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JudgemetDays Reach ODST (WIP + Pics)

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by JudgementDay, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. JudgementDay

    JudgementDay Member

    Evening all,

    Ive been a lurker for many a year, and decided that I should probably post something about what I am working on. That and I also have a couple questions, or opinions that people might have on a few different things.

    Firstly, a little background. I started this project about 5 weeks ago? Something like that. This is my second armour attempt (The first was Jun, which was pretty meeeeh in my opinion) and I have basically followed Andrew DFTs templates. I will probably add my own flair and different attachments to it as i progress but its mostly standard templated armour.

    The first question I had was about colours. I want to do quite a dark base grey, with a lighter grey as the secondary colour. I also wanted to do an almost white shade of grey for the main highlights (Based off Rookie from ODST) But apart from the helment, i am unsure where else I would put the white, and what parts of the armour I use the secondary colour on. Hopefully the pictures will help.

    Second question is more minor, with the helmet, does it look to squashed width ways? Too long in the top? Just looks slightly off to me, was wondering if someone with a more professional eye could shed some light on it. Oh the visor has just been taped in temporarily just to see how it goes


    Apologies for the dirty mirror, Oops

    Heres the rest of the images if you want to see the rest
    20170623_200820.jpg 20170623_200824.jpg 20170623_200827.jpg 20170719_192703.jpg 20170719_192708.jpg 20170719_192712.jpg
    Cheers lads/lasses

    Glad i could be here

    Last edited: Aug 1, 2017
  2. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    Dug up an old post of how I got my gray/black that's an approximation of the H3:ODST colour scheme.

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  3. JudgementDay

    JudgementDay Member

    Cheers for getting back to me dude, and thanks for the advice, I will definitely take that on board, your suit looks really slick and hopefully mine comes out looking half as good as that haha

    Thanks again
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  4. PaiganBoi


    AndrewDFT's ODST helmet is a little on the boxy and narrow side. Majority of people who have used his template have the same results. Some people have altered the template so that it has a rounder silhouette and looks closer to the source materials.
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  5. JudgementDay

    JudgementDay Member

    Do you think there is much i can do now that I have already made the helmet? I was thinking of heating up the foam and putting something inside the helmet width ways across the base to give it a more wider look.

    Is there anything you would suggest to do about the boxyness?

  6. PaiganBoi


    Heating the foam and inserting a larger object wouldn't help. It would make the helmet look like it's growing tumors.
    You would basically have to rebuild you helmet and alter the templates to where you can have it have curve instead of an angle where the parts come together.
    IMAG0589.jpg IMAG0590.jpg This is a simple helmet I build a year ago when I first started foamsmithing. These pics are just to show you what I'm trying to get at.
  7. JudgementDay

    JudgementDay Member

    That makes sense, thats a good visual aid. Bit disappointed that I will have to redo the helmet, but since it has come to that I might try a few different methods on my current helmet before I create a new one. Just to see what can work.

    Thanks for the advice, appreciate the input

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  8. JudgementDay

    JudgementDay Member

    So a small update i suppose, just testing the waters with some paint styles, forgive me for the horrible line details, I think i had a seizure? Will have to fix that next time, but I believe sure you get the general idea of what I am going for.

    Thoughts/critics on the weathering? Thought it wasn't half bad myself for the first attempt to be honest.

    Any and all feedback welcome

    20170720_203833.jpg 20170720_203843.jpg

  9. blackout11c


    It's a good start, but it seems a bit too uniform to me. Try only adding paint scrapes along parts of the edges, not along their full lengths. Also consider what areas are likely to have more wear than others, then apply it according to that.

    For example, see this image of an A-7 Corsair II:

    The leading edges are missing chips of paint, due to airborne debris impacts, there's worn paint around the skin panels, missing chips where the crew enters the cockpit, so on. But all the weathering can be broken up into areas and causes. You can also see areas on this where the paint has been touched up, so consider doing patches of 'new' paint as well.
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  10. JudgementDay

    JudgementDay Member

    Great advice for the weathering man! Will take that into account

    Cheers dude
  11. JudgementDay

    JudgementDay Member

    So been a while since I last posted, but just got my hands on some new paint. Now I'm concerned about my weather technique, and would like some pointers.

