What does your 405th username mean?

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Hello 405th,

I have recently had this inquiry of many of unusual screen names, and wanted to know what they meant. Even me myself has an abnormal sounding username.

I will go first: So Cross Fade was one of my favorite bands at the time of me joining up, and i liked it so much, that it was my xbl gt and is currently my deviant art screen name. The Xx's were just for visual flare just thrown to make it look pretty. Same with my current xbl gt. So please, tell all of us what goes on when you are thinking of a screen name.
Peace out,
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My tag/nick/username is always Darkrider9. I made the name when I was pretty young and at that time I was obsessed with Lord of the Rings. Being a young kid I couldn't really read the books so all I did was watch the first movie (only one that was out at the time) over and over. I always thought the Nazgul were cool, and in the first movie they were often referred to as the "dark riders" or "black riders" so I chose Darkrider, and the "9" because there are 9 Nazgul.


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as in a quick rundown, tutorial,...
in gaming: driving over everything :$


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Mine...lol, I had a roommate/goodfriend in college who was african american who also reminded me of dracula. He dressed sharp and got a lot of girls. Hence the name BLACKULA. I liked the name and I used it on XBOX live and other stuff....lol. 727 for my area code & Skate crew back in the day.

My username was made years ago back when neopets was cool and not owned by nick. I was at school and my mom was making me another account and put my nickname (mitch) and used one of the suggestions. It stuck with me through out the years and is used on everything.


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mine is my xbox live gamertag shortened. I was kinda a loner so my friends nicknamed me black heart (like on Ghost rider) so i wanted that to be my GT but it was taken, So i went with Darkheart, that was taken too. So I looked at the time 7:48. So now its my everything account name. Darkheart748-Dh748 (and D748 for my call on Reach) you get all me if you look up Dh748 :p XD


One night game long ago I was able to sneak around like the wind's shadow, you may have caught a glimpse of me or heard me, but there was no way you were going to catch me. I've lost some skill since then.


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Roxy = my real name
Roo = a nick name tag that my 8th grade home room teacher called me. I loved it so much it made me squeek with delight; it reminded me of Roo from Winnie the Pooh (who was my favorite character in my childhood). Years later, I used it for my Deviantart account, and from then on, almost every other account.

When I got my Xbox Live account, it was taken though. It made me sad. T.T


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I've been going as Syko/Psycho for a long time now, going back to my first deployment to Iraq... Since everyone has taken Psycho for a tag/nickname what not, I started using Syko.

Postal Recon

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Saw it somewhere while playing Counter Strike (not source, the O.G.)
Just liked it, original. I play most all games with that s.n.
Or i use Lancebringer.
I started a WoW accoutn when WoW first came out (the good wow)
I wanted Lancelot, but couldnt.
I wanted Lightbringer. But couldnt...
my dad said..
why not Lancebringer?
Stuck. had it ever since...
I know its not 405th, but i use it on the MR2OC.com (MR2 owners club)


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ForsakEnd came from a dark time in my life when everything went wrong I felt forsaken and wanted it to end so I added a D and emphasized the letter E,but its old and I dont use it anymore.
My new SN I use is TripNine its my day of birth and class year also my lucky number tripled.

Sometimes I'll sign 9's like this in artwork



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spartan X360

Spartan --> obviously halo :p

X360 --> XBox 360, my first xbox (and i purely bought it for halo)

i had a previous nickname: kakjoe (is my gamertag)
that one originated differently

i had to choose a gamertag, but everything i entered was taken:p so i became mad i typed f*kyou
that was also taken, so i put a dutch word --> kak --> sh*t in dutch

and thats how i created kakjoe :p


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Thorn... came from a picture of a rose dripping blood from a thorn that I seen back in the mid 70's. I've been using it since I put the phone in it's cradle on the very first deck-writer I ever used. But alas there seem to be allot of people using it now so when I left the Marines I added the 696 to it.

696.....6th place with 96.... 69 confirm 6th. Yah that number just keeps bouncing around my former path, so I now use it as a reminder to myself that I'm not the only 1.

So that how I came up with the Thorn696.

Other call-signs and or nick names from over the years. Orion, Joker, Swat, Action hero, Agent and Sargent slaughterer (there's a pro hockey team that calls me the last one, funny as all H**l) I'm sure that there allot of names others call me but these are the one I know of that are clean enuff to post here and/or that I have used myself.

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Mines fairly simple.
Sierra = S in the fanatic alphabet.
S = Spartan.
091 - My own Spartan's number, and also the derived from my date of birth.
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