How did you find us?

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i was actually for Pepakura files for daft punk helmets, an found a 405th topic about it.

ive been following 405th topics for about 5 months now, but decided to join when i started making my E.O.D. and recon armor.


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my story is that ?last year? i was thinking how awsome elites are and i was wondering if anyone had made an elite costume. i found some pics of a guy at comic con and started doing some research.

i ended up here.


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I found this by looking around at crappy cardboard suits on youtube, then I came across abrant3's costume making tutorial (he took them down BTW :( ) Then that lead me to adams costume, sorry, armor we dont do costumes we do armor, vids and I joined up after a while of gettin used to the environment of the site. So thats how I found us :lol


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Well I happened upon this site while searching for MA5B blueprints (an offshoot of a search for Seburo weapons). I've frequented the forum quite a bit and finaly stopped being lazy and joined. I'm real glad I found this place too, I've been playing ODST hardcore lately and I want that armor to go with the AR. The only thing that's rubbing me the wrong way is no mac support for the pep viewer, and I don't have access to a pc right now.


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I found the 405th because of my girlfriend actually. Her friend from school is making a green ranger helmet with pepakura, and she suggested I use it. I found the Indy Mogul video about making halo armor, and I was hooked.


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Indy Mogul BFX Halo Armour building video on youtube, followed a link from that video.

Saw that the techniques used in that video would have applications for many different types of costuming as well.

Had also seen some other paper modeling done in recent times (just for the sake of making models) and the whole idea looked like something requiring further research.


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A local game store wanted to hire me to make a suit of armor for a parade.

he gave me the link.

i actually had looked into making armor when halo 2 came out, but i was pretty young so it didn't happen.

but now look at me!!!

here with the coolest group of people i know on the internet!


I read about the weta warthog in my topgear Austrralia magazine so i looked it up on the internet and i managed to come across that article involving a harasment case, the FBI, a jerk and Spase


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Through a friend and fellow Predator prop maker...Newspartancreator. I then met through Joe members Ithica, Das Brutus, and many others. A great bunch of guys and the work you guys do here is amazing. Just now getting active here but, I hope to start my own projects after SDCC. See ya around!


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I actually found this site from browsing Halo 2 pictures way back after it had been out for a little over a year. I saw some pictures of people making MJOLNIR armor, which of course sparked my attention! I found and, but never thought about it or came back (I was in elementary) until after ODST came out. I wanted to find out how to make ODST armor and remembered 405th, and so I came back and started to stalk around and learn the ropes. I started to get serious and make plans about it though, and so I've recently made an account :)


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The Halo Waypoint posted a picture of someone wearing the MC outfit at the Super Bowl. In the caption they said, "From the great guys at" So I investigated.
I've always been a Halo fanatic, but when I found out that people had made the actual armour I went crazy trying to find out how. And eventually that led me here.