidIt

    TuckerDidIt New Member

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    Name: Derek Wade (And Caboose)
    Profession: Active Duty United States Coast Guard, professional dog
    Age: 44, 7 months
    Favorite Hobby: Combat sports, Krav Maga, shooting, chewing up stuff
    Favorite part of halo: Red vs. Blue
    Favorite Halo: Halo: Halo 1&2 multiplayer, chewing on the controllers
    Favorite Video Game: Thief, Skyrim
    Other Interests: Security and Law Enforcement, writing sci-fi/fantasy and martial arts fiction, goin’ to dog prak to see frens
    Favorite Food: Smoked brisket, Taste of the Wild Salmon and rice formula
    Favorite Band: Today it’s Halestorm
    Favorite Movie(s): Red vs Blue: Chorus Trilogy

    Just to clarify, Caboose is the dog. Yes, he is named after the RvB character. Also, yes, the goal is to make a set of HALO armor for him that sports the distinctive helmet Caboose uses in the show. ‘Boose is a 44lb Black Lab mix. He was adopted from the Camden County Animal Shelter about two months ago. He was born in the shelter, so mine is the first home he’s ever had.
  21. Phauxelate

    Phauxelate Member

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    Name: Ethan
    Profession: Computer Science Student
    Age: 18
    Favorite Hobby: Video Games, Drawing, Server Work, Cosplay
    Favorite part of Halo: Sgt. Johnson Quote Scenes
    Favorite Halo: Halo 2
    Favorite Video Game: Halo, Fallout/Skyrim
    Other Interests: Prop Making
    Favorite Food: Nashville Hot Chicken, Chick-fil-A, and a good quality burrito
    Favorite Music Artist: Philter, Rusty Cage
    Favorite Movie: Austin Powers
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  22. Lemontatoe

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    Name: Conrad Brown
    Occupation: None. Impressive, I know.
    Age: 19
    Hobbies/Interests: Memes (hahahalol much funny many joke)
    Favourite HALO: 4 and 5 because I prefer the way 343 designed the Spartan armour. Plus the DMR looks way cooler than it did in Reach and they brought back the BR which they also improved appearance-wise. I prefer 343's designs because they look more outlandish and futuristic than Bunjie's more realistic designs. Plus, the 343 designs are almost pseudo-appleseed which doesn't hurt either.
  23. StarWolfStudios

    StarWolfStudios New Member

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    Hey all! Noobie here. Allow me to introduce myself!
    Name: Mekenna (or "Kenna" if thats easier for you.)
    Favorite Things Halo: Cortanna, Cheif, the music, the story, the M8 Shotgun, Energy Sword, the Sanghelian Race, late night drives in a warthog. XD
    Zodiac Sign: Virgo
    My Taste in Music: Skillet, 5FDP, A7X, just a little Slipknot, Evanescence, ITM, Halestorm, Martin O'Donnell (Ha), Linkin Park, anything not country or trashy rap. :D
    Some Other Interests of Mine: Cosplay, Okami, Artdolls, Anime, Drawing and Painting, Building Costumes, Creature Costumes, Photography, Horoscopes, FX makeup
    Halo Cosplans: Cortanna, Dare, My own original armor
    I have been building costumes and props for almost 5 years now, you can find me under the same name on IG and FB. I can't wait to start learning more about the 405th forums and building Halo armor!
  24. Tony Cumbus

    Tony Cumbus New Member

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    Name: Tony or Tj
    Favorite Things Halo: The lore, Chief and Cortanna
    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
    My Taste in Music: Skillet, Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, Martin O'Donnell (Halo), Linkin Park,
    Some Other Interests of Mine: The Lore , Video Designing, Building Armor, Games
    Halo Cosplan: learning how to build the Spartan Armor which in case the Mark Six armor.
  25. WuskyHusky

    WuskyHusky New Member

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    Name: Cody Wagner, but I go as ODST Sgt Wolf when cosplaying
    Profession: EMT
    Education: working on dual psych and health science degree.
    Favorite part of Halo: iron coffin drop in ODST
    Favorite Halo game: Combat Evolved
    Hobbies: I enjoy cosplaying as a CP, ODST, or other things of that nature
    Other: I also staff at two cons, one as operstions the other as medical.

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