Do you think I deserved this?


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Well, today I made a post on My Les It was a question regarding if I could do something to my guitar or not. It was kind of a stupid question, yes, but do you guys think their replies were really necessary?
I know this is a kind of useless thing to post, but I'm kind of.. shocked... at what kind of help they tried to give me... Do you think I deserved this?


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Well first I can see the attitude some of the people have towards that and it was'nt needed, Now since I know a bit about guitars you could try to do that with your's but more than likely it won't do much to the appearance I would actually suggest getting a airbrush, sandpaper and clear gloss as well, sand the areas you want add more color to it with the airbrush and then gloss over it.


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wow man I'm sorry about those <(redacted)> that were being stupid numnuts to you.

just keep it like this: don't let people get you down on the internet because all they're doing is trying to be cool when they really are just morons and don't pay attention to them because eventually they'll get theirs.


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wow... well you answered them quite well, I would of LOST it lol
I'm really glad there's zero to no negativity here at the 405th :):)


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Maybe get one of those cheep ones from wallmart to practice on and when you can do what you want with enough skill that you are comfortable doing it then it's up to you if you want to try it on your best one. As for the morons on the other site, don't let it bother you. Some people just have no people skills.


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everybody is a tough guy on the people like that out in the real world and they are typically worms. I might make an account there just to anger people with stupid questions since they get ill so easily.

Hugh Holder

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Wow, those responses were pretty ridiculous, even for the internet. Reminds me of the kind of attitude you get from computer geeks in a computer parts store... only more of a washed out rocker in a low end music store attitude.

Don't let it get to you, people obviously don't see the thread as a place to pursue knowledge. Instead, they probably see it as a place to show off their cool stuff.

The "Oh I see! now you are wasting everyone's time!" comment was the worst imo. Boohoo, that 1 minute of their time not really doing anything productive was wasted continuing a thread they already didn't care about.

If you ask me, they are all idiots for continuing to tell you that you can't do something. They should have just stopped posting on the thread, I just don't understand their logic.

They must of had some other impression of you, or they were all insane. I wouldn't put the latter past them.

On a side note, I don't know how you would go about with your project sorry. But good luck to you anyway.

Also, there was a guy who recently made history by creating a flying machine powered solely by human leg power. Based off of one of D'Vinci's designs, all of the industry "Professionals" told him that it was absolutely 100% impossible. He did his research, spent a lot of time figuring things out on his own, and he did it. So put that in your book :)


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everybody is a tough guy on the people like that out in the real world and they are typically worms. I might make an account there just to anger people with stupid questions since they get ill so easily.
I was thinking the same thing. I have no problem cursing people out and telling them a little bit about their own pathetic lives, HARDCORE, But I think the effort would be completely lost on this particular group of old and completely UNCOOL scumbags. The back and forth between them reminded me of how Bevis and Butthead would spend hours just laughing to themselves, like we're so cool, like they knew something you didn't. I'm sure at one point someone sent the other a PM that went something like "Watch me F*** with this stupid kid. heheheh"

So print Hugh's post and put it near your computer screen whenever you even THINK of going back into that forum. Find another group to join. The one time you needed them they react like this. AS far as the guy with the excuse about his mom. I'm sure she's in the hospital; dying form embarassment that her son is such a jerkball loser. A person's true character is exposed during times of stress. So this guy isn't worth more than a sack of hairy A-holes.(YUCK)

These guys are completely useless.

Also, do whatever the FCUK you want with your guitar my friend.

Whether it was a gift or you paid for it with pennies you saved for years or whether you found it at the local landfill, It's yours. People may look at it and think about the monetary value you would lose if you customized your instrument in a way that looked "bad" or if you "ruined" a "perfectly good guitar" but so WHAT? If it pleases your eye and sensibilities then DO IT. If you have really put thought into your project, and it sounds like you have, then the only part missing of this equation is the execution.

Regret is a terrible thing to live with, especially when youre regretting something you didn't do.


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WHOA! You definitely didn't deserve that kind of response. I can't for the life of me understand some people. The way they acted was completely uncalled for. In particular those who were saying that you completely wasted thier time. They decided to give up thier time when they clicked the link to your thread. They had a choice and you had nothing to do with that. I honestly started to get pretty aggrivated just reading the comments they posted:angry..............ANYWAY............. If all you are looking for is a flat or dull look for your project you could try wet sanding the top of your guitar with a block and 1500-2000 grit to get it nice and dull looking and applying some Hot Rod Flatz clear to it.

And if you are looking to go away from the norm completely check out these videos by Ed Hubbs. He is awseome at what he does and with a little practice, you could do the same things he shows.

Hope this helps and don't let the haters get you down!:D


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I think that messing with these morons would be fun.....

I might go through with this. Mwuhaahhhahahahahahahahahahaah!!!!:cool


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You know, that was all uncalled for. It was just.... Ugh. Ignorance breeds ignorance.

In any case, as long as you're careful and slow, I don't see why it wouldn't work. All it is is a plastic-based clear coat and color, above a thin veneer which doesn't affect sound. You'll just need to carefully work off what you want off, and refinish what you want back on, back on.

So, uh, anyone wanna DDoS them?


Ayep, time to find a better forum for your resources. Those particular guys are just taking far too much of their time up jerking each other off.