PIC HEAVY. Awsome Custom Halo Reach Foam Armor. Getting Ready For Anime LA!!!!!

PIC HEAVY. Awsome Custom Halo Reach Foam Armor, and BIG A** GUN!!!

I not a NOOB. I just cant post anywhere else. I guess because this is a new account. I really dont know what happened to my old one. I have been part of the 405th since 2008. Sadly this is the first Halo Armor I ever made.

I have a couple of commission jobs im working on. Such as Dead Space 2 Isaac Clarke advanced suit. http://www.405th.com/showthread.php/30298-Dead-Space-2-Armor-amp-Weapons-(-Pic-Heavy-) .Ill be going back and forth between this, that and other props im currently make. So progress wont come as often.

I would also like to say This is the first time im using Pepakura. I always freehand my props and costumes. I always wanted to try Pep. All the cool kids are doing it,So its about time i try.

Even tho this armor might be pepakura. I'll be doing alot of freehand work on it also.

This is pretty much what im going for
This is the character I made in the game. Ill be adding on more thing them what the game and vanity will allow. This is just a base idea for my build.

My Contribution to the Halo Community

Kukri & Combat Knife






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That chest armor you are working is looking great. I like how you did the part around the neck. Is that just one piece, or many glued together?


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The chest armour is rockin' nice detailing...I am going to have a bash at this foam armouring it looks a great alternative to FG and urethane. NIce work


wow! that looks amazing!
What way of templates did you use for the foam? i mean like how did you make it from pep to templates for foam?

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very awesome man, it is coming along great and i really like the torso and the helmet so far, keep up the great work :D


Wow, thats all just AMAZING... Just a quick question though: What did you make the knives out of? Seriously, you're going to need to make a tut or something because that chest piece is absolutely beautiful. Honestly, best foam chest I've ever seen. Awesome work!


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I like the collar allot. Any way you can break it down and/or explain the basic concept on how you made it. The chest plate looks great. As for you're blades, there just a thing of beauty.