Satsugai ODST(pic heavy)


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Thanks for the wonderful comments.As for the heat gun, i do have one ... But I have no idea what you are getting at? I do want constructive criticism about my progress. I might know where you are going with the heat gun thing.(Chest core sides are kind of sticking out too far? Notice that when i put on the rib plates. Might not use enough heat to bend the sides. )If that's not it, then care to explain. I do want to know what i did wrong so i can learn from my mistakes.


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Looking awesome. As to the smoothcast 321, Air bubbles come mixing. Stir slowly and most of the bubbles will go away. No biggy :cool I hope you are on track it would be awesome to see this at Youmacon. :D


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Thanks for the info thorn. Now a small paint job update.

I still need to add a few details to chest plate and some touch up on the UNSC logo


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Paint used: Gunmetal metallic for the main color of the armor. Toreador red met is the red stripe, and flat black. Olympic white for the letters.

Watch Halo: Foward until dawn, it was awesome. Odst tattoo kind of cool might put this on my armor, if i could find a good image of it.

update: painted boot covers, and hip plates. Added more details to chest plate


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Hey! Awesome work Satsugai! (I've been away for a little while, just found out the 405th isn't sick and viral anymore ahah)

Your ODST looks just like mine! Except, better painted...and better sealed...and better shaped...and smoother...goddamn I'm jealous. Well done. Really, really well done!


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@ZMX Thanks, glad you like my armor. Reason why armor looks so good.. Research. I read as many odst build threads as i can before I started this build. Learn what they did, Try not to make the same mistakes they did. I did take 2 years of auto-body collision repair at KCTC, during High School. My favorite part of that class is painting. I kinda rush bondo stage of my armor since my deadline is coming up soon. You can hardly notice the imperfections, unless you know where it is.

BGM0536 Gunmetal Met(83 WA8915)
This is what i got from my Dupli-color can. Hope this helps you elettrozero


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I went ahead and brought the image from the ODST tatoo into photoshop, repositioned it and traced it out. Maybe you can use it.



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Love the way this is turning out. Question though as I don't think I saw it. What did you coat the outside of the hard armor parts with. Also in the future. try using Smooth Cast 65d. It is made specifically for roto casting. That should help ease the bubble issue.


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WOW. That's better than mine attempt at the Odst tattoo. I might be able to use this. Thanks carpathiavh99

@Drakon I coat the outside with Smooth 321 on the outside of my armor. And i use smooth cast 320 on the inside. (i got less bubbles now since i changing the stir speed down) I will look into Smooth cast 65d. Thanks for the info

Pics of hip plates and boot cover


great work.
maybe, just maybe, you could give it a better sanding, just a sugestion, i like it tho^^
and the hip-plates could use another coat?

no critics!
im actually impressed.

stiring speed does create less bubbles? got to try this one, thx

keep it up