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Where do I get Clay, Silicon, Plastic, FaceShields etc

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Adam, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. rowan

    rowan Well-Known Member

    I thought the same, i ended up with a crap load of medium clay wishing i had soft...
    If your unsure, just order one block of the soft stuff, if your not happy with it, its not a costly mistake :)
  2. rachciav

    rachciav Well-Known Member

    true that. and you can you mix clays, like soft and medium, different brands etc? i was considering buying a little of each then seeing which i liked best but i thought that might be a huge waste of money. oh and thanks for the answers, they're really helpful :D
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  3. rowan

    rowan Well-Known Member

    you mean mixing soft and medium to get something in between? I have no idea, my first guess would be no, but I've never tried it.
    you can use any mix of brands on the same sculpture, but it would probably be easier going with the same consistency for everything.
    also, you don't need to bother with more expensive brands like chavant NSP, there only more expensive because its a brand name of clay, go for the cheaper stuff and save some money :)
  4. rachciav

    rachciav Well-Known Member

    yea i figured the soft and medium thing would be an epic fail. if the different rands can be mixed i might just buy alittle of each.
  5. rowan

    rowan Well-Known Member

    Buy one at a time, find one you like to work with, then stick with it.
  6. rachciav

    rachciav Well-Known Member

    yea i think i might buy klean klay to start out with. its the cheapest.
  7. doomday17

    doomday17 New Member

    Please help me i need to know what are the best material for my armor and plz tell what sort of paper i should use to make my base
  8. bankz5152

    bankz5152 Jr Member


    I want create my first cast in order to make a strong model of the M6C SOCOM that I could fit an airsoft M9 inside. The plan was to make the 'outer cast' then make the general shape of the M9 inside the cast to ensure a solid fix and hold.

    Im not sure on what to use. I was going to make the master from a fibreglassed pep model. What would you all suggest me using?

    As for the details aspect id be adding it at the end on the final model.

    Just to add to things I found this which I though might be good to start a 'base coat' per say.



  9. halopenguin

    halopenguin Jr Member

    thx all i could find was expensive stuff
  10. 1swimmerman

    1swimmerman New Member

    Hello first of all thanks for all the great posts, they helped alot! but i was wondering where I could get a manequin head for my molding and if possible a full body manequin or anything that works instead of that. Thanks for all the help ;)
  11. Squid Squires

    Squid Squires Jr Member

    Quick Lesson in Clay

    Best clay for a retaining wall is WED clay, its much the same as wet clay however it has glycerin in it so it wont crack and go all to hell on you if your making a silicone mold and joy of joy when taking it off to make your second half it come off almost perfectly with a wet sponge. For sculpting parts and pieces if your making a silicone mold the bestest ever is Chivant/NSP/Non-Sulfur clay. Sulfur is BAD for silicone t inhibits the curing agents which makes babies cry.... and mold makers, Unless the silicone your using is GI-1000, that will set up against anything and is more forgiving with mix ratios than smooth on products, down side its not cheep. But yes, back to clay, a Medium non sulfur clay is excellent, as long as you have patients, sculpting tools and know how to walk away and look at your sculpt with new eyes later. Oh and unlike other clays non sulfur clays can be worked to a point where they're almost reflective, all you need is good tools, 99% alcohol, some sponges and a small butane torch can be a best friend too. And thats my two cents on clay. And in Canada the best places I know to order said supplies from are



  12. IceBack

    IceBack New Member

    Clay: BITY Mold Supply

    All the Clays we carry are Non-Sulfur Based Clays.

    We carry Chavant NSP, Le Beau Touche, Klean Klay (Cheap Oil Based clay in slabs ready for mold walls), White Modeling Clay, and TexClay (a clay/wax combination)

    Plastic/Resin: BITY Mold Supply

    Full line of Polyurethane Resins/Liquid Plastics.

    The EasyFlo (EzFlo) Series is are the most common Resins.

