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Jon T. said:
yes, the director of the movie is/was Peter Jackson, who started the movie and then stopped production to work on something 'more' important than a halo MOVIE!!!

i know all this because my uncle is/was one the director of photography that was working with Dir. Jackson.

*SIGH* I wish they could start working on it again :(
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I know this is borderline necro, but I'm going to try and bring this back and keep it more active. It was a blast meeting some people at AX, and I'd like to promote more activities like that in the future, as well as possibly some gatherings, like what they have in Texas.

Anyways, to better facilitate this, I've created a facebook page, to replace the group. I feel this will be more conducive to keeping people in touch with each other.

Woops, forgot the link. Off to a good start already!

405th California Group Facebook Page


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Hey Guys, I know there's a meeting at Baldwin Park on Reach's launch day, but I have to ask, is there anyone in the Bay Area wanting to get together? I'd love to get together with my fellow 405th members and have a blast at a release. I'll be making an appearance at Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo as well as Livermore GameStop. If anyone wants to come out to any of these or wants to meet up for some photos and what not, let me know. Hope to talk to you guys soon


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I'll be in the Bay Area (Fremont to be precise), but if there's anything official going on in Seattle, I'm tempted to fly up there just for the heck of it since I missed the ODST launch. =P We'll see after PAX what my plans are.

Best way to keep in touch is definitely the facebook page if you haven't already joined. If you are there, I can create an event and make you the admin of it if you want.


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Funny that you should mention FB. I'm FB-challenged but yeah, I'd like to sign up as a member (however I do that). And an event would be nice. I think it'd be awesome to meet my fellow armorers.


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It's fairly easy to set up if you just go to and follow the instructions. Once you have an account you can look up "405th California" and we should pop up, or just click on the link in my signature. If you "like" the page then any updates we post should be pushed out.

And if you're concerned about security you can adjust your settings and just always follow the simple rule of don't put it on the net unless you assume everyone out there can see it.

Pretty useful little tool to know how to use.

What year are you at SJSU?


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Alright, thanks. I'll get on that.

i'm a 2nd year senior at SJSU, 'Super Senior' is you want to get technical about it. i can graduate with my BA in a semester and a half, or if I were to get into the BFA program, another 2 years, but more training.

mr happy

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i hope this isnt a necro and its not to late to sigh up even though i missed CC.

Name: Andrew
Location: West LA
XBox Live Gamertag: BMCx Noodles x
Completed Costumes: scout trooper armor

WIP Costumes:
sean bradley ODST kit
stormtrooper armor

About me: im 14 and 5'4" and im going into high school. im ok at making props but decided to just buy and assemble a kit. pepeakura and smoothing was a pain. I like halo a lot and this sight was the perfect place to start.


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Welcome to the 405th Pacific, California Halo Costuming Group!
It's nice to see another potential 501ster, as i have a complete episode II clonetrooper!
can't wait to see how your odst looks, but that scout armor is great!

mr happy

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im not in the 501st im only 14. i just like to assemble stuff and ive been looking into joining but then the sight crashed and i frogot to sigh up.


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Welcome aboard. As mentioned in the other posts, I'm mainly keeping people updated on facebook for now.

405th Pacific

Please keep up to date on events and gettogethers there. All ages and ability ranges are welcome. :)


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Hey guys, another Bay Area guy here. Just started working on my ODST costume, and decided to look around and found this. It won't be ready any time soon due to an extended trip to Japan in less than two weeks, but hopefully I can get my helmet all molded and casted before then. I just have to hike all the way to SF for the only store within 50 miles that sells Smooth-on products.

TK Scrap

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Name: Justin (Scrap)
Location: San Diego, CA
Completed Costumes: Tusken Raider(star wars)
Wips of current projects: ODST in my BLOG's
About me: Costuming, charity work, having fun


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Name: Cameron

Location: corona/newport

XBox Live Gamertag: ToasterCow (my subscription just expired so im waiting on some cash)

Completed Costumes: none yet (why else would i want to join?)
About me: i havent made any costumes or armor yet but i catch on fairly fast so that wont be a problem. im an airman basic in norco AFJROTC so i have some military knowledge, and last but not least i LOVE halo


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Name: Joe
Location: Lancaster, CA. Antelope Valley

XBox Live Gamertag: XxSWPixy367thxX
Completed Costumes: None T___T
WIP Costumes: Mark V, ODST, And planning on doing a custom Spatan

About me: Hmm, well I'm currently in the middle of joining the U.SArmyas an 11B infantyman. Completed 4 years of AFJROTC, I used to work in a production company, Rando Inc. Learned alot of my skills there fom cutting to welding. Some of the stuff here is a bit eh for me to catch on to but I can. I look forward to seeing the fellow 405th members and hanging out with allof you and become closer so maybe one day I can help someone just like myself.
Name: Scott or Scotty Graves

Location: La Quinta (close to Palm Springs), CA

XBox Live Gamertag: lll Hawkeye lll

Completed Costumes: Working on it. Hopefully will be done for Comiccon '11

WIP Costumes: Reach ODST Spartan Build

About me: I'm still getting the hang of this stuff and I'm lovin everything about the process so far. I've come to enjoy and love prop building in the just the short time i've been doing it and look forward to continuing to do it for a long time to come.
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