Huge 3D Model / Sound FX Archive from nearly every Halo Game (Halo CE - Halo 5)


Jr Member
Hello all! This is my first time posting about this here in the forums, but I have been working on a MASSIVE passion project for the last two months, which has been to create a near complete archive of every important 3d model from each Halo game.

This archive includes the 3D models and Sound FX for nearly every weapon, vehicle, character/npc, multiplayer/campaign level all in .Obj and .Wav format for you to use for props. It has been tediously organized to make it rather easy to find whatever you are looking for from any game and more are being added each day! Currently I am working on sound extractions now as well, so expect each sound file from every game very soon as well!

I hope this helps those of you looking to make cool 3d props and feel free to pass this link around to whoever may need / want it! Have fun!

DISCLAIMER - I do not claim to own these models, nor do I condone these for commercial use. These models are the sole property of Microsoft and 343i. This archive is not endorsed by Microsoft and does not reflect the views or opinions of Microsoft or anyone officially involved in producing or managing Halo. These are to be used for hobby reasons only and not to be used or sold for purpose of making money.