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Where do I get Clay, Silicon, Plastic, FaceShields etc

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Adam, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. B1TMAP

    B1TMAP Jr Member

    Hey, does anyone here use soap stone for a material to carve masters out of?
  2. Ghoster

    Ghoster New Member

    Thank you Adam, now I think I can actually get started on somthing and think I know what im dooing xD
  3. HallowedKhaos013

    HallowedKhaos013 New Member

    Thank you i have been looking for this stuff for forever and could never find it! Thank you Adam!
  4. Sky Walker

    Sky Walker Member

    this answers so many questions
  5. Oh dear, this is such a necropost, ugh. Sorry everyone!

    I have a quick question regarding moldmaking- what do I use?

    I understand how to do everything, how to make the mold, how to cast, all of it. But I'm not quite clear on the materials, so I'd like an expet's advice, as there is no "help!" thread about it and I've seen everything used. For the mold itself, which is better, Rebound or Dragonskin? And then which one of the series? For the thickener, I'm sure Thi-Vex is what I should use, but please correct me! For the release agent, I'm pretty sure Ease Release 200, but again, please correct me! For casting, I'm also sure of Smoothcast 300, but please correct me.

    Thank you for the help, I promise that by summer, I'll have been molding and I'll be able to show you guys!
  6. zerstrike

    zerstrike New Member

    You could do a vacuum modle of the visor. That is what I did for mine
  7. Prester

    Prester New Member

    Pretty much all Links broken ...
  8. Chernobyl


    That'll happen when a thread's been dead for about three years. Thanks for the heads-up, but for threads older than three months or so we generally discourage posting in them.

    If you have any issues in the future, feel free to shoot a Staff member a PM informing them of an issue - likelihood is we can't restore those links, but knowing there's an issue means we could potentially do something about it and look up some alternative resources to supplement/replace the dead links.

    Good luck with your builds!
  9. Distemper


    For some reason I can not access the face shield link it just times out. Any new links available?
  10. Dirtdives


    Distemper, If you check out the post before Chernobyl's you'll see that it was stated that all links were down unfortunately.
  11. Distemper


    Yeah I saw that after I started going through all the pages of posts after I had already posted. Currently looking around online for some more up to date links to provide people.
    Dirtdives likes this.
  12. Dirtdives


    People always looking for the most current info. Good job.
  13. Distemper


    So while the link for face shield's doesn't work I was able to copy the link and place it into a browser and find the direct website. After going there I found they do have face shields but they are a little pricey but good quality since they are made for every day helmets. I slightly cheaper options which I am going to try out and update you on is helmets from amazon (link below). I am also going to stop by hobby lobby this weekend and see what kind of translucent plastics they have. I will update the post on what I can find.

    Amazon.com: Disguise Men's Master Chief Adult Full Helmet Costume Accessory, Green, One Size: Clothing
    marscreature and mblackwell1002 like this.
  14. Distemper


    Ok so I have been all over town and have yet to find anything that will work for a visor that looks good. Hobby lobby has some plastic sheets but not in color, for some reason they now only carry clear. That works if your using like a gold window tint but I don't really like it. The helmet from the link above came in and actually looks really good. I think I may end up using it until I complete a helmet build of my own before I remove the visor from it and install it in my own. Its a 1 piece helmet that is made out of a hard rubber material. The visor is one piece and glued in really nice can't see into it but you can see out even though it gives everything a gold tint. My advice is pick one up and either mod it to your liking with lights and extra padding or just for the visor alone but don't take it apart until your build helmet is exactly the way you want it.
    marscreature likes this.
  15. marscreature

    marscreature New Member

    That is extremely good info, I was actually wondering if the helmet like that was a good place to get the gold visor!
  16. GammaGoboy

    GammaGoboy New Member

    Hobbycast site doesn't work for me.
  17. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    I doubt Adam is going to update this. Lol.

    GammaGoboy - are you looking for clay or just pointing out the dead link?

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