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Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by huesos 005, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. TJX62

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    Blender is free, and fairly simple to use.
  2. sceletraxx

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    i just downloaded blender and it works. this is kind of noobish but can u teach me on how to separate the part and make it to individual file sir ?

    edit : thanks , i has learned how to make it as separate part. thank you :)
  3. Sey Tsubasa

    Sey Tsubasa New Member

    Guys! the files are downloading as everything but .pdo also the files that have the bronze, gold and other armors and characters no longer exist in mediafire could you please re-post?

    Although I think that I might be over reacting because the files are not done!..... so yeah....
  4. Keven Skywalker

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    Here you can download the files plus I added Hyoga, Shun, Shiryu and Seiya helmets unfolded by juke and seiya armor version 1 unfolded by krizalid (the chest looks fliped )
    and i added the seiya arms version 2 unfolded by me

    EDIT: i added the jabu unfolds and the ikki´s armor v1 is separated by Huesos-005


    And also if anyone has more files please share
  5. chamuco110

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    Hi! guys i already separate the Dohkos armor, i modify the 3d model to my body using makehuman software and blender, but when i open the file with pepakura, the scale of the file is not same of the 3d model that modified in blender. I hope you can help, here is the armor separated in parts i hope you like!
  6. BioDelta

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    so dose anyone have all the armor files still. id love to get scroupos armor
  7. prodye

    prodye New Member

    Hi huesos and thank you for your project, but the link it has been removed.
    Does someone have yet the pdo file?
    Tank you all
  8. pappa811

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    Hi all, I'm new in the forum. I'm italian and I'd like to make my first gold cloth for lucca Comics 2014. Could you re-post the link of gold armor?? The file is deleted from Mediafire.

    Thanks in advance for the great work you have done!!
  9. tlaloc29

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    where is it this file?????????

    no encuentro este archivo donde esta???????????'
  10. tlaloc29

    tlaloc29 New Member

    whrw is ti the last one file ???????????????????? yhe link???? please
  11. JayOneSeven

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    Dude... this thread is almost 2 years old. Check that before you start asking for files that were probably long, long, long ago removed.
  12. morkar78


    I agree with Jay...however, there is a group on facebook where I've seen people sharing a lot of Saints models... "COSPLAYS PEPAKURA Y MUCHO MAS" I guess
  13. Keven Skywalker

    Keven Skywalker New Member

    well i know thats this topic has two years old but my link still works you can find it in page 6 (they are the same files thats Hueso_005 had uploaded )
    Also I found it more models to add and some of the old ones unfolded so i will reupload de link in a few moments and post it here
  14. Keven Skywalker

    Keven Skywalker New Member

    New Link

    Well I updated the link I add some files from PaperJuke (V1 Ikki Unfolded) and heroidepapel (Radamantis, Odin, Kanon Sea Dragon, Libra Geminis and Virgo (armor style) and a silver saint. Also i added two files for check (i cant open them but it seems to be Geminis and Aquarius Unfolded)

    Here is the link

    EDIT: More files added (radamantys unfolfed, Libra unfolded, Leo Unfolded, Aquarius Unfolded, Geminis Helmet unfolded, Dragon Sea Helmet Unfolded,
  15. savio84

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  16. marlon

    marlon New Member

    como abro los archivos no puedo abrirlos
  17. Joker

    Joker New Member

    Hi Sorry for the Question But How Can I Do to Find Files Papekura Of All Saint Seiya.and Please I Give You might also few Board Type What To Wear Make them Come to Those That Are Almost Equal Outputs Scale 1: 1 thank you very much

    Krizalid mi potresti Dire Dove Posso Trovare i File di Papekura delle armature dei saint? comunque mi potresti dare anche qualche consiglio per farle venire quasi o pure uguali a quelle originali in scala?? scusa la domanda ma mi potresti fare vedere la foto della armatura finita se vuoi?? grazie
  18. colbs


    Ummm what?
  19. Joker

    Joker New Member

    where can I find the armor of the saint seiya?? those Pepakura
  20. colbs


  21. Joker

    Joker New Member

    about Google do not them find. me you give some site about discharge the download of armor of saint seiya??
  22. colbs


    Cant fund a file for it then free hand it. and really your Google search came up with no file result I just did one with multiple hits.........

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