Danielles Halo Reach Build (Pic Heavy)

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by whereisdanielle, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. CommanderPalmer


    I'm lurking most of the time, but closely following yet another great build by Danielle. ^^
    I'm seriously missing Kelly but your Reach build is looking so good. O_O
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  2. whereisdanielle

    whereisdanielle RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Sort of unitentionally the intent, I'm just trying to replicate the reach armour as close as I can, turns out reach spartans were tanks hahahahaha.

    Dont you go putting other cosplay ideas in my head now.

    I feel the lurking, I'm terrible all I ever do is lurk unless I'm posting here. But thank you :)
    Dont worry about Kelly though, shes still gonna be taken places when the rest of my Blue Team is present, I'm actually having the shotgun ready soon, so finally some proper Kelly photos with her proper gun!

    Progress update time:
    Made new shins like I said I would, they look so much better, I've never been so glad to remake a part.
    new shins .jpg
    heres a rushed test fit of everything, nothing is sitting properly at all hahahaha:
    rushed and bad test fit for scale.jpg
    And yes thats right, that is a helmet test, speaking of:
    helmet size test.jpg helm test.jpg

    I'm about to attempt to build it out of foam, updates to follow!
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  3. whereisdanielle

    whereisdanielle RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    I have two weeks until the convention, please cross all your crossables for me, I've reached Panic Level Alpha.
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  4. PaiganBoi


    Fingers, toes and eyes crossed. Good luck.
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  5. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    Week and a half until my next con, still have sewing and painting to do. It's not summer unless the cosplayers are all staying up until the wee hours of the morning coated in god knows what combination of glue/paint/tears.

    You can do it!
  6. Dirtdives


    I'm in the home stretch of 2 builds as well and can attest to the being coated in god knows what...... paint/glue /blood.....sorry no tears for me thank you.
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  7. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    I had to sew a full duster for this one, hence the blood sweat and tears. Luckily no kerosene to light the whole project and let it be cleansed.
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  8. Spartan55


    Well at least you have your kelly costume?
    But looks great anyway and I can't wait to see the end product. But......
    No #spartaninatub

    Also on a quick note
    Whereisdanielle lives in Australia
    And for us who live down under it's winter right now. Hard enough for me to do fibreglassing were i'am can't imagine how hard it would be to paint with the weather on that side of Australia :eek:
  9. IronWolf

    IronWolf New Member

    Im quite impressed with the accuracy of your armor, you used EVA foam?
  10. Harri51


    It is really turning out great. Keep up the amazing work
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  11. Spartan55


    Sorry but I just realised how much of a stalker I sound like in the last time I said something on this thread
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  12. whereisdanielle

    whereisdanielle RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Tub shots when its finished I promise! And yeah acrylic paints HATE the cold, unlike me who just hates painting in the cold.

    Yep! Entire build is EVA, including the helmet which you'll see shortly.

    Nah all good, thats all public information ahhahahaha, I'd be worried if you had photos of me suited up in my bathtub not taken by me in the mirror....
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  13. whereisdanielle

    whereisdanielle RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Its been a minute holy wow, I've returned with many an update. PREPARE this is gonna be multipost.

    So helmet construction:

    Started with the top from regular 11mm foam

    Then built the jaw round to the ears, the round sections at the ears are 5mm, the rest is standard 11mm

    I then joined them together by adding the visor seal and nose pieces from 5mm; which left the back open still.
    18893256_1363906470361014_8804260018631549767_n.jpg 18950953_1363906503694344_2327250006833426714_n.jpg

    From there I did the back bit from 5mm and took a bunch of size test photos.
    18893468_1363906523694342_6730525804734980444_n.jpg 18893168_1363906530361008_6336871135980025208_n.jpg 19030457_1363906540361007_574969349437151711_n.jpg

    But wait theres more still, After carving in the detail lines,I moved onto the attachments, starting with the little visor peak thing.
    Which was 5mm foam.

    Last was the UA attachment on top from 11mm, So heres a bunch of photos of the finished helmet build.
    18921874_1363906467027681_385804695234227530_n.jpg 18921663_1363906397027688_3647815404466687882_n.jpg 18921703_1363906380361023_2863653135782280513_n.jpg 18893342_1363906377027690_5457971256599973655_n.jpg 18920338_1363906393694355_5118544291219083922_n.jpg 18882209_1363906580361003_3158044513969311876_n.jpg
  14. whereisdanielle

    whereisdanielle RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    I got really carried away doing and forgot to update so theres still more for me to fill you in on.

    First up, undersuit stuff:
    Purchased some upholstery foam and made me a flexible undersuit arm seal thing?
    18920361_1363909543694040_226562641445671980_n.jpg 18893138_1363909533694041_5536251932440461688_n.jpg Plastidip for colour: 18951345_1363909747027353_8817487817036510476_n.jpg

    Started painting, everything was gap sealed with kwik seal and left for 24 hours before being painted with two coats of an almost EVA foam colour, this is how i seal my foam.

    From there two coats of colour and weathering, this is the progress as of right now:
    18952700_1363909687027359_8732683681453067712_n.jpg 18951160_1363909600360701_2107159213497336084_n.jpg 19029415_1363909557027372_5309909545209969007_n.jpg 18950987_1363909563694038_5229401610823426604_n.jpg 18920479_1363909683694026_725221075321744271_n.jpg 18920472_1363909593694035_4379775072950286167_n.jpg 18952944_1363909627027365_1392347513863576094_n.jpg 18952605_1363909643694030_5731524593826773946_n.jpg 18921939_1363909623694032_8229317342575540454_n.jpg 18893120_1363909713694023_5572328896338681392_n.jpg
    And I did the UA thingo
    Waiting on these to dry so I can do the red, while I type this:
  15. PaiganBoi


    The bucket turned out awesome. Paint is looking good as well.
    Love the socks too.
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  16. Dirtdives


    I was going to say that!!!!
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  17. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Yes the helmet came out awesome!!! But all around your foam work is phenomenal can't wait to see more.
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  18. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Yes the helmet came out awesome!!! But all around your foam work is phenomenal can't wait to see more.
  19. Spartan55


    Looks great and so close to being finished
    Yeah I'm not that weird also I wouldn't step foot in nsw at the moment to much blue not enough marron (i just realised no one probably got that joke)
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  20. whereisdanielle

    whereisdanielle RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Or because we thrashed you guys first game :p

    Thanks everyone, still working on the paint job, and its still raining so yay :(
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  21. Spartan55


    Hey we played bad and you played good nothing to it.... but remember who won 8 in a row:lol: but let's get off this topic before we fill the hole thread with arguments
  22. whereisdanielle

    whereisdanielle RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Funny thing is I dont even follow sport outside of womens soccer hahahahahaha
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  23. Spartan55


    Oww and hear I thought I found some to talk about rugby with lol i go ask towlbisket
  24. IronWolf

    IronWolf New Member

    NIce ! Keep up the awesome work !
  25. Schankerz



    I'm just completely blown away by that helmet, the level of accuracy compared to the file is unreal, I'm seriously impressed. The reason I'm drooling over it the way that I am is because I'm building the same one very soon, I have the same file you appear to have and had my pal vivalablake89 unfold it for me. So I was wondering if you could maybe....tell me all your secrets and help me reach your level of helmety goodness? :D
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