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Side project update which is tangentially related because Halo Reach and I'll be making two of these.

Who likes buckets? Schankerz does! That's one person at least so it's definitely worth a post.

Here's a Halo Reach Mark V (B) CNM Variant based on a mix of in game models and concept drawings. I elected to do a mix of smooth real world curves and sharp angles that appear on the Reach in-game model.


Helmet_Front.png Helmet_Side.png images.jpg MarkVBPNG.png

Everything to do with the model was built in Fusion 360 and then the final preps were done in Meshmixer to make the final forms wearable and watertight for printing. I wanted to do a time lapse video of the modeling process but some sections were really fiddly and redone two or three times which doesn't make for good video since I'd rather folks not potentially learn some of my bad habits. Instead you get a picture play by play!

For helmets/objects that have low-poly versions in The Armory I use the base .obj to build up a rough form along with attached canvases in various views to check the shape matches the form of the in game model. Base objects that I use are Quadballs in the Fusion 360 Sculpt workspace and through adjusting vertexes and edges I can press and pull into a roughly shaped potato. This T-Spline potato is converted to a BRep potato to be worked on in the Model workspace.

Using the roughly shaped digital potatoes I can either add or subtract material and start defining features. The usual workflow is to create a construction plane, sketch and then extrude the bodies to make things look really cool. For some objects setting up "rails" as guides to build a sweep cut is the best way to get a nice smooth section. For this helmet everything was mirror symmetric across the center which meant that there was the easy approach of only cleaning up one half of the helmet and then creating a mirror object, combining and exporting a "finished" .stl file to take to Meshmixer.
2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png

In Meshmixer first we take the solid bucket form and use the Hollow command, set the desired wall thickness of the finished helmet and wait while the CPU cries computing ~900k triangles (I totally exported everything in highest possible resolution because lol). From there we have basically a giant water balloon with a big cavernous center, cue a neck-like shape to split the balloon open. Using Boolean Difference the two shapes are combined creating a nice smooth form to slide your head into.
6.png 8.png

And there you have it, a big ol' fancy bucket.
Mark V (B) Helmet v70 1.png
Mark V (B) Helmet v70 2.png
Mark V (B) Helmet v70 4.png
Mark V (B) Helmet v70 5.png
Mark V (B) Helmet v70 7.png
Mark V (B) Helmet v70 3.png

Now to print two of these, one for Schankerz and one for me to have helmet options for my Spartan III. Printing and painting updates to come.


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Because I like you guys a lot and this is post #1000 for me I want to give you all a giant gorram photo dump that you're going to hate that you have to scroll through. No thumbnails, only full images in glorious resolution.

I was contemplating what this milestone post would be for a while since I've been on the forums for almost three years, active for two and a bit and in that time I've covered a lot of ground and made a lot of things which put a highlight reel kind of even more cumbersome. A link dump could have been fun but you know me and how I hide hyperlinks to random stuff in posts. I've shared most everything with you, there is a few commission builds I've missed in the process but hey, things happen and who cares about that non-Halo stuff anyway. In this time on the forum I have gone from complete costume noob to passable cosplay potato. I've attended cons, run cosplay centered panels, I've made things. In the middle of this paragraph I decided to go make a coffee and put what's happened in that time frame on a single spreadsheet.

Long story short, you guys are awesome but there's quite the noticeable jump in the level of actual productive stuff I do with my life, I've become more social and I can't thank you enough. I watched, learned and then jumped in feet first and now this is my home on the internet where I can talk with some of the coolest folks around. I've only met a handful of you in person but I consider many of you very close friends.

Dear 405th, you've made me a better person and have pushed me to work hard on improving a whole slew of skills that I'd never go near otherwise. Thank you.

Have some cool photos as a basic attempt at repayment. Photographer links are after each set. Maybe these will help show what I've learned in foamsmithing, sewing, 3D modelling and thermoplastics.


Itoko Photography



Hanamaru Photography

Anime-r Photo.jpg

Anime-r Photo


Jeremy Ferland Photography

Kuna Photography.jpg

Kuna Photography Group


CYWH Photography

Bluebusman Productions

I hope this qualifies as a good thousandth post. Here's to a whole bunch more and even more memes. Fireteam Off the Rails, you can have this thread back now.


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Even if the baker is cute.....


Well...it was obvious before but even more so now...DD has no soul, just a void of darkness and non-fun-ness, which is weird because his alter ego Outlet Man is such a ray of sunshine

Shout out to Outlet Man.
Absolutely smashing build, top quality photography. Great post. I am jealous of your shotgun, lt looks fantastic! Good 1000th post, sir. Carry on.

We'll see you at your 2000th post!

Guess I'll have to chase Outlet Man on his post count.

I must say such a touching post with amazing pictures never thought I would see such meaningful paragraphs on the 405th

There's a bunch of meaningful posts on the 405th, you just have to dig through all the helpful information and John Candy gifs.

Great post and photos. Very inspirational!

I can only take credit for the post, if you want to thank the photographers I highly recommend checking out the links I've added for them.

Those are some great photos!

Glad to have gotten to know you online and I'm looking forward to gaming in person with you in a couple weeks!

The gaming part is going to be pretty funny, I'm pretty out of practice at anything videogame related aside from BotW...


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I like how you wrote the word "Butt" on your behind for clarification. I was having trouble figuring out what that was. It could have been you face, maybe?

Nah, im just messing. Must have sucked standing in that duct tape cocoon for so long. Hope all goes well!

EDIT: I just realized I posted on pg 6 or something. My bad. I guess im late to the party. Where have I been?