Legendary helmet fits if your a small guy

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I'm bout 5.4 and barely 100 pounds that's kinda why I never even thought about doing full scale spartan armor but the Legendary helmet gutted fits me pretty well. I haven't done anything to it other than dismantle it and pull the inner block out so it could and should fit even better. Here's some images... don't laugh at my dainty wrists.




lol i was so disappointed when i found out the helmet wouldn't be big enough to fit humans but your proof it does and as i have a small head for my height (i'm around 5'8) i can give it ago. It won't be too big a deal if it does'nt though as i'm really enjoying making my pep helmet using the guides here, but gratz to you,
Do you have any suggestions on getting the "inner block" out without destroying the helmet? The sides near the visor are giving the a lot of trouble. It's like a damn tavern horseshoe puzzle! This is a far as I could get:
Nope you can't see a lick out of it but I'm sure with a bit of work I could change out the visor and line the helmet and than it's a done deal.

Everything seems to be screwed together and hidden under pieces so you have to really study it in order not to break it. The black nose piece pops off and the black grates on the sides pop off and there's screws hidden under them. Same deal for the black ear pieces. It can be completely disassembled without destroying it in any way just take it slow is all.
Its a shame that you cant see through the visor. At least your able to wear it! lol The most accurate helmet made, still too bad about the visor..
if you have time, can you please post close-ups of the helmet from enough angles?
i'm trying to make one right now... and the pepakura version isn't to accurate, and i will be adding details in after fiberglassing by drilling/cutting/puttying.
*cries slowly to himself as the world rejoices*

It looks 20-30% too small for me... but I guess if you're small enough..
When mine actually arrives, I plan to use it to make a 3D model and scale it for myself which will be the beginning of my suit.
holy cow, man! That's awesome how you were able to do that! and now I really want one...(I have basically the same build as you do) Can you breathe at all?
I was comparing the legendary helmet to the helmet in halo 3 and it is very very close. I did notice that the helmet in the game has lines that continue from the detail near the ear. I also noticed that the black bottom piece at the back of the helmet has details arranged a little differently but aside from those difference everything else appears to be accurate.
Zaknal, yes you can breathe just fine.
drgon47, customizers work in my opinion is always better than the mass produced stuff but it's not like you won't have to do a fair amount of work to get this helmet to be wearable, and lets not forget the rest of the armor hehe.
cys920622, I bought the helmet with the mindset of using it as a reference for the 1/6 work I do. It really shows off how wrong I was about a lot of the details. Of course I was making halo 2 stuff and not halo 3 and there are lots of differences but it will really be a great source of reference to me. I can shoot images of the areas I had issues understanding when I was sculpting my work if you still want them.
Very nice man, and dont worry about your dainty wrists, I'm 6 foot and my wrist are just as skinny as yours. everyone makes fun of my wrists. :cautious:
I assumed you were younger by how, in your words, "dainty" you are, but it looks like you got a beard under there... congrats on fitting into that small Helm
yeah the other day i noticed the screws so i was trying to figure out if i could do it but my friend tried and said a milion pieces were in there and i dont want to mess it up so can you post a tutorial on how to do it? i would be awfuly grateful.
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