JonteBoi's Noble 6 from Halo: Reach!


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Hi everyone! Thought i'd share with you my noble 6 build that i just finished! This is my first serious cosplay build ever. I've done some small stuff before, an Iron Man helmet, a Captain America shield and a Boba Fett helmet, but never anything in this scale.

Here's a shitty pic of my Noble 6 from the game, from which i based my design on. I played as a female spartan (as seen in the picture), but since im male in real life i made a male costume. The colour scheme i used is the same as in the picture. Primary clour is dark grey, secondary colour is light gray.

I had only three weeks to make this suit because I'm planning to go to a convention coming up this weekend, so i had to skip some parts of the original design. For example i only made the default chest armor, skipped the tacpad and the utility kit on the thigh. I also went with black visor, because i didn't have time to order a visor online. So i just cut out some plastic from a big soda bottle and painted it with a black marker pen. Hey, as long as it works, right?

I actually started making the helmet about a year ago, but i didn't have time to finish it, so i picked it up again three weeks ago and decided to complete the whole suit. Sadly I didn't take a lot of progress photos, but i'll show you what i have.
IMG_20170319_222304.jpg IMG_20170319_222320.jpg Here's the finished helmet, with some lights on the UA/HUL attachment.

IMG_20170319_222254.jpg IMG_20170319_222331.jpg IMG_20170319_222246.jpg The back part of the chest armor is incredibly asymmetric, i kinda messed up on that part. Other than that i'm happy with it.

After this i made the bicep, shoulder, cod, and wrist pieces, here are some pics.
IMG_20170325_141737_458.jpg IMG_20170325_141737_460.jpg The bicep pieces was a nightmare to build. I'm a tiny guy, so the pieces i made from the pepakura files didn't fit at all, and if i scaled them down it just looked weird becuase they got super tiny. I decided to freehand the bicep pieces completely, and i'm pretty happy with it, even though they're not completely accurate. One of the shoulders is the ODST shoulder (my absolute favourite) and the other one is the UA/base security. It can't be seen in this pic becuase i was facing the other way. I freehanded the UA/base security shoulder too, because i couldn't find any pep files of it.

After this it all went very fast, and i finished the rest of the suit in about 1 and a half week. Here are all the pieces painted and some test fitting. I made the ab plate that goes between the cod and chest piece, and added a round piece because the ab piece didn't cover everything.
17522044_1803424713311244_1318533944_o.jpg 17757774_1803424599977922_964610151_n.jpg 17760294_1803424846644564_1796375684_n.jpg IMG_20170402_114531.jpg IMG_20170402_114654.jpg

17580152_1803413163312399_850131386_n.jpg 17742229_1803425119977870_304489550_n.jpg Chest piece and helmet after blackwashing, weathering and some battle damage.

I'll post some more pics of the finished suit in a minute!







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Here's the finished suit!
IMG_20170404_224208.jpg IMG_20170404_223857.jpg

Some pics of the details:
IMG_20170404_224126.jpg IMG_20170404_224133.jpg IMG_20170404_224140.jpg IMG_20170404_224154.jpg

And here are some with better lighting.
IMG_20170405_084613.jpg IMG_20170405_084622.jpg IMG_20170405_084630.jpg IMG_20170405_084643.jpg IMG_20170405_084659.jpg

If anyone is wondering what undersuit im using, it's a dark grey flight suit i ordered from ebay. I planned to use it for a mandalorian cosplay but i completely gave up on that project and used the flight suit for this instead. Works very well!

There are still some things i have to finish before the con this weekend. I'm gonna connect the thigh and shin parts to eachother, and the thigh parts to the cod piece, so that they don't fall down. I'm just gonna use some elastic bands for that.

I'm also gonna install some blue lights like they have in-game on the chest piece, bicep and thigh pieces. However i don't know how i will connect them to the thigh pieces, because then the cables would have to run through the ab plate too, and i don't know how i'm gonna put on the suit if i connect that to the chest piece. If anyone have any smart solutions feel free to share. I will probably post some more photos from the con this weekend, and me and my friend are planning a photo session since he is currently studying photography. We'll probably get some cool shots in the woods, since that's all we have here in sweden. Peace out for now!


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Thom A293

Love the build man, great paint job! It fits you really well, props man! How long did it take you to paint it?


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Okay so as i said i was going to a convention in gothenburg this weekend by train, but sadly Stockholm was attacked last night. It is belived to be a terrorist attack and because of that all trains were cancelled. However i managed to catch a train this morning and i am currently on my way to the con. I will try to post some pics from it later today!


Holy. That's crazy good and holy that's crazy news.. :eek:
Beautiful suit.
I dont know what you have to work with in Sweden but you could use one of those super tiny strings of LEDs like this. Theyre super easy to install, ca be cut and the battery pack could be recessed into the foam.


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Holy. That's crazy good and holy that's crazy news.. :eek:
Beautiful suit.
I dont know what you have to work with in Sweden but you could use one of those super tiny strings of LEDs like this. Theyre super easy to install, ca be cut and the battery pack could be recessed into the foam.

Those LED strings look interesting! I will definately look into that, thanks for the advice!


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Sorry for being a week late with pics from the convention.. Here they are!


Took some pics with the Swedish police too.
Tired after a long day...
Casually taking the tram.
... And the bus.

Well this has been great, the con was very successfull, i met a ton of cosplayers with dope costumes. These are all the pics i have though, so i hope you like them! I think i'll start building a new and impoved Halo Reach suit soon! Stay tuned and thanks for the support!


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Ah, I love seeing pictures of Spartans out in the wild. Awesome suit! Something more improved than that's going to be quite something! Best of luck to you!