Detailed Reach armor + Undersuit


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I'm glad I have this saved. I will need to reference it when I start my build for next year. Crazy good job mate.
Thank you so much! I hope it will help you along with your build!

That looks so clean, i might tackle a reach set after im done with my odst set that looks amazing so far
Thank you! :D

So much awesome progress! You helped give me some ideas for my own stuff. But, just WOW. I can't wait!
Ahh thank you so much!!! I'm so glad this was helpful to you!!

Awesome stuff! The undersuit is amazing. Do you happen to have a link to the Yaya Han material you are using?
Thank you!!! I've found something that may be it on the Joann website, but they have a few choices that have similar names so it may be easier to find it just going to the store. It's rubbery and stretchy and matte, and I think is one of the better quality ones.

Those are some really nice detailing work you got there
Thank you!! :D

Hey everyone!! It's time for a very overdue update! After all these months you've probably assumed correctly that I didn't finish my suit in time for Orlando Outpost. There were just not enough hours in the day to do what I wanted with it. After Outpost (which was so fun even without a suit) I took a much needed break from building. For about a month and a half now I've been back into building, and have made teensy progress on this suit and have been happily working on other projects of mine. I think I would've updated here a long time ago if I actually had a decently accessible computer, but my stuff is crap right now so it's hard to even remember I have the option of using a computer and updating.

I do wanna let you guys know I definitely have not given up on this build, this build is a dream of mine and now that I'm not putting crazy pressure on myself I'm feeling really great about taking my time on it, and actually getting to enjoy normal life and other projects in the midst of it :p There's probably a little bit from towards the end of July that I didn't share here that I did build, but I'll add that into a future update. After taking the break from building I realized just how much more work I had left on this build. Here's everything I can think of just off the top of my head:
Build the helmet +attachments
Finish undersuit torso details and reattach all of it in a different way
Finish patterning undersuit leg details and then craft them + cover in fabric
Pattern and craft arm undersuit areas
Make robot arm
Make chest attachments
Finish/remake cod piece
Remake thighs
Make knees
Pretty much seal and paint everything
Just friggin everything help me

I'd like to say I can get everything done in a few months, and I could if I wanted to destroy myself again, but realistically I have no idea when I'll be done and I'm getting to be okay with that. Stuff takes time. My first suit took what felt like forever and I still loved it in the end. I know that I can do a great job with this if I just let my artistic ability and inspiration lead the way instead of forcing myself to work on it when I'd rather work on something else. I'm not the type that can only have one project lol. I gots to work on what I want when I want. These last couple days I've been dreaming of making Kelly from Halo 5, I think it'd be so fun to have a Blue team for Dragoncon 2020 (hmu if you may be interested in doing chief or linda, I love group cosplays so much), I've also always wanted to tackle the H5 undersuit.
I feel as if I'm rambling because it's been so long between updates I'm not even sure what to update on lol. I'll cut myself off here and just say
thank you all so much for the support, and I'll be sure to update when I have something substantial to show!!! :D


You’re doing great! I’m still struggling with my Reach build (and also consequently missed for Outpost ) but am now taking the time to make sure it’s great! Your build is definitely inspiring new additions and commitment to quality in mine. Keep at it! Slow progress is progress and it’ll be great!


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Idk how I missed this update, but I'm dropping this comment to ensure I see the next one :)

I'm going to be making a reach undersuit soon, probably using a hybrid between your method and Blair's Eva method.

Looking forward to seeing your progress updates :)


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This may be my favourite builds and is making me think about heading back to the workshop, after I get my present (non-Halo) project done.

That ab section is absolutely sick!

I wouldn't worry about how long it takes. You are doing fantastic work and it would be a shame if you made it more about the work than the fun of then build. Im excited to watch the rest of the build.


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I just stumbled into this post. This is late but this looks hella good. I hope my suit looks half this good whenni start it.