Ironman Foam Builds (info added on page 1 for foam builds) Update on helmet.

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    RTWHOCKEY Jr Member

    Well, it's a bit annoying when there's two big black bars on the side of the screen, but no, not really. If you turn your phone sideways we can see more of the helmet when you film tho. :D
  2. drack


    I did it in portrait because the angle of the shot meant the helmet was more tall than wide. All of the helmet is in shot so I didn't see any problem. I suppose it's the draw back of portable devices being so widely used. I check everything on my iPad so if some thing is portrait I just turn it.
  3. Spartan_127

    Spartan_127 Well-Known Member

    Suit up looks great.
    Can't wait for more progress on this one.
  4. rpm49

    rpm49 New Member

    How much plastidip should i buy? Will the plastidip in the can clump and become uneven or should i go with the can. heading to lowes in the next half hour. Thank you (building the whole halo 4 foam suit besides helm) Thank you
  5. drack


    Well I bought a 2.5 litre can and its lasted nearly 2 years. It has started to thicken but I thinned it down with some mineral spirits which fixed that. Because I had it so long I got bits in it :( I'd say a 750 tin would be more than enough and if you need more you can always go grab some. You could go with the spray on but that would get very costy so its up to you really. I have read about people using the spray and they use a lot of cans where as one can of the paint will do.
  6. rpm49

    rpm49 New Member

    so that plasti dip just provides a smoothe surface for your next layer of paint? wonder if i bought the wrong paint. just bought a spray paint and primer non latex. might just have to go back whenever bud.
  7. drack


    Plastidip is a rubberised paint. It self levels, sticks really well especially to foam and seals the foam as using just a spray will soak in to the foam. I am a little confused though as you have had 2 people suggesting plastidip or latex paint as your base coat and you bought neither. I know you are new to this but we are here to help so not taking the advice of those experienced in the craft seems counterproductive. I'm not trying to be harsh and it may be that the store you went to didn't sell the products but if you try to make foam armour with out them its not going to look as good as you want it to.
  8. rpm49

    rpm49 New Member

    exactly^ not smart on my end. gonna inveat in sone of that. new is an understatement lol.
  9. drack


    Lol. Well we all have to start some where. The best advice I can give is read as much as you can. I spent more hours than my wife was happy about looking through threads working out every technique and material needed. That's why I did my info part at the start of my thread because when it was more active I though it would mean more people would see it and save them looking through loads of threads to get all the info needed. I am gunna update it with a link actualy that contains loads more info so cheers for making me think of it :)

    Edit: just added to the first page :)
  10. thorn696


    Your Armor looks Awesome so far. :)
  11. drack


    Cheers Thorn. I haven't had much time to work on it though because I was finishing my hammer, helmet and working on my under suit for a film I will be in. We just got use of the camera they used in Dredd and Pirates of the Caribbean so the cast are all very excited now :)
  12. ABYISZ

    ABYISZ New Member

    Dude there is such a high level of quality work going on in this thread...Bravo! Everything you have looks magnificent and I can't wait for more.
  13. drack


    Cheers man. Sorry that you will have to wait a bit as I have other stuff I am working on that takes precedence over this one. Will return to it at some point :)
  14. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Where are you up to now mate?

  15. Tinykneebreaker

    Tinykneebreaker New Member

    Amazing construction and functions.. Grats brah!
  16. drack


    Hey bro. Hopefully will be getting back to the suit soon cause want it ready for new year. I am busy at the moment making a Willy Wonka outfit (Johnny version) for my boys carnival so will try to get Ironman finished after that.
  17. MrSkatePl

    MrSkatePl New Member

    I'm new and I have some questions:
    -where can I find Iron man pepakura files for iron man mk6 (that you have used)
    -how can I open them (what program should I use)
    Sory, if I make mistakes
    Thanks for help
  18. ziffa27

    ziffa27 New Member

    Hello Simon and welcome,
    I am a bit new too but i will try to help you nayway i can :)
    There are many places to find pepakura files the best and most easy i find is my best friend google :D just type (iron man mk6 pepakura) and a lot will come up.
    For the second question you will need (Pepakura Designer) from Tama Software Ltd.
    Here is a link:

    Hope this will help ;)
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  19. drack


    Hi Simon and welcome to 405th.

    I am sorry for the delay on my answer but I don't visit here as often as I used to so was chance that I did yesterday :)
    To answer your questions I can not remember where I got the files from but was probably from the forum There are very many Ironman builds there. Ziffa27 answered about the program and the link is at the start of this thread. Hope this helps and if you have any more questions ask away. I have set my threads/settings to email me again if any one comments on them :)

    P.S. Also try pepakura library on Facebook there are a lot of files there too.

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