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    WAR MACHINE HIGH-DEF Pepakura files TEAM-UP second try

    I just found my next project .. after my son's Emile costume.. ;)
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    Halo Suite For The U.S Army

    you talking about the M903 rounds? Ive fired the 7.62 SLAP rounds but not the 50s.
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    Props Reach Pistol Nite Finder

    How heavy are all of those wood pieces together? i used a painted longshot as a prop a while back.. took the front pistol grip off and left the front piece on. it looked pretty good,, but nothing halo'ish ;)
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    Props Nerf Assault Rifle

    where did the two green pieces come from? i have a recon, and i don't like it too much.. would love to turn it into a prop.
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    Reach Armor By Spartan-029

    that's just what i was thinking. so much cool stuff.. now i don't know what to make next =(
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    Soft Parts Replicating Bluerealm's Undersuit Armor

    Yeah, i wouldn't mind seeing and donating for this template. Ive been thinking of materials to use for another project i am working on, and this type of material would probably work. It probably gets pretty how though, right? -Jim
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    Smooth Cast 300

    Ok, I did try this. Kind of a pain in the butt. Maybe for a small one piece mold, it may be ok, but it is just too sensitive. silicone caulk+glycerin+acrylic paint= a mess if you are a little off. 6 tries before i got one to turn out at all. I believe that if it was something like...
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    Smooth Cast 300

    I'm going to have to try this tomorrow to see how well it works with Plastalina(sp?). We'll see what happens ;)
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    War Machine Armor. Iron Man 2 The Movie

    Man, seeing this makes me want to drop the helm from the first movie that i made. Were you thinking about adding that chain gun to one of the shoulders? Also, how much does the outfit weigh?
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    Fan Film - Operation Chastity - 405Th Related Information

    <sigh> Just looking at this makes me remember my 4x4 days.. My wife would kill me :(
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    My New Project M6C Odst

    I... must...! I still can't believe the master was made from wood,, I haven't seen someone that detailed at carving in a long time,, and that paint job from Privateer.. wow.
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    Custom Characters

    Those are excellent. I want to see that first helmet made. Just take some Clay and throw it over a skateboard helmet. That's about the same shape, right?
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    It Broked!

    I did something similar to that except mine was a controller coming in contact with the light on a ceiling fan. While trying to take out a sniper that had successfully sniped me 3 times, I finally kill him.. I throw my hands into the air and say, "EAT THAT MOTH..<CRASH!> I had to explain...
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    Play With Meeee On Halo 3 And Odst.

    add me too gamertag: Southpaw_Jim
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    Female Mjolnir-6 Armor

    @just me(no one else)'s that is true. I don't know.. maybe extra ammo storage... (for some reason that sounds Hot too) ;)