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Noble 6 Custom DONE! PICS PAGE 34

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by DBmike, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. DBmike

    DBmike Well-Known Member

    Hi all,
    Firstly some background, Some of you may remember about 6 months ago I posted up a thread with my pep card build of Warmachine, sadly I got a bit bored of it and gave up. Then being friends with Drack and seeing some of his foam work I soon saw the benefits of using foam and decided to get straight on it!

    Firstly I started by practicing and making the Warmachine helmet (this kind of sucked) but Drack showed me techniques to use and so I have begun building my custom suit from Halo Reach. So this is my custom Noble 6 suit, so far its not very custom, i've been building it standard as a base and then will be making modifications and additions later.
    So far though the peak on the shoulder is custom (currently and embarrassingly run out of glue so this is incomplete and not been able to build the other side as such) right shoulder is a simple vent and the left shoulder will be housing a light for improved night vision :)

    Oh and just want to say i've been checking out a lot of peoples builds too many to mention but mainly been paying attention to Roxy Roo (as recommend by Drack) if you see this Roxy then just wanna say, love your work, and though it doesn't seem so now your work has inspired me with my build and so you'll see some of your influences popping up soon!
    anyway thanks and heres the pics guys :)

    right so anyway sorry if you've got bored reading all that, here's some pics of progress so far! ENJOY!! :D

    so this is my online suit (helmet is different from what i've made though)









    This is the custom shoulder part for now (more of this when I get more glue in the week)

    Right hope my efforts so far have impressed and inspired as I have been looking at others work. Theres loads more to come from me on this build so keep your eyes peeled and i'll be back soon, comments/questions welcome. As has been pointed out some details aren't currently accurate and a lot of it isn't very tidy at the moment but bear in mind its still a work in progress :)

    Cheers Guys :)
  2. rx bonz

    rx bonz Jr Member

    suit sir!!! keep it up
  3. coldevil123

    coldevil123 Jr Member

    I really like the helmet. It's not too often that you see a foam helmet, and you certainly pulled it off. Good job! I like the chest too, so overall well done. Keep up the great work!
  4. Hyperballistik


    Nice job, hope to see more progress soon, also nice job pulling off a foam MKV helmet at first glance I thought it was a pep helmet
  5. sandy1973

    sandy1973 Well-Known Member

    Nice job on your foam build. I am glad to see someone try to build the different helmet out of foam.
  6. DBmike

    DBmike Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, got some more glue on order now so you'll see some more progress in te week. As for my helmet I'm glad you like it, so far it's my favourite part, just dying to finish it :)
  7. thorn696


    Looks great. Nice foam work.
  8. DBmike

    DBmike Well-Known Member

    Thanks Buddy, Drack has mentioned your work to me. Its very impressive :)
  9. vargatom

    vargatom Member

    Nice job on the helmet! That was the first thing I tried to build from foam but I've failed spectacularly ;)
  10. DBmike

    DBmike Well-Known Member

    For me The helmets been the easy part, its the chest and back thats caused me some major annoyance because as i've been building it so far I thought it was looking pretty nice, but looking more and more at other peoples work theres a lot of modding that needs doing to it, still obviously loads to finish on it before its anywhere near good enough and quite a few bits to change, e.g. the blue bits on the front of the chest are way too small and theres loads of bits like that, that need changing.... grrrr

    Still its a work in progress and as I said its a custom suit at the end of the day so I'm not going for an exact replica of N6
  11. drack


    Yo yo bro. Good to finally see the suit up on the forum. Looking forward to seeing that helmet closer to finished. Get your Avatar sorted!
  12. DBmike

    DBmike Well-Known Member

    Hopefully won't be much longer till helm is done
  13. RoxyRoo


    HI. :)

    Not gonna lie, bro. Your chest piece is too small. Don't fret! I think it can be easily fixed. It's only the "rib cage" part that's too small. I just comes up too far on your armpit. Just make those pieces a little longer. Reason being, remember you have to leave room for that black cushioning layer. Other than that, nicely done. It's really cool to see another foam helmet build. It's mostly unexplored territory. I think only Drack and one other guy has done it so far. (and now you too, of course).
  14. LilTyrant


    Looking good. I do have to agree with Roxy on the chest piece "rib cage" part being too high though. You don't want to miss out on the arm seals!

    Can't wait to see that helmet together :)
  15. RoxyRoo


    arm seals! yeah. that's what I was trying to say. XDD Thanks, Lil'!
  16. DBmike

    DBmike Well-Known Member

    Ok thanks guys I'll modify it so it sits a little lower and try to push it out some more too so it's not so narrow :)
    Thanks for the feedback
  17. DBmike

    DBmike Well-Known Member

    Ok while driving to work I got thinking, I'm not to keen on my chest piece as a whole anyway so rather than modify it, I may just rebuild the entire think recycling parts from the existing one. What's other peoples thoughts on that? To rebuild or just modify!? That's the question lol
  18. drack


    I second that, have a search for the HD file and recycle a new one. Most of the one you got is fine but like Roxy said looks a little small and the back needs a touch up of detail.
  19. Sepheus 13

    Sepheus 13

    That's not far-fetched at all, when making my current costume I cut out bad pieces and replaced them, it's very helpful because you save material. and if you like a certain part of the piece then you can keep it, but a few tips for doing this "procedure" is to make extremely clean cuts when cutting a piece away, you don't want multiple seams when there should be one, and clean off the glue after you cut it away, the more glue you have the bigger the seam will be and it will look pretty ugly. I wish you luck, and hopefully I helped!
  20. DBmike

    DBmike Well-Known Member

    Thanks Sepheus, that is pretty useful advice :)
    After a phone conversation with drack it has been decide I'm going to go with a total chest rebuild trying to recycle as I go!
    Since most comments so far have been very complimentary of my helmet so far seems only right I do a better job of the chest :)
  21. CPO mendez

    CPO mendez

    This is probably the sexiest foam build i've ever seen! BTW, Is there a set of stencils you're using, or are you just cutting freehand? (if there's a download link it'd be much appreciated)
  22. DBmike

    DBmike Well-Known Member

    Thanks dude glad you like it. I'm currently re-building my chest piece. The files I've used so far are pep files from Brandon McClain I think. I'm at work at the moment but will post you file links later on.
    I'll also post you the files for the new chest I'm building.
    Thanks again man
  23. DBmike

    DBmike Well-Known Member

    Right now here's an update for you all :)
    I've started rebuilding the back plate to my suit. Couldn't find a suitable pep template to use so I made my own templates from my ref pics so sadly of you like the look of this you won't find the files to recreate it
    Anywho here it is, it's wider and more detailed and also still unfinished obviously but will show it finished soon I hope. Also I've widened the front chest plate to attach to it


  24. DBmike

    DBmike Well-Known Member

    Hey guys this is an update for those interested. I'm 90% done on the helmet just got to finish the paint job and add the visor surrounds on.
    I'm also nearly done with my back plate, but not quite there yet. The back plate is totally custom made from my own templates which I've hand drawn from pictures, hope you like what you see below, here's my pictorial evidience of my hard work :D
    Feed back is appreciated!!



  25. drack


    Yey a helmet. Nicely done man, looking forward to seeing the torso all finished keep up the good work.

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