Danielles Halo Reach Build (Pic Heavy)

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by whereisdanielle, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. Voren Marr

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    Fantastic job indeed ... *tips hat
  2. Harri51

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    Danielle. Your suit looks so spot on. you made one heck of a suit. Dieing for final shots now!!!
  3. whereisdanielle

    whereisdanielle RXO 405th Regiment Officer

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    I procrastinated updating you guys and I am so sorry hahahahaha, so here goes on the final paint:

    Arm all finished:
    19554908_1386705311414463_1523915712361561016_n.jpg gvu.jpg 19510660_1386705394747788_3250876455852884733_n.jpg

    The rest of the legs:
    19511079_1386713521413642_3456176473903177919_n.jpg 19510399_1386705364747791_8393353106718796373_n.jpg 19554221_1386705441414450_2328256958669072177_n.jpg 19437390_1386705508081110_8426527233806761506_n.jpg 19656895_1386705534747774_1136022972591528791_n.jpg 19437671_1386705648081096_510630004670683127_n.jpg

    Chest with arm seals and full test fit:
    19511360_1386705438081117_7573583741965343574_n.jpg 19437790_1386705478081113_1951745953510504687_n.jpg

    19553942_1386705544747773_7550742929907813377_n.jpg 19511609_1386705571414437_3302082720112528804_n.jpg 19511133_1386705651414429_7911500074645856574_n.jpg

    19511559_1386705654747762_7512739220292574396_n.jpg 19437696_1386705781414416_5813409717375494020_n.jpg 19554740_1386705774747750_4819677527440437792_n.jpg
    Visor thanks to mawrTRON

    Final product with temp undersuit due to time constraints:
    19642413_1386705754747752_1661439527004833453_n.jpg 19247565_1386705811414413_7766202474735024542_n.jpg 19554655_1386705888081072_2948932277783883384_n.jpg
    I also scratch built a crappy magnum in 2 hours so I at least had a weapon.
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  4. whereisdanielle

    whereisdanielle RXO 405th Regiment Officer

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    Convention photo dump!

    Most photos are gonna be with mawrTRON in his Fred suit as well as the rest of the 405th Aus that were present.
    I'll get around to tagging everyone in a little bit.

    19059874_1386717254746602_4274263873053150121_n.jpg 19511179_1386717881413206_487692185045133972_n.jpg 19642672_1386717328079928_4751528899996309582_n.jpg 19553910_1386717431413251_9046638561240062992_n.jpg 19554029_1386717464746581_4668154813214950699_n.jpg 19554175_1386717251413269_2012180196057277434_n.jpg 19642675_1386717524746575_8451681712341098231_n.jpg 19510639_1386717808079880_1366920834543300197_n.jpg 19553895_1386717301413264_2073819687527873001_n.jpg 19554485_1386717311413263_7105903034108497942_n.jpg
    thatdamnjodie as Alice

    Some photos I grabbed with big_george_au over on instagram:
    19510094_1386719564746371_3790188494608285408_n.jpg 19511084_1386719524746375_4410216975174239926_n.jpg

    Steamkittens photos:
    19598501_1386719151413079_7935370988195331795_n.jpg 19510538_1329064963810036_6914510715973836985_n.jpg

    Sam and I were on TV:

    We had barely even made it into the con when these were taken:
    19554795_1386717704746557_2669704918542765756_n.jpg 19642387_1386717588079902_3181583037229189240_n.jpg

    We did a mini shoot as a group, heres some of my faves of me:
    19554233_1386717244746603_8342675260973438624_n.jpg 19553939_1386717331413261_5149799261692006418_n.jpg
    19642404_1386717624746565_7241858921569500550_n.jpg 19554475_1386717658079895_1587754330199377600_n.jpg 19511563_1386717651413229_6883666363241831173_n.jpg 19554603_1386717674746560_5505972300506623310_n.jpg 19601237_1386717818079879_3638753757360584771_n.jpg 19657453_1386717844746543_6862229115808602098_n.jpg
  5. Spartan55

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    I was wondering wean you were going ot post your update on here (i saw the one on face book) two things a got to ask 1 why were you in a tree in the first place and 2 (not a question) SPARTAN DOWN!!
    But looks like you guys over east had a lot more fun than we did over here in the west
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  6. PaiganBoi

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    Superhero landing!
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  7. whereisdanielle

    whereisdanielle RXO 405th Regiment Officer

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    I uh, wanted some nature photos...?
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  8. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117 Well-Known Member

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    Again just wow...... and I'm still blown away by your foam helmet!! Guess your also the first tree swinging spartan I've come across. Awesome job
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2017
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  9. Spartan55

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    QUOTE="whereisdanielle, post: 738812, member: 15770"]I uh, wanted some nature photos...?[/QUOTE]ok makes sense :D
    I give the dismount at 9/ 10 because nothing can top this dismount

    Sorry couldn't help myself :p
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  10. Dirtdives

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    Just monkeying around right? Great pics. Awesome job whereisdanielle!!!
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  11. Dvweaver

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    I'd love to make my own reach armor. Where did you get your templates?
  12. Lieutenant Jaku

    Lieutenant Jaku Well-Known Member

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    Probably from the Armory. to get to it click the tab labeled "The Armory" at the top of the page.
    oops I responded w/ out checking the date of previous update
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  13. DefineLuck

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    Love the photos. The Reach style variant has always been my favorite
  14. Northern Dragon

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    Danielle has told me in the past that her templates are her own unfolds of stuff from the Armoury. Each person has their own preference for how pieces should be constructed and her's makes sense to her. I'd love to say I do the same but my pepakura program decided to stop working. My Mac workaround has been shut down for a while
  15. whereisdanielle

    whereisdanielle RXO 405th Regiment Officer

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  16. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

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    Amazing build, love all of your works! It's a shame I only saw your thread now. I'm thinking of doing a Reach build too. fresh start after quite some time

    Would you mind sharing your unfolds? would save me some time, cause I don't think the files from the Armory are perfectly unfolded and ready to go, there's some work that needs to be done before
  17. whereisdanielle

    whereisdanielle RXO 405th Regiment Officer

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    Bear in mind they are all the female models as opposed to the male armour. I'd be happy to send them though.
    Chest, biceps, thighs are smaller and thinner than the male, and the shins and belt are completely different shapes to the male counterparts.
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  18. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

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    I just realized you used the female armour templates. Well, I'm still interested to see how you unfolded them, I could easily transfer your unfolds to the male armor models then. So feel free to send the files my way and thank you for sharing.

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