The Xbox One. Opinions? Worth buying???

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1. The cloak could either be to hide damaged armour, a lessor form of camo for the desert or just to hide that it MIGHT NOT be the Master Chief.. There are other surviving Spartans and that armor is standard issue... And all the data chips were the same... The chiefs just had Cortana in it :p
2. We'll find out later on :)
3. The covenant we were fighting was the Storm covenant, a rogue faction away from whats left of the remaining covenant, if any. Key word being "Rogue faction" confirmed by Cortana in Halo 4.

My answers :)
And yes i will always still with the xbox even if its just for Halo, too much of a fan.
-Kinect is included with all models and only works like the current one does, it is a voice and motion control system; it is against the law for it to 'monitor' you.

Haha, just because it's illegal doesn't mean it isn't absolutely impossible to do so. In fact, everything that's technically possible will be done. And well, it isn't illegal for the US governement, or maybe it is, but they just don't care, did you hear about the latest prism issue?

(first, it's so amazing to see this dull grey forum back online :D )

"That escalated quickly" (where is that pic when I need it?)

Here it is ;)

Microsoft just blew it. Looks like Sony made a perfect console gor gamers and Microsoft a perfect console for the gaming industry. But they still have 5 months to fix it, what they really need to fix is the price! Yeah, I know, XBO comes with Kinect, and that's probably why it's 100$ more expensive, and that's the whole problem. Many gamers just don't want Kinect, so why should they spend a hundred bucks more fore a feature they don't want?

Well, in fact, I just preordered the PS4 a few hours ago, so I have a console at home when Destiny comes out at the end of the year :)

As for Halo 5, well, I really don't know what to do, I really don't want to support such a restricted console, I guess I maybe get a cheap used one when the next Halo game comes out. (that will probably be fall 2014) because I don't want to lose my favourite franchise. Maybe the XBO gets hacked really soon after the release, if that happens, I'd consider buying one where you can run a CFW that allows you to turn of Kinect and other annoying things. As a fact, with the online DRM-system you don't possess the games anymore, with a disc-based DRM you keep property of your games forever. For example, what if you want to play Halo 5 30 years from now, and you can't because MS decided to shut down their servers, or maybe Microsoft doesn't even exist anymore.

As for the chief in the cloak, I think you shouldn't interpret to much in that short clip, they maybe just put him in the cloak so you don't recognize him immediately when watching the teaser-video.
I will be buying the Xbox One for the following reasons:

1. The Games
2. The Community
3. The Features
4. The Games
5. The Games
6. The Halo
7. The Games

What people fail to realize is that the Xbox One is honestly an EXCELLENT console. Yeah, all of these things about DRM, Used Games, Kinect(spying) and of course, the price tag. If you'd look past these small hindrances and take notice as to what Microsoft is doing that is a positive, you'd see that it outweighs the negative prodigiously.

1. Microsoft is pumping over 1 BILLION DOLLARS into xbox games.
2. Kinect Voice commands. How many times has your controller been half way across the room and you wanted to watch/pause a movie of some sort? Facilitates life a bit more.
3. Exclusives. If you noticed at Microsoft's E3 show almost ALL of the games featured were xbox exclusives whereas Sony had almost none(and no, The Division and KH3 are NOT PS4 exclusives).
4. I swear to you it's Gamercentric. With Twitch TV and other features integrated with the Xbox a gamer who wants too become known (or just for fun) can stream live gameplay, edit, cut, and add commentary to in game footage without ANY outside equipment. It's all included and made possible by Kinect.
5. With Gaming, Gamers sometimes get bored or need a break from gaming and just want to sit down and relax. With TV integration, that's possible with little to no work required.
6. Xbox Live/One users receive 2 free games PER MONTH. I'm about good, renown games, starting off with Assassins Creed 2 and Halo 3. Now who doesn't like free things?

On a side note, for those of you who are EXCITED for Destiny, it'll require an always on connection. Yep, that's right ALWAYS on. Will you go to their website and rant?
Another note, Playstation Plus will cost 50$ a year. That's right, no more free online play. You will be paying 10$ less than Xbox players and receive significantly less features than them as well.

But one thing i really am happy about is nobody here called the New Xbox neither a "Dead Box" nor "Xbox Last One".:)
-Kinect is included with all models and only works like the current one does, it is a voice and motion control system; it is against the law for it to 'monitor' you.

Try telling the governments of the small back water world of ours.

