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Ironman Foam Builds (info added on page 1 for foam builds) Update on helmet.

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by drack, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Noble

    Noble New Member

    I am amazed by what can be accomplished with foam. Your Iron man is spot on. I do have a question about foam armor though. One of the biggest issues most people have with full armors is the heat while wearing one. When wearing foam armor is it hotter inside the armor than any other type of armor?
  2. ziffa27

    ziffa27 New Member

    So good man ;)
  3. frelosio

    frelosio New Member

    wow some amazing work! totally inspired!
  4. drack


    Cheers guys :)

    Noble to answer your question it gets real hot in the foam suits. I boiled to death in the Halo suit I wore to Comic-con (for 6 hours). Although I did have on thermals on under it because it was the only black stuff I had. I am making a proper undersuit where any parts that arent on view will just be bare skin and I am going to put 4 big fans in the back and a couple of small ones in the helmet. For this suit I thankfully have enough room for some in the chest and maybe the back but will see when I get to that.
  5. drack


    Hinge mock up in.

    I know in the video you can see the foamex/sintra but its just a mock up so that will be hidden now I understand the angles, set up needed etc. My final hinges will be made from a thin aluminium which if the tutorial I read on works will be black.

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  6. Toja

    Toja Member

    looks great
  7. Spartan_127

    Spartan_127 Well-Known Member

    Awesome, Awesome and more awesome.
    Shut up and take my money now. :p
    Seriously though. . . it has turned out spectacular. I've loved following the build on the helmet.
  8. drack


    Small update. Got the eyes cut and in place. I made them from opaque acrylic. I cut them out, popped them in the oven and then bent into shape. They are not glued in yet as I need to work out how many and which LEDs I want in them but more than happy with the result :)


    Cheers guys :)
    Well S127 I will be doing a run at some point. I want to get the hinges perfect first as they will be supplied too.
  9. thorn696


    Looks awesome.

    RTWHOCKEY Jr Member

    Tony Stark himself would be proud.
  11. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    That is one beautiful bit of kit.
  12. drack


    Cheers guys. Should have some pics of me in everything done so far if my wife will entertain taking some tonight :)
  13. vargatom

    vargatom Member

    I'll just leave this here


    RTWHOCKEY Jr Member


    Im not getting the point of the pic
  15. drack


    I too am confused by this one 0_o
  16. Halcyon25

    Halcyon25 Jr Member

    I think that's a hint to how he is going to see out of the helmet... which by the way is B.A. looking, great job...

  17. drack


    But it's my helmet!
  18. Halex

    Halex Jr Member

    Wow, beautiful work. Simply amazing how far it's come, and such a great finished product (even if it's not quite finished yet).
  19. drack


    So finally the picture of me wearing every made so far. I know the right shoulder pad isn't in place but I broke the elastic support for it. I want to redo the pads any way as they are missing a bit and its bugging me!


    Cheers man :)
  20. vshore100


    That's pretty sick Tom. I still say you are the Foam King!!! :D
  21. Mstruvmgc


    Thats not foam, he has us all fooled lol

    Great job Tom, looks awesome :)
  22. Spartan214

    Spartan214 New Member

    Ah that looks amazing!!!
  23. vargatom

    vargatom Member

    That is the orientation you use your smartphone in to record video. I strongly believe that there should be a software feature to outright disable recording when it's in portrait orientation.

    Just look at your monitor in front of you right now and tell me landscape wouldn't be better :)

    RTWHOCKEY Jr Member

    Ah, I see now. Turn your phone sideways when you record drack :)

    Btw, your armor looks incredible! Perhaps elite... (Come on mods, move this to elite!)
  25. drack


    I lnow how to film in landscape. I wanted to film in portrait, is that bad lol? 0_o

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