Ironman Foam Builds (info added on page 1 for foam builds) Update on helmet.

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by drack, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. drack


    Thank you man. I will be doing a run once its finished. I will add it is quite a big helmet as scaled to my tank like armour. I will be doing a another smaller more universal size as well. My future plans are to do all 5 Ironman helmets, MK V, MK VII MKVIII, Iron Patriot and Warmachine. The next 2 I will doing are Ironman MK VIII and Masterchief MK VI.

    Cheers bro. It does have a lot of imperfections that the camera hasn't picked up but I have been concentrating on getting it looking right first. Once the teeth are fixed will get them all smoothed out.

    I know I keep seeing the master and wondering how in the world it got to this :)
  2. thorn696


    Very impressive. Now that is the way a Ironman helmet should look :D
    A Work of Art


    You get the idea that I like what I'm seeing. ;)
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  3. MacTrigger

    MacTrigger Jr Member

    Just a small question, did you use red foam and then plastidipped it or sprayed red primer and then plastidipped that ? :)
  4. drack


    Lol cheers. Love the Thorn stamp of approval pic :)

    The process is explained on my first post but I plasti dip to seal the foam then primer. I hit the helmet with a clear coat too as I intended on casting it. I won't be doing that way again though as its all a bit long winded.
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  5. 02 Hawkeye STi

    02 Hawkeye STi New Member

    Wow I love all the work done so far, the helmet is perfect!
  6. drack


    Thank you man. Should be able to get back to the main build soon but have started a whole load of other projects so it tricky balancing them all.
  7. drack


    Just so those of you that are following my thread know I am back on the helmet. I should have it ready for moulding in the next few days :)
  8. thorn696


    WhooooT!!!! he's back. :)
  9. Spartan_127

    Spartan_127 Well-Known Member

    Glad you're back!
    Can't wait to see the molding process.
  10. drack


    So looks like we need a re-update here too. Here is the helmet finished. The face plate is moulded I just need to get the other half of the main helmet mother mould done next.
    I am aware that the right eye is deeper than the other but I fixed this when filling the eyes with clay before moulding.



  11. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    OK, I'll bite.... ;)

    This is freaking awesome. I think I'm going to back my ute over mine and start again......
  12. Spartan_127

    Spartan_127 Well-Known Member

    It's looking FABULOUS!!!!!! :p Great finished piece.

    RTWHOCKEY Jr Member

    Dat helmet... I want it... It's awesome!!
  14. drack


    Why?!?! You're helmets awesome man.

    Cheers guys :) If I thought it would even come close to fitting you RT you could get one but this thing is massive.
  15. jamescandy

    jamescandy New Member

    I'm blown away by the quality of this suit; to undertake such an elaborate design is even more impressive. You must have the patience of a saint! Incredible work!
    I'm watching your Foam Technique Tutorials now, truly a great resource! Thanks!
  16. drack


    Cheers man :)
    I had hoped to get more videos done but you know what its like, life'n'all!
  17. thorn696


    That helmet looks awesome :)
  18. drack


    Cheers Thorn.
    I think you will like the next pics of it as I just this minute came in from finishing the mother mould for the main part of the helmet :)

    RTWHOCKEY Jr Member

    haha, you never know. I have one of Adam's BlueRealm Chief cast and it turns outs its not to bad a fit on me :) and its some 30 cm high or so
  20. drack


    Big update :)

    Before I post my pic up I would like start by thanking everyone that has helped, encouraged or followed my work. When I started this hobby I never would have dreamed that one day I would have made what is sat in from of me. If you persevere and are willing to learn the hard way you can achieve your dreams. Without further a due here is the finished article. Its the master painted up so will only be used as a display piece but it will get the same treatment as my wearable helmet. All thats left to do is make some eyes, hinges and a base for it to sit on.

    Here is a picture of my first attempt a year and a half ago. Awful right!? :D


    Now after lots of reading and hard work the real thing!

    IMG_2238_zps19aa7e28.jpg IMG_2239_zps91cc8d09.jpg

    I know the face plate doesn't align properly but it warped a little while left in the sun so a quick heat gun session should get it back to its rightful place.
  21. Necrogenesis

    Necrogenesis Member

    :smiles: ::bigdouchegrin:: ::standingovationplz:: :fistbump:

  22. Spartan214

    Spartan214 New Member

    Omg it looks like the real thing, that is BEAUTIFUL.
  23. drack


    Proper photos :)



    Thank you for the comments Necrogenesis and Spartan-214 :)
  24. Xtremenoob

    Xtremenoob Member

    B E A utiful, nice work very clean and crisp
  25. drack


    Thank you man! :)

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