But I am in totally agreement this whole crap about no used copies is so stupid, it is just one of my reasons why I'm not going back to MS for gaming. Don't get me wrong Halo rocks but I'm not going back unless there are major changes before launch.
I don't understand why people are getting so ruffled over XB drm vs Sony drm. Both companies have said they are putting DRM in the hands of the third party publishers. Xbox has a system that allows third party developers the option to block used games if they want, Sony is leaving the door open for third party developers to implement their own systems to block the resale of games via online passes, activation codes, or whatever else developers can think of. Sony in particular has a very bad track record with drming their customers without letting them know:

So it's sort of weird to wear a tin-foil hat for the xbox but not the ps4. While xb1 has the system in place at a console level, ps4 lets devs create whatever they want, and you could very well see what happened to the android market versus the iphone market. One is heavily regulated on a system level and results in a strict level of compatibility, the other lets devs run free, and results in a less restrictive market with a lot of compatibility problems.

At the end of the day neither company is actively forcing or stopping third party developers from blocking the use of used games, and I doubt much will differ from the way they are now (online passes to impede resale are not a new thing, especially to Activision)

The two big differences really are price and onlineability:
Either way you're out over 400 dollars, it's sort of odd to nitpick a little bit more beyond that, and a lot of the ps4 bundles come with the Eye which push it to 460. It's sucks for Microsoft to force the Kinect on people, but in a year both systems will no doubt be 250 anyways in Slim 1tb hdd models. They wouldn't be bundling the Kinect if it wasn't such a well selling item (Sadly, core gamers don't make up the market majority anymore, so I am sure a lot of people are very excited to pay the extra 100$, same as when xblive increased their fee from 50$ to 60$ to fund a deal with ESPN and Facebook)
The 24 hour check-ins are the biggest irk to me, it shafts active duty officers, or people who can't afford high end always-on internet as well as treating all customers like criminals. Microsoft's stance of "#getwiththetimes" is flippant, it's not for them to decide. However, as a primarily PC gaming person, I sort of get apathetic and complacent in accepting these things which are pretty standard in most modern big title PC games. Developers are in this mindset that no one wants to play single player games anymore, and assume everyone only plays multiplayer ever, so they can unlock "Teabagged 30 enemies" badges on facespace or whatever.

The only issue that matters to me are games. Xb1 has Titanfall which I am very excited for, and Ps4 has Destiny which I am also excited for. Halo4 made sure I had little interest in future Halo games, I'm siding with Bungie over 343. So when the systems come down in price and those games are available, I'll probably end up buying both, ps4 with the first paycheck.

PS2 proved people will pay a premium for a good system (100-150 more than the dreamcast), the PS3 proved people will NOT pay a premium for a good system (100-200 more than x360), the console wars will forever be a crossfire of people using underpowered systems to play games at lower graphics settings than a half-decent computer can, and defending their individual systems as if imbued with a holy fire. Because we all know there are NEVER pc gaming holy wars (NVidia/amd, intel/amd, mac/pc, desktop/laptop)

That's my stance, and in a week I am sure the entire world will have forgotten everything and just end up buying both systems so they can keep running the latest CoD game TWO TIMES AS MUCHES at least until the next game comes out in nine months. Sort of like all of the reasons we had before to NEVER buy such and such system (ps3 hackings, rrod, bsod, gsod(mac), no rumble packs in ds3 controllers). People tend to get up in arms for the first week or two, and then completely forget it and buy everything anyways.
Personally as much as i like the shiny new PS4 i am still going to buy the Xboxone. But i'm not going to buy it at launch either.

I've been watching the events of the last few weeks with interest and i am waiting for Microsoft to start backtracking on some of the issues.
None of them are actually going to stop me from buying the console but there little things that i could do without as they would bug me.

If they had the option of not having the camera i would take it since the thing will be of little to no use to me as i don't have the floor space to use it. The blueray player will come in handy as i'm one of these weirdos that still likes to have a hard copy of things and will make me start buying blueray dics.
I'm not going to buy either system at launch, to start. I want to scope out how the X1 and the PS4 are with my friends, family, ect. Before I buy one myself, especially considering the price tag and that I'm just a high school freshman with no job or way of making money :p (and all my money's spent on more important things anyway- armor building!). Right now, I'm still as happy as could be play playing halo 4, and, hell, even reach some days, I don't really care to upgrade my system now. Maybe next year when halo 5 launches, things will change, but for now, I choose neither. No xbox1 or ps4 for me. My xbox I have now is basically a halo-box, the only games I play on it are halo. So halo 5 will be the deciding factor in weather or not I someday get a X1. Maybe H5 will eventually come out on 360 if MS realizes how many people will probably continue to play it. But as many have said in this thread, only time will tell...
Still very hesitant about the X1. Not really all that keen on a SportsTVBox None that's running a worse version of Win8 with KinectSpy and superheavy DRM. The 24hr 'check-in' hasn't won me over either - I don't spend a lot of time online at all anyway, and am very much an offline player.
Not to mention how ridiculously overpriced everything is in Australia - what might be US$500 is upwards of AU$560.

