Sean Anwalt's Mk V build

Sean Anwalt

405th Regiment Officer
The Shoes! Not attached yet, but the idea is there. How do you attach that front shield thingy to the rest of the boot?

Sean Anwalt

405th Regiment Officer
Pieces are attached to the shoes. I haven't painted them because I want to seal them, and before I seal them I want them to be in the right shape.

....K, the video isn't working. I'll just upload pictures. Hang on a sec...

Ok, there we go. As you can see (obviously missing one piece, but that's ok, it's just right here on the table:
my range of movement is unhindered. I did have to remove and reattach the back part at one point, but it's looking good for now!
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Sean Anwalt

405th Regiment Officer
Ok, here's a list of things I need to get done for my suit to be complete:

1: Finish the shin guards
Construction, sealing, painting.
2: figure out how to get the belt so I'm confident in sitting down with it.
3: finish the helmet restoration.
Bondo to fill, sand, affix bottom foam "gasket"
4: paint everything
Italian Sage green, black secondary.
5: detail paint everything
Tiny highlights, silver, etc... also place decals and stickers where necessary.
6: LED the appropriate places in legs, chest, and helmet. Install fans in helmet.
7: strap shins to thighs, thighs to belt, belt to suspenders. Also get some suspenders. Strap biceps to chest.
8: construct the undersuit.
9: Check for fit, test outside (rougher wear than indoors) and, I dunno, maybe go through a drive through with it? We'll see.
10: DONE

Sean Anwalt

405th Regiment Officer
I have finally reached the point where I can post a picture like this:


I'm stoked.

I'm also a little frustrated, a lot of these pieces don't look professional, which is what I'm going for. But I guess I can always rebuild the parts I don't like, so that's alright, then. Anyway, I'm excited. Next step, the totally forgotten knees! Haha