    But mostly wanted opinions on the grey/white weathering vs the metallic silver colour paint.

    20170802_074309.jpg So this is the new metallic silver paint that I used for my weathering. I dont know if the camera quite catches it properly but I really like how it looks as a colour, but unsure if my technique is flawed.
    20170802_074344.jpg This part here is my favourite part because it looks so nice and realistic but im not happy with the rest of the edges

    20170802_074408.jpg 20170802_074416.jpg These are the old grey/white weathering edges.

    Cheers everyone,

  12. PaiganBoi


    It looks nice but, be careful about getting carried away. With the way you are doing the weathering now, it's looking like the paint on the shoulder is extremely worn and stripped off.
    Typically the goal of weathering is to make the piece look dirty, like it's been exposed to the elements. It also gives it a sense that it's seen some action. The paint along edges is chipped and/or scratched.
    If you want a good example, check out CommanderPalmer and her build. It really awe inspiring.
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  13. JudgementDay

    JudgementDay Member

    Duuuude im currently like 30 pages into CommanderPalmer 's build man, I am so envious of the skill and level of pure epicness that she has portrayed in her build, im still trying to find out where she explains how she does it xD Ill get there sometime soon i think. But yea I think i have nailed the colour, but the technique and figuring out exactly what needs to be weathered and how much. Im struggling with it because I like things being symmetrical and having some order too it and am struggling to give it that "realism" of random/chaotic nature

    But thanks for the advice man :)
    Appreciate all your input that you have had in my build so far

    - JD
  14. JudgementDay

    JudgementDay Member

    Evening all :D (well its evening here....)

    More of a better update tonight woohoo, hope people are enjoying this project as much as I am haha

    So after reading through all 41 pages of Commander Palmer's beyond godlike build and am brimming with motivation, I've taken her advice about using thin foam to use for raised parts on the armour to give it more detail.

    Ive decided to put the raised foam details over the parts that were scored from Andrew DFT's Template. I think it looks pretty good honestly.
    Gave my forearm piece 2 coats of paint, but Im not sure that hand brushing it is the way to go :/ might have to get some spray paint, but hand painting allows me to paint inside :) because its Winter here and rainy outside.
    WP_20170802_19_33_18_Pro.jpg WP_20170802_19_33_26_Pro.jpg WP_20170802_19_33_31_Pro.jpg WP_20170802_19_33_39_Pro.jpg

    Got some awesome gloves and some sick pouches from the local army surplus store that I am really happy with and excited to implement into my final design :)
    WP_20170802_19_31_39_Pro.jpg WP_20170802_19_31_52_Pro.jpg

    As always I appreciate questions, critiques and suggestions by everyone and anyone :) quality banter is always welcome, Iron sharpens iron, Wit sharpens wit ;)

    Best Regards
    - JD
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  15. blackout11c


    Interesting choice, going with fingerless gloves. I personally went with full finger gloves for my Reach ODST, mainly because I was going for that straight-from-the-screen look, and also because they're more flexible, at least in my opinion, as they don't have that additional edge around your knuckle (I also use them for airsoft, and fingerless gloves are not good if you get shot in the hand).

    Other than that, where are you planning on putting the pouches?
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  16. JudgementDay

    JudgementDay Member

    Well its a Reach ODST based off Andrew DFT's templates, but apart from that, I am kinda choosing different aspects that I like from other ODST variants/concepts. I like the idea of the fingerless gloves from Halo 3: ODST personally so thats why I choose them :)

    The pouches I am still not 100% sure where just yet :) haha, I am thinking just below the chest piece to both sides of the ab plate or if I wanted to be military accurate I would put both pouches on the right side :) I have ordered a slightly bigger MOLLE pouch too, and am thinking of putting that on my right thigh for storage, as my left thigh will most likely be for my SMG or Magnum.

    Any recommendations or suggestions?