Might look at getting one a couple of years on from now, when the prices have dropped, and more games are out (and on sale).
Katsu brings up a very good point.

Sony in fact did try to implement a drm system, and patent that nit.

So nobody's innocent here... I guess? Still, ps4 sounds like a better deal as of now. I like how they aren't being compete scumbags about how they are doing things.

Like many if you here, I'm not getting a new console for a while. I just stocked up on 360 games like Mass Effect ( which I bought each volume for a whopping 10 bucks! ) to catch up on games I missed out. gonna stock with 360 for a while as you can tell, or just get a PC and do more.

The only problem for me with having a pc is quality. Sure I could have a kick ass pc and run circles around consoles but I like my pc as a utility tool and game box a separate entity. Even with my current 1000 dollar computer I still like console gaming.
just to say that im a long time gamer and have owned most if not all the top consoles and two or three gaming pc's, so here's my thoughts on this matter.

ill be getting the PS4. i dont feel Microsoft are really listening to us as consumers anymore, they just tell us what we are doing and shape the market as they see fit.
They are pushing a lot of things in the xbox 1 that the ps3 did a long time ago like the tv stuff, home media and have finally had to give in and put blu ray in there console.

Microsoft still have the better online service (if you have gold) but sony is getting there now, they also have the best pads, but people are saying the new sony pad feels a lot better. ive had both xboxs on release even queuing at midnight to get my 360, so im a bit sad that im not hyped up for its release.

dose anyone else feel that microsoft are doing a poor job of selling this console or is it just me? it feels a bit like there just saying we are the best, we sell the most, take it or leave it.
most of what they are doing benefits the developers and not really the gamers eg making us buy kinect, DRM, 24 login.
we all no it will be a really good console but Sony just seem to be on it and have the people behind them this time. ether way the xbox will do ok due to kids and fanboys.
You should refresh your talking points. Your depiction of the new XBOX is fallacious. Btw, if privacy was a concern for you, opting to buy the PS4 would be hypocritical of you considering the PS network was hacked a year ago and millions of people's accounts were potentially at risk. The Kinect system can't see through walls, just cover it up if you think the NSA is watching you. Watching you what, play games? Just don't go build any bombs in your living room. Everyone knows to do that in the basement. The XBOX One doesn't have to be on 24/7, it won't stop working if you unplug it, but the daily update is to ensure games that are designed to be continuous will be just that. There are features like having a "ghost" avatar play your games for you while you're out. Many games have ever-evolving worlds that constantly change, thus a daily update is needed. If you want a brick that just plays games, there will be a cheaper albeit less-capable version for the casual experience. I always buy both systems when they are released, as I did with the 360 and PS3. My PS3 has collected dust for the past 3 or 4 years because the developers Sony acquires really suck compared to some of Microsoft's exclusive developer licenses. Yes, Bungie will be releasing their new game on the PS4, but they don't make Halo anymore, so... We'll just have to wait and see. I'm excited about both, but I reserved my XBOX One first.
what if one lives in the basement and plays games there as theres too many windows and glare upstairs?

Also if the kinect bothers you do what i do leave it unplugged and if you feel that its watching you have some fun with it,

for example if you feel that its watching you while you are in " happy time " look at the kinect and lick your lips and say this is for you

Or just burst out into dance
Zero Prime summed up most of what I had to say. The Xbox one and PS4 are parallel machines with almost identical hardware stats. Microsoft actually had the balls to release ALL the information on it while all we know about the PS4 is what has been shown at E3 and the announcement. All the kinect ******** can be turned off, and all of the good games coming will be on both consoles, except for a few amazing exclusives, such as the one and only Halo series. From what Ive seen the majority of people who dis the One are simply submitting themselves to the public opinion. Yes, some of the facts about it are ridiculous, but Microsoft IS aware of the reactions and still has a good 4 months to make changes to the console. From what Ive seen, bashing them isn't any incentive to try and have them fix the problem. I don't know about you, but I don't listen to the whiny kids when making something for them, I listen to the smart one who puts forward good ideas.
I will be be buying both consoles. However most games I will buy for the ps4 since it will be cheaper financially to due so. I have always been a Xbox fan boy if you will. I feel all their consoles have been better gaming experiences than playstation. While i think that trend will continue they have erred by locking games to a gamer tag. My wife and I have separate online identities or gamer tags. I should not have to pay more than the cost of a game just so we can each continue to use our separate identities. That pretty much is my only complaint with the new console. If Microsoft changed thier stance on the used games I believe they would continue to dominate over the game market due to their Online services, game extras and so forth that have made them so successful.
Ok, here we go.

