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THE TURRET OF MASS HEAVINESS! (34 lbs., anyone?)





I know its UNSC. (Copywright!!! :p)
Yeah. It only took me around three hours.
PVC and heavy cardboard.
It can shoot paintballs, man! PAINTBALLS!!! (It shoots like a paintball gun!! Literally 3 shots per second, made possible by a ''triple 'turn' valve''.)
Hold the button in on the back handle tube to fire. Release to stop. (Like you'de ever release...)
Just like the game, this bitch vibrates, so you may need to get a teammate to hold it with you. It aims up after a few shots too! (Because the cylinder is spinning)

(Of course, you can add a hopper to the top; it makes it look less like Halo though..)
Meatballs, too. (Yaaam yaam I vant sume veetballs!)
you messed up on the lettering, but meh...minor fix right?

I almost shat myself when I read it can shoot paintballs.....what did you use as the basis? where does the air tank go, and where do the paintballs go?
Looks cool, nice job. But, uh,it's Turret not turrent. Where'd you get the 'n'.
So, yeah, how does it shoot stuff? external air or what?
Great job. does it run like a potato gun or is the tank on back a pressure vessle? man id h8 to be hit bye 3 paintballs at once! :mad: im gunna make one!!!
hey did u ever think he made the lettering that way for a reson? maybe it stans for u.s. naval core
rvb24 said:
hey did u ever think he made the lettering that way for a reson? maybe it stans for u.s. naval core
one thing, its corp, you just don't pronounce the p, cos as soon as you have more than one, then your talking about an dead guy(corp-corpse). but yeah, maybe he did do that for a reason...
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Hey I was wondering if you could show us a vid of this MONSTER!!! I want to see how the turret works.
Yeah! Vid! Vid! Vid! Vid! Vid! Good stuff man keep it up (and for all you fool's who said he spelt UNSC wrong READ THE WOLE THING!).
This isnt a paintball gun. First of all, the air hose is copper. The standard on all paintball guns is stainless steel. Triple valve rotating system? Yeah, sure, on valves like the one your talking about they rotate past the lock point, and the rotate a small amount back. This would cause major chops (balls breaking on the edge created between two misaligned barrels). And how would the timing between the triple rotating valve and gun be matched? If they both used the air from the gun, the barrels would be turning at the same time as the firing. Also, the force needed to turn the barrels would drastically drop the fps of the gun. And the new "trigger" system you created is simply an on/off valve, whitch would cause the gun (assuming its a blowback, which all walmart guns are) to "stutter fire" or the bolt simply cycling around fifty times per second, causing a paint blender. And your Barrels are pvc. they wouldnt fire a paintball. Don't fake it. Rotating barrels are way more complicated then your diagram shows. Leave it to the experts, like this guy
Dude It's just kickass that he even mad ethe damn thing to begin with, and that it actually shoots. And now u start complainin about it? Can you do better?

But anyway the gun looks kickass, dont shoot ur pets promise?
And thats gonna have a bit of a psychological impact when some1 sees you with that thing. Like: ZOMG MINIGUN AAAH!!!
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