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ok this is going to be a work in progress I am making this up as I type it and its 11:07 so I will edit it and stuff over the next few days, tell me what you think

exact lines yet to be made

Main Characters (names will be given when part is casted)

ODST 1: Rifleman (Staff Sergeant)
ODST 2: Sniper (corporal)
ODST 3: Anti-Armor (private)
ODST 4: Medic/Rifleman (private 1st class)

ODST Armor:
Primary: Steel
Secondary: White
Primary/Secondary Emblem Color: Gold
Emblem: Hawk with sword (SSGT has SGT symbol)

Spartan: jack of all trades (petty officer 1st class)
Primary/Secondary: Olive
Emblem Primary/Secondary: Olive

Elite Ship Master:
Primary: Gold
Secondary: Tan
Emblem Primary/Secondary: gold

Elite Spec ops leader:
Primary: White
Secondary: White
Emblem both: white
(before death will be given a black mark of shame emblem)

Elite Spec Ops second in command:
Primary: Unknown
Secondary: Unknown
Emblem Colors: Unknown
Emblem: Uknown
(possibly sage for all of them)

Opening scene:

Map: Headlong
10 elites are fighting 8 ODST they are using covenant weapons and have a wraith maybe a ghost or two, while the ODSTs have a warthog or two, have to make it seem like there are more then 10 elites though, during the conflict half of the ODST squad is killed, and they escape in a warthog while the covenant follow in pursuit.

Map: Terminal
they must fight there way to the train station, but first they will hide out and we will find out a little about the squad members dead and alive, once all the history is out of the as I said they fight to get to the train station.

Map: Turf
After arriving at turf they will find a small HQ where the wounded are being taken care of, they will meet a Spartan who has new orders for them, they find the new orders are that they have been reassigned under the Spartans command and are to immediately follow in pursuit of the covenant scout ship that just attacked their planet before it can reach the rest of the covenant.

Map: Relic
Maybe get a cut scene from like the beginning of delta halo and edit, keyes & sarge out and do voice overs for the rest. Basically saying the squads mission is to take an island before the covenant can get their hands on it

the island has some important purpose not sure what yet, they will drop in via albatross but will get shot down by covenant that were already on the island. They find out the island hold a map to a store of covenant technology that could make the war impossible to win if found by the covenant but could turn the tides for the humans.

Map: Gemini & Midship
At this point Squad 12 is on the covenant radar and a threat to all the covenant planning to this point The Elite ship master who is on Gemini orders the spec ops leader to take care of the humans, and orders some other random ship master to destroy the planet the scout ship discovered.

Map switched to midship where Spec Op Leader tells his second in command of the orders where they assemble a squad of 4 that are the covenant counter parts to the ODST squad

It will consist of
Spec ops Leader
Spec Ops second in command
Random black elite 1
Random black elite 2

Map: Elongation
Squad 12 has been retrieved and their ship is about to go warn the planet of the incoming covenant ship when they are borded, the covie spec ops team will bored and have a close range fire fight killing the two random elites and injuring the spec ops leader who orders a retreat…however the squad finds that the Sarge has been severely injured, the medic tries to help him however is unable to help, Spartan then takes command of Squad 12, who will be ordered to find the Forunner tech stash while the ship goes to help the planet

Map: Unknown
Squad 12 is now back on the Halo but without support and only the map to guide them, the Spec Ops Leader will be killed by the ship master for is failure then retreat. The second in command will take over and get control over some blue elites to hunt the humans, while the ship master goes to head them off at the tech stash with some guards of his own.

The 3 ODST will stay behind to fight the spec op and his men while the Spartan goes to the tech stash where he easily kills the body guards The final fight begins while the ODSTs of squad 12 fight the spec ops the Spartan has a 1 vs. 1 match against the elite ship master who will tell of the planets destruction and will say how we wont win the war no matter what happens here.

Scene changes to the HQ back on turf which will be surrounded by explosions and all in side being over run and slaughtered by elites over this will be the elite ship master talking about what I said before.
The Spartan will then pick up a Forunner weapon and kill the elite and return to a warn out but safe squad 12 who just defeated the spec ops team and are ready to leave and get the Forunner weapons and tech back to the planet. However the ship is not there to pick them up.

What happens after that I am unsure, could end it slightly before and that could be it or you could finish that and leave room for a sequel.

Open to suggestions this in once again only a rough draft

ok I posted this last night on my clan site and made some extrmely slight development after that, but I am going to need people for this once it gets to the point where I get exact lines done

ignoring that what do you all think so far?
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