Foam Build Assistance Request


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Howdy y'all,

Im am trying to build a set of scout armor from halo 4/5. I have already gotten the peppakura file for halo 4, however it has taken a crap load of time just to glue the assets for the chest piece together. Unfortunately I don't have that much free time to do this. I heard it was faster to just make it out of eva foam, and have seen some you-tubers manage to put entire pieces together in about an hour. So, my question is simple: How do I take the raw asset files and get foam templates for them? What program do I need to unwrap the assets so I can print on card stock from a standard printer?

Any help and assistance would be greatly appreciated. I will gladly post pictures of my progress on here for all to see. Just please be advised that I am currently deployed, so I will not actually be able to build this till I return home in several months. I would still like to get all the assets prepared and ready for when I get back.

Kind regards,