    Rubber: BITY Mold Supply

    Full line of Silicone and Urethane Rubbers

    Foam: BITY Mold Supply

    BITY Mold Supply also known as Brick in the Yard Mold Supply

    521 Sterling Drive

    Richardson Texas 75081





  13. Crimsonblod

    Crimsonblod New Member

    Clay/Tool/Silicon Links

    Clay: Chavant Modeling Clay|$94.65| Soft 30 lbs


    Klean Klay |$80| Soft 50 lbs (Bottom Right)------------------Best Choice?

    Silicon:|$30| Poly 74-24 4 lbs

    -The following are tools-

    Calipers:|$14| 12" (Bottom Right Corner)

    Carving Tools:|$18.00| Stainless Steel Carving Set (Bottom of page)

    Shaping Tools:|$14.75| Kemper D Tools (Middle of page)

    Dental Picks: |$7.95| Stainless Steel Dental Picks (Bottom of page)

    I just spent the evening browsing for what I need to start my helmet. All of this seems to be rather inexpensive. Is any of this a good idea to use?
  14. Cameronator13

    Cameronator13 New Member

    How to

    I'm fairly new to armor building, and if ben looking at diffrent ways to build it. Could sombody please reply on the best way to build it.

    Pepakura, Molding or the one I thought of carving the shape of the armor pices, then covering it with resin.

    Please reply.
  15. jtr7227

    jtr7227 New Member

    hey wat else can u use for making molds besides smooth-on because i cant aford that
  16. Chantelle

    Chantelle Jr Member

    I can't speak for overseas, but here in Australia you can find cheap (or even free) faceshields and visors on eBay, Gumtree, and from motorcycle groups.

    I've had a few free helmet visors from my local motorcycle club because they'd snapped one of the snap fasteners that connects it to the helmet. Since I only ever want a visor to be inside a helmet, it works perfectly for me!
  17. Terrag Shugo

    Terrag Shugo Jr Member

    I've spent a lot of time looking over all of these sites. Interesting stuff. My problem is that, lol and I guess it's not really a problem but it seems like it, is that I live in Ohio. So pretty much everything on this list here, I need to have shipped. I've also seen plenty of other sites, locations and companies mentioned that all require shipping due to being no where near my part of the country.
    I have however managed to find a place near my home that has comparable products. http://www.monstermakers.com/

    If you live in Ohio, or the Cleveland area, these guys carry most of what we need to sculpt, mold and cast. Bonus if you can drive there and pick it up. I've dropped by there this week and bought $150.00 in products that would have easily cost me twice that to have Smoothon ship. Check the site, they have a ton of stuff.
    By the way, I don't work there, am not involved with them in anyway..I'm just trying to help my fellow 405th in the Ohio area save some dough.
  18. Kommissar

    Kommissar Jr Member

    alot of these links are dead,
    those that do work however are helpful
  19. Roadwarrior

    Roadwarrior Well-Known Member

  20. DANKRISER139

    DANKRISER139 New Member

    Most excellent thanks 4 the links...they help to see what we are going to work with....word
  21. BLACKULA727

    BLACKULA727 Well-Known Member

    Quick question to all the clay sculptors out there. I am planning on ordering a 50lb box of Klean Klay to use in an upcoming sculpt. However, I was curious on what Hardness I should use. It comes in three different firmnesses; Regular, Firm, & extra Firm. Lok forward to your advice.


    -Tony (BLACKUAL727)
  22. Brandon McClain

    Brandon McClain

    I would go with firm or extra firm. Personally I use chavant nsp at a medium or hard. The soft is just much too soft.
  23. BLACKULA727

    BLACKULA727 Well-Known Member

    Thank you Brandon, I appreciate the help.
  24. Roadwarrior

    Roadwarrior Well-Known Member

    I used Chavant NSP Medium for my Mk V helmet, you'll need a heating box to soften it for massing out the shape. you can also use a hair dryer to soften the clay when working it on form.

    Just general information.
  25. kingxanose

    kingxanose New Member

    I was wondering if any of you would beable to help me find a nice low price for making a Custom Spartan armor for use in sparring and Air soft fights.

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