where were you when the towers fell?


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I was at home, being a normal child not knowing about what was going to happen in those few hours of distress and misfortune.
Where were you?


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i kinda funny but i was a preschool and my parents came to pick me up we then went home turned on the tv and watched all the terror happen. i remember all of this


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I was in 7th grade being rounded up in the gym to watch the news. I hadn't grasped the gravity of the whole thing until later. Where were you ?


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I didn't even know what happened. No one in my family was talking about it.
I learned about it years later...
I can't believe I didn't know.
Or don't remember that I knew...
I was in my 1st grade class. I remember being called to the front office and being taken home by my mom... I didnt know what was going on until I turned on the tv.


I was working for the city here in houston as a heavy equipment operator when we heard over the radios that we had been put on what they called emergency alert status. It wasnt till about 30 min later we heard there was some kind of terrorist attack on the US. My wife called me and filled us in on what was going on since we were out in the field and couldnt get any news it was one of the worst days in my life.

Never Forget Fredom Always has a cost pray and honor those who pick up the tab!


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I was in my second grade class. I was one of 2 kids who didn't get picked up early that day. Guess mom didn't care enough about Rissa and I.

I remember not understanding any of it. It would be years before I grasped the situation.


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I was at home, being a normal child not knowing about what was going to happen in those few hours of distress and misfortune.
Where were you?
Same, I remember being woken up really early that morning, and being brought to the Tv. A split second later, the second tower got hit. I didn't even know what was going on.

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Same. I feel for you.
I also feel for those that died that day, and the families that were destroyed that day too....


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9th grade, first period, mandarin class. The teacher received a message and announced something to the class. I didn't pay attention because I never pay attention in that class anyways. Then I got home, and my mom rushed me over to the TV.


It was late in the evening here in Australia. For some reason I was up late just channel surfing then I saw the news.

The first tower had been hit and everyone thought it had been an accident. I was watching a reporter with with the NY skyline in the background and saw the second plane go in... I knew then it was no accident.

He was facing the camera and didn't know, he just kept talking. The woman in the news room told him what she and all of us, the viewers, had seen. I stayed up. Then news reports started coming in from elswhere about some sort of explosion at the Pentagon and another airliner had gone down in a field. It was obvious to me it was some sort of attack but the coordination of it was crazy, like something from a movie not real life. No one knew what was really going on.

Then there was the fires at the towers...

...and eventually they fell.

I bought some magazines afterwards, and to this day I haven't opened them to look at the pictures. I.. don't want to.

I knew what today was but tried not to think about it. I've been meaning to re-watch Watchmen so I put that on earlier today. There's a scene in Adrian Veidt's office with the NY skyline in the background. And there they were... I had to stop myself from crying.

That's more than I usually talk about the subject.


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I was in the fourth grade. I knew something was wrong when all of the teachers weren't in the classrooms and that no airplanes were flying. I had no clue what had happened until I went to my grandparents house after school and saw it on tv.


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i was asleep when the first one hit and my mom called me at my place and took off to her office and saw the seound one hit, my stepdad was a cop at that time and had told me the year before he had busted someone with explosives out side Paris Island Marine corp base in SC.


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I just woke up for school and was just about to enter the bathroom when my mom was like "OMGOMGOMGYOUGOTTASEETHIS!" I was mad because I really had to pee, and I couldn't comprehend the fact that there was something that terrible happening across the country.


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Freshman year Colerain Highschool. MR. Bleh's class, second block. We always watched Fox news in the morning for English Bleh never missed an episode and he taped them all. The New York skyline with the towers was in the background, it was a live feed. I saw the first Tower hit, then a few minutes later the second one was hit. alot of people thought it was fake. I knew otherwise when my Uncle who had just gotten command of his first Ship in the Navy, called my cell, I still have the same number. He's was on board a carrier near Florida when He got orders to send up 2 attack aircraft. He told me to get home and stay away from any state buildings or schools, and that there was a 4th aircraft unaccounted for. Needless to say I left early that day. I just walked out of class.
Yea I remember that day well.


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Fourth grade, in the middle of class. Our principal came on over the intercom and told us that we were in code red lockdown. Teacher rushed to close and lock the door, made sure there were no other kids in the hall. She ordered us to close the blinds as well, and the taller kids closed them. We huddled in a corner of the room, and waited for about an hour, then got to see what was going on on the TV. We all got sent home early, then I remember later that day, I was playing with my toys, and for some reason, and somehow, a sonic boom shook every building in the entire town. Scary stuff.
Taking a bath, we had just finished school an eaten lunch and my mom was like "you need to come to the TV now it was just after the first plane hit, we watched the live footage of the second one hit and saw the towers fall.

I was pretty little but I remember when they said it was an accident, knowing that it couldn't be and seeing a second plane hit the tower, it was pretty terrible. . .

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I was in School, 4(?) Grade. Somehow everyone was leaving school, i never knew why. So my grandma show up to make me and my brother up from school. then she say to stay inside and "duck" if anything happen. I was still confuse.


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I was 4, I had no idea what so ever what was going on... I remember my parents being worried and crying. I hadnt learned what happened that day until 3 years later.

It is horrible, let those terrorist burn in hell.