I bought a Xbox 360 to play Halo 3. I loved Halo 3:ODST and Reach was decent, but I hated every second of Halo 4. So buying a Xbox One for Halo 5, not a chance. I know a lot of people have different opinions about 343 and if they are the right studio for Halo, but personally I think they just miss so many of they key points of what makes a Halo game.

But back to the Xbox One. Microsoft have shown that they don't care one bit about their consumers. The Xbox One is purely designed to squeeze every last dollar from your wallet. So I don't want to support that kind of business practice. I'm primarily a PC gamer and I only play on consoles for exclusives. No game can make me want to buy an Xbox One. Not even half the features that comes with it will be available in my country. Having to verify our games online every 24 hours just yells even more anti-consumer because Microsoft only sees us as a bunch of pirates who buy used games instead of a new one. I think Sony have the much better platform for gamers. Here's why I'm going to get a PS4.

No DRM on first party titles - Other publishers can choose to include DRM as they desire. So hate them, not Sony.

Self-Publishing support - As an aspiring game developer I love the fact that I can put a game out on Ps4 without the help of a publisher. For the Xbox One you can't publish your games by yourself. You need to be backed up by someone like Microsoft Studios or Activision. When Microsoft said at E3 "Xbox One is the best platform for indie games" and preceded to show Minecraft. That like saying "We only love indie games that makes us money".

Playstation Pluss - I have always felt ripped off by Xbox Live Gold. You pay 10$ a month to just play online and get heavily bombarded with advertisements everywhere. They announced at E3 that you will now get 2 free games a month with Xbox Live Gold. They part they didn't tell you is that they're only free for a month. Next month there is a new set of 2 games and you have to buy the 2 old ones from the previous month. so they use the free game system to promote games and hopefully sell them to you after you have had them for "free". With Playstation Pluss you keep all the free games in your library as long as you have a subscription. So you get almost permanent free games, beta access to new games, discounts, awesome server quality etc. For 5$ less you get a ton more. I have almost never experienced they problem with host migration on my Ps3. I tried to play a few games of Halo Reach a few weeks ago and had to sit and wait for 5 minutes almost every game because the host was migrating.

The only Xbox related item I may purchase this year is the controller for the Xbox One, which I will use for my PC.

I know this is a long rant, but I feel like I had to put it out there.

I can see that people have very different opinions here about Xbox One and PS4. I have read many articles on both systems and the technical specs between the two are almost exactly the same. Both are using AMD 8 core processors, have 8 GB of ram, both have some form of motion/voice add-on, both have integrated graphic processors into their cpu's. The one thing we have to keep in mind is both systems are not released yet and there is a lot of time for things to change. I too got caught up in all the hatred when I read that the XBox One has to touch the internet once every 24 hours or you can't play any games, or that games will be licensed to you and your friends can't borrow them unless they are on your friends list and for more than 30 days and adds issues to selling old games.

I decided to say "Ok, that’s what it is now, I am not happy with it but let see what happens in the next couple of months. Maybe something will change or maybe they will clarify some misinformation."

Have I decided? No not really. Will I buy one of them when they are released? Probably not, I like to wait 6 moths to a year before I buy something like that for the companies to work out the bugs. There are always bugs.
Update to whomever isn't up to date.

Microsoft is trying to fix things, but only if it's out of their intentions.

Some news:

Game trading is possible but only with one person
Kinect isn't "always on"anymore but still is plugged in and required with every system
You aren't always online, but certain games will make you stay on
Note with the online thing, rural, military, and low internet users are still screwed.

verdict with the users who commented here : WILL WAIT
Not that I'll have the money to buy any of the new systems, but personal choice at this point would be to go PS4.
Microsoft just rowed back:

So here are the recent changes:

"So, today I am announcing the following changes to Xbox One and how you can play, share, lend, and resell your games exactly as you do today on Xbox 360. Here is what that means:

  • An internet connection will not be required to play offline Xbox One games – After a one-time system set-up with a new Xbox One, you can play any disc based game without ever connecting online again. There is no 24 hour connection requirement and you can take your Xbox One anywhere you want and play your games, just like on Xbox 360.

  • Trade-in, lend, resell, gift, and rent disc based games just like you do today – There will be no limitations to using and sharing games, it will work just as it does today on Xbox 360."

Well, there's still Kinect that has to be plugged in and the rather expensive price (I know it's because of Kinect that comes with it), well, at least the console will survive, but I'm not convinced yet, I'll probably get it when Halo 5 is released, but not a day sooner.
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