Fan Film: Operation Pink Prancing Ponies [A Devil's Own Project]

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Hey Marines,

As most of you have watched 'Halo Spartans in the carpark' and eventually found out it was A Devil's Own pet project, quite a few of you have expressed kudos to that side project. That said, we have decided to up the ante and do another, and this time more appropriate to the Halo Universe and definitely more interesting.

I can't say anymore so as to keep it a surprise but I will however, post up some promo pics of the ongoing project as well as a link to the Facebook page where you can check for updates on said PPP Film project. FYI, we've already finished 2 days of shooting and are on track for the moment.

Keep in mind that there's no budget, no rewards other then the fact that we wanted to and can. Like everyone else here, we're all just huge fans and we're putting that testament to the fact by doing this. Rest assured, we have the best technical people working on this so as to have an awesome fan film that hopefully everyone here will enjoy.

So without further are the promo teaser pics!

Day 1 Shoot with the Film/Sound Tech Crew [Sue aka Calliopeia, David & Ernest]:

Day 1 Shoot with Sandman taking aim:

Day 1 Shoot with Breaker [Don] taking a breather:

Day 1 Shoot with Sandman [Patrick] at the Weapon Drop:

Day 2 Shoot with Film/Sound Tech Crew [Sue aka Calliopeia, David & Ernest]:

Day 2 Shoot Suiting Up with Ghost [Shyam], Raptor [Yong Ming] & Deadeye [Tim aka Halo_1]:

Day 2 Shoot on site:

Day 2 Shoot with Ghost taking a combat nap [Shades of a sleeping grunt yes?]:

Day 2 Shoot with Deadeye hydrating [and yes, I recommend Pocari Sweat for those hot days!]:

Day 2 Shoot with Ghost/Spotter and Deadeye/Sniper:

The Devil's Own Facebook Link:

There it is...stay tuned and I'll see you back at the base!

Stay safe,



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Looking good guys! I love the location, looks legit. Like some place out of Halo. I'm Definitely a fan of The Devils Own. Keep up the good work.

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Pony, Tony, thanks for the kudos!

For the record and the newbies just tuning in, The Devil's Own are fielding Sean Bradley ODST Helmets & armor kits with real world MOLLE RAV vests. My particular chest plate is from XtremeTactics though. Primary Weapon is a custom variation of the suppressed SMG, using base MP7 subguns. Secondary weapons are SOCOMs from H1rgon & Papasmurf. Specialized Anti Material Sniper weapon seen is from thorssoli.

Stay tuned!


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from a fellow ODST two gruntie thumbs up..... but love the work and luv the custom weapon case. thinking of making a few for my armory. just need to find one at 5'4" for my sniper. also seeing ur pistols made me rethink the paint job on mine( taping off as i type. but keep up the work and cant wait to see more shoots soon.
Capt.Logan McCloud
105th ODST Division
13th Battalion"Death Clovers"


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The Sniper/Spotter picture looks exactaly what I thought about a ODST sniper pair looking like... 2 thumps up!


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Glad to see a fan film that actually gets through the planning stages. Excellent costumes, props, and location. I'm definitely looking forward to updates!


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also yeah nice locations but thats the thing Singapore has some nice places to shoot. lots of tropic like jungle looks. been there 3 times back when i was still on the Reagan which is an aircraft carrier.found a place here in So Cal that would be perfect. its an old missile launch test site from the like 70-80's.


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Thanks for the support guys! It inspires us to keep going.

Singapore has a great climate but it's pretty much an urban jungle so we had to search far and wide for locations like these that were also out of the way so as to not alarm the public. Singapore has very strict gun laws so a member of the public who panics and calls the cops could be a serious problem. The cops wouldn't just come down alone, they'd call SWAT!

Also hope you love our multicam get ups!

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Thanks again everyone!

Spartan-005, you were on the Reagan from before? I met quite a few of your Carrier/s group personnel over the years while I was working at the Hard Rock Cafe. You guys love to party! The skyline in Singapore has drastically'll be amazed.

Back on track, with the shooting ongoing those 2 days, we found out a lot of what our armor can and cannot do. Same for the weapons, we gave em a real workout and had a few breaks and damages. All repairable but something to think about. So, should any weapon makers feel they need to field test their new weapon creations, feel free to contact the R&D department of the Devil's Own, we'd be glad to help!

Stay safe and check your six.



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Yay we finally have our own thread!

Thanks for all the love and support! <3 It really means a lot to us!

A few months ago Ghost and I were brainstorming over how to bring up the ante of our odst group. We've done a few events and etc. But there's a limit to the number of comic cons there are. We have so many suits and weapons, made by some of the best guys on 405th, just sitting around. So we decided that if we can't increase the number of cons for us to appear in, we'll go out and do something on our own.

I got a few friends together, guys who've done film projects with me, to help us out with the production and post production. Ghost, Deadeye and I came up with an outline, I made it a short script, my brother drew up the storyboard and now we're in production!

The main push for us to do this was that if we didn't do this now, we wouldn't be able to until God knows when. We have this window period to do something, and if we missed it it'll be another year before we're together again so yeah.

Anyway I'm rambling.. We've one more shoot day left. Hopefully everything works out!!


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nice yeah i was there in 06,08,09 and been to the hard rock a few times good food there. the one in down town right.but yeah we do like to party lol but thats what we do we work hard and party even harder. it sucks not sure if they hit u guys up again this year they deployed again but im no longer on the ship. wish i was still there tho cuz man if i was and we hit it up again i would so have tried to meet up with you all.....but which weapon had an oopppsss.and sucks to hear. i had that with my link 4044 odst smg. dropped and the scope and silencer broke off. quick fix tho like before cant wait for more pix or a teaser of the film.....

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Thanks again everyone, for the great support!

Here's a few more teaser pics...

Day 2 Shoot: David letting everyone know we're not invading:

Day 2 Shoot: Ernest on sound, with Sue & David lining up the shot and directing:




Stay safe,



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Day 2 Shoot with Ghost/Spotter and Deadeye/Sniper:
Just a heads up. Odst V.I.S.O.R. technology is linked with the sniper scope so that they don't have to remove their helmets during a battle. This helps to improve accuracy as the digital zoom is more effective than optical as well as adding tactical analysis such as wind speed, vectors etc to the shot. Not to mention the fact that the helmets protect the Odst's head ;p This would be a great shot in the scene because you could switch to an "in game shot" while zooming in with the sniper for a "special effect" on a low budget.

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That's true Ben, but there's no way in hell to do that for real with Helmets on while prone. We've tried, collar armor keeps pushing the helmet one way or the other. Like I said before, we found out a lot of things 'armor' can and cannot do, both in game and real world. Put it this way, I had to repair my armor after that shoot.

Rest assured, both Ghost and myself tried to keep it as close as we could to game 'specs' for the shoot, while adding some real world factors in. Sue and her gang will work their magic after. ;) FYI, both Ghost and myself have served in the Military, 2.5 years Actively, with another 13 years in the Reserves.

Still, thanks for the feedback.

Stay safe,


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Well, we finished Day 3's shoot but unfortunately, we couldn't do one more crucial scene...we'll have to play that by ear due to work commitments. Still, we had a good day for shooting and I think Sue got most, if not all of the footage she wanted.

Here's a group pic of the cast and crew for Day 3, WW2 style:
From L to R, Top: David, Patrick [Sandman], Shyam [Ghost], Eunice.
L to R, Bottom: Tim [Deadeye/Halo_1], Sue [Calliopeia] Don [Breaker].

And another of 'Candy', on the rocks. She's sexy ain't she?

More pics to follow...stay tuned.

Stay safe,