    Thanks for your thoughts on the gloves :)

  17. JudgementDay

    JudgementDay Member

    So tonight I was mucking around with my helmet, Im really not happy with it, and am seriously considering buying an already molded one (Still paint it myself and such) but thought I would post my efforts and see what you guys thought. What I did was pretty much removed about 2cm (1cm each side of the main flat piece on the top, for the purpose of pulling the sides around on more of a slope and reducing the boxlike appearance of the whole helmet.

    See for yourself the before and after
    View attachment 247638
    This picture was my original helmet, which looks quite boxy and not that appealing to me at least.

    20170803_224755.jpg 20170803_224803.jpg 20170803_224810.jpg WP_20170803_22_58_24_Pro[1].jpg WP_20170803_22_58_28_Pro[1].jpg
    These are the after shots, I am not 100% convinced if this is good enough for me yet, In my opinion its a far greater look than the original but I do not believe its quite what I am after.

    Cheers lads
    - JD
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2017
  18. PaiganBoi


    If you still want to make a foam helmet, try going to the Armoury. There are foam files for a H3 ODST full suit with helmet. This is what I am using for my build.
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  19. Dirtdives


    I built the same helmet for my daughter for her ODSK suit......If I were to do it over, I would have added an additional piece on the bottom to close up the helmet a bit (angle it inward) and give it a bit more coverage around the neck-line. Also add some craft foam for the 2 side rather than leaving it flat and blank, give it those 2 vent-like appearance. It will give it a better look. The more detail you put in to it, the less it looks like a bland watered down version of an ODST. (Sorry Andrew, I love it but like I said, it is very basic and bland....not bad, just bland) IMG_0385Q.jpg
  20. JudgementDay

    JudgementDay Member

    Thats a good idea man :) appreciate that and will give it a look :) just remembering what you said about probably rebuilding the helmet again so I thought I would see what I could try with this helmet to make it work then once I rebuild it I would know what to change and where to go.
    Thanks again :)

    That is all good advice there man :) Appreciate the response, Would you recommend anything for the top to make it less flat? I have got myself some craft foam and I have been planning to add some extra foam detailing. I will give it a shot and will get back to you with the results.

    Thanks all :)

    - JD
  21. Dirtdives


  22. JudgementDay

    JudgementDay Member

    Just had another look at your thread, looks fantastic :) but had a question. How did you do the black outline of all the scored pieces of the ODST armour for your daughter? That looks really awesome and is a really cool idea that I would like to implement into my armour eventually. You made it look really crisp and clean :)

    - JD
  23. Dirtdives


    That is easy....first you need to paint the base coat of the build.....my daughter's was easy since it was only pink........but regardless of what color schematic you choose, take your outline color, paint it directly into the scored line (use a small painters brush like a 00 or 01) and immediately wipe away any excess paint that escapes outside the scored lines. Work in small sections as the small amount of paint used will dry quickly. Repeat for all scored lines and all armor pieces. It is very time consuming but well worth the effort compared to the end result. The contrast in her suit was so vivid between base coat and trim it made all the other details stand out even more. Now thinking back and looking at her armor....there are areas that I should have scored but left alone as dictated and directed in the videos. It left many places.......bare. Just keep that in mind when you work on yours.
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  24. JudgementDay

    JudgementDay Member


    Helmet attempt 2:
    So after considering all the advice I got back about my helmet, I choose to start again with the templates I found in the armoury, and so far (Its not quite finished) I think it looks so much better.
    WP_20170815_07_54_09_Pro.jpg WP_20170815_07_54_14_Pro.jpg WP_20170815_07_54_18_Pro.jpg

    Now the only trouble I have had is at the rear of the helmet which I will easily fix by adding in some extra width the the very back of the helmet to be able to fit the top correctly.

    All in all, happy with the shape of this helmet and how it has turned out so far, its going to take more time to prep it before painting. Going to have to fix and fill quite a few seams, but that is something that I am willing to do anyway.

    Thoughts and opinions on this new Helmet?

    Thanks for your time

    - JD
  25. PaiganBoi


    Looks much better. Big improvement form DFT's simplified helmet.
    I notice some of your knife cuts are a wee bit rough. Maybe invest in a blade sharpener?
    If you have a peak at EvilTed's YouTube vids he usually has links in the description for where he gets his supplies.

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