Master Chief gets caught

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grid 187

Adam said:
Lots of contacts!!!!

We're Surrounded

Lock and Load

This gun smells funny

Wait This Isn't a GUN!!

ooh ooh nice one, I thought id ever see a weener AR!! :lol: Very cute adam!
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I always thought people who wore armor in the "series" had built in toilets or something, because you never see them use the restroom, so you think there is some waste system built in.

But adam.....why are you carrying toilet paper? shouldnt it be hooked to the little roll thing attached to the wall?


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Lol that is so funny. Hey adam can you send me some pics of that armour front right and top of the suit at the exact right angle for modeling. Then throw in a halo 3 game and an xbox 360 while your at it. Nah I just had two questions being a noob here I was wondering if you had posted a tutorial on how you made your suit. You see I am very bored and have very little time on my hands and I would love to be able to walk around in my neighborhood filled with doctors in a Master Chief suit. Anyway if you don't want to post a tutorial can you just give me the reference pictures for a 3d model. Oh and I think I might rig my air soft rifle to look like a battle rifel. Lol can't wait till halloween too. Give me some candie or I blow you up fool!


whose dog is this???

Is it? could it be??

YES IT IS!! its my doggy from when i was five!! YAY!

Waait... you look diferent. i dont remember you having a gun sight down your back...

Wait This Is a GUN!! a cute little fuzzy wuzzy GUN!

HELP! the doggy-GUN needs to do number twos! i need a tree!


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tehronin said:
:: Houston, we have a problem
: What could it possibly be this time that its really that important, i mean we are wagging war against the Covenant
:: Well sir, you see, its Master Chief sir
: What could possibly happen to that super-soldier?????
:: Well sir, hes.....hes..... on the toilet!
: Great Scott...... We Are Screwed!
:: Its Worse
: What else could possibly go wrong.....
:: Sir, Hes reading...
HAHAHA! I can't this site anymore, you guys kill me!
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