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Sarge Christi

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I know the mods will deal with the rules, but is the rules about armor quality?

It says it must be movie quality.

What will dictate what is movie quality?

We all have to agree, pretty much everyone's armor has a unique quality to it. For instance, you can tell the difference between Nightmare Armor, Link's armor and Sean's armor, but is one of the three movie quality? All are distictly different.

Also, what about cardboard armor? This armor that is not fiber glassed will more than likely look much different from a suit of fiber glassed armor. If made properly, could this also be movie quality?

And about me, the elite costumer. What am I supposed to do? Does movie quality mean I must make sure my costume is 8'6"? I'm short, I'm 5'4" I don't want to be too high off the ground.

What is qualified as movie armor?
Isn't accuracy good enough as long as it doesn't look like crap?

Since I wrote that, I'll explain.
Movie Quality means that this armor could pass for a Halo movie-we don't want it to look like you threw it together the night before. Elite and other Covenant-we know its HARD to get an accurate size, but for a movie, its easy. Ever wonder this? Arnold Scwarrzenger (SP?) is VERY short, 5'6'' or so-but he appears tall in all his movies-this is because of MOVIE MAGIC!
:$fftopic: And Tom Cruise has to do with what here?


I agree with Ares and Christi, but I think it was decided that there would be a judging panel that would rate your armor and if it wasn't up to the specs, they would tell you what to fix, not if it was bad or not.

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True, but, don't call me a pessamist or a trouble maker, but....

In the event of judging, unfair judgement can be passed.
Ex: Crap armor could be voted as "movie" so that the armorer's feelings are not hurt.
Or, there's the more "v0t3 4 me, PPLLLEEEAASSEEE I w4nn4 b n da 405th, it'd b SOOO tight, yo" (n00b speak hurts me). I mean, hopefully, and with all likeliness, the voting will be private.

So another question, will the voting be private OR, will it be in a public poll.
I mean, I don't mind being honest, but i know others are a bit shy when it comes to offering critism of armor.
Some people are complete asses... Most of the time just that you have tried to make armor people think it's good... If you take a look in the pep forum you can see that...
Even If it could be better and look much greater people still give them support and tell them yea! that's awesome...
I would have to say private would be of a better choice...
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