A project actually for ME! (pic heavy)


Having built various weapons, prosthetics and other costume props for other people and projects over the last three years, I have decided to build a costume for me! Woohoo!

The reasons are these:

I want to showcase my work.
I want to be able to attend fancy dress in more than just a black cape and a pair of fangs.
It would be nice o attend a few 'cons' and other events.
I actually want to get to keep something for myself.

The brief I set myself was as follows:

It has to be relatively simple, and VERY cheap (I'm unemployed). It has to be of a relatively high finish. It must be uniquely mine (I'm a bit anal about being a bit different).
The weapon must be unique.
It has to be a quick build (I've allowed myself a couple of months in total) - funds permitting.

So, I've chosen to make a hybrid and to use differing bits and pieces mostly based on overall simplicity.
I've gone for a Jorge variant helm, standard PEP build, glass, rondo etc. I may decide to use Spackle paste instead of Bondo to keep cost down a bit. I'm looking for an out come like this (minus the attachment) I like the colours too.


Armour will be scratch built in foam over a basic under armour. I've started with a very basic H3 Marine chest as a base. I haven't decided what to use for the other bits just yet, but I'll probably mix and match to suit my taste.
One thing that I have decided is that I want to bring the chest armour down over the torso in a similar way to this.

I know it's not really bulky enough, but I like the idea of bringing the torso down to just above belt level.

As to the weapon? Well I wanted something a bit different. I went through the Halo stuff, and the Mass Effect, Killzone and District 9 weaponry. I finally trawled through the gamers concept weapons and found a nice rail gun design. So it's come down to one of these three.

From Mass Effect


From Killzone

and the one I like best:


From a concept artist

I'll probably change the colours a bit though. Any thoughts on which you think is best?

Here's where I'm at, at the end of day one ......






More updates as and when I can get to work on it all.


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Looking good so far, can't wait to see where you take this. As for the weapons, I'm going to have to vote for the Killzone sniper rifle; looks like it would match the rest best, and it's super awesome.


Very nice to see you building for 'you'. Will help with materials and mickey taking if I can ;-) Can you get that chest on and off ok? lol

I would go for the killzone rifle but I know you will do a fantastic job of whichever one/s you choose.

Look forward to seeing this take shape.


So much for setting myself a quick build. I got waylaid on day two with finishing this mask for a theatrical company!


However, I pulled my finger out today and finished the helm PEP. The file was sent to me so I don't know the 3D designer or the unfolder, but thanks to whoever did it! Nice to see some smooth work instead of an all faceted design.
I had two disasters during the build. First I knocked it off the bench with the bloody beast mask (clumsy 'a' hole) and dented the front left chin extension. No big deal on that one.
However, I decided to build this helm in a different sequence from usual. Usually I start at the back and work forwards, but the two previous MC helms both had warping at the front where all the tiny errors in the build are amplified. This time I went for a ground up sequence. My warped (excuse the pun) logic saying that any errors should be evenly spread around the helm and since I was building symmetrically should be the same on both sides?
Everything seemed to be going to plan until I fitted the front crest, glued it up and then went for a coffee. When I came back i was horrified to find that two joints had slipped under the effect of pulling them together and had then dried solid with two HUGE warps on either side. At least they were symmetrical so my plan sort of worked!
I dallied with starting over but I was only 8 pieces from finishing. Bollox.
I built the rest and added internal supports and played with the edge tabs. I managed to dial out enough of the warps that i think it's salvageable under Bondo.


I'll e doing some more on the armour and starting on a weapon tomorrow, so hopefully I can get back on schedule.


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Nice work, the concept is very interesting.

Gun three is definitely the coolest of the weapons, but that Killzone rifle seems to fit your design better. either way it looks awesome.

btw, the Jorge helm file was rebuilt a while ago, made more to suite the in game design. Just letting you know. Link


Thanks to Forgedreclaimer for letting me know that he had some updated PEPs. I decided to build a shoulder / bicep to check speed and feasibility of time constraints.

I decided to use really cheapo packing foam for this. I got this far in 4 hours. Just needs some minor details, latex and paint to finish. If all goes as well as this one I should be able to finish the armour and helm within my two month deadline.

The undersuit and weapon may over-run a bit though .....



A small update on the time line. I was able to do a fair bit last night. The bicep armour has been coated in latex and given a matt black undercoat.



I should have gone straight on to the right bicep, but in trying to decide on which bits to use I came across an HD Reach image I really liked. The bicep is the same as this one, and the shoulders looked like MK VI with only minor differences so I've started on my modified shoulders.


Hope fully I can get these to the same stage as the bicep today. Running low on glue ;-(


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You sir are a master with the foam, I am very impressed with your creations. I really enjoy watching your updates keep up the great job, hope you get that glue problem solved we need more updates


Some updates:

The forearms in progress and construction completed. They just need latex and paint to finish off.




For some strange psychological reason I am putting off making the right bicep?! I should have made both together, go figure.

Satchmo III

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I really like how you detail your pieces by adding foamies. It seems like a relatively quick and simple but effective method of adding depth and layers.

I haven't worked with latex and haven't seen anyone use it in these forums. When you apply it does it only serve to bind a piece or does it actually add some rigidity to the piece as well? Would you mind describing some of the benefits and perhaps drawbacks with using the latex material?

Your build is looking great thus far. Keep her up!