Matt H's Reach Carter Armor WIP (99% Complete!)


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Matt You said you were rushing for Halloween too, you are in no need to rush!

You have an amazing job done! Your just about finished, I have so much more to do, looking at your thread makes me feel very behind:eek

I should be done next week sometime, I wont have time to put lights in I dont think but as I upgrade the armour I will add LEDs

Amazing work, its droll worthy!


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Pic update with a sneak peak....
It's almost done! I was about ready to leave my parents house where my work place is, and i just couldn't help but throw it on real quick...





Stupidly, i forgot to turn on the lights before i put it on :-\ and I also just noticed i forgot to put the helmet attachment on and the but pack is all crooked!!!! And i don't know why my black skin-suit looks kind of a maroon cooler??? wasnt planning on getting any pics but my mom walked in while i was suited up lol!! And that last pic of the back is just embarassing. Im a few pounds heavier than last year and i need to loosen the belt lol!!! some spartan i am huh?!?! :(

I also am almost done with the other front attachment. I got the base scratch built and im going to cover it with black and gray foamies, install a small pouch on the top, and light up the 2 screens with green LED's.

Home stretch!! Here's what is left to do:

-Add more decals
-Lights, padding, and fans in the helmet
-Padding (or mount motorcycle elbow guard, can't make up my mind) and detail screws in forearms
-Foam, add lights, and mount front attachments
-Attach handguards to gloves
-Finish forearm tac-pad
-Make foam toe details
-Install remaining knee pieces (forgot to drill holes in shin guards for the floating knee cap and the other parts are hardened and will be installed tomorrow hopefully)
-HOPEFULLY make the front panel for the torso out of foam
-Time permitting, i am working on an Armor Ability Device that may be done for halo-ween :D

Sadly, i don't think i will have time to do an undersuit before halo-ween :( but this will be an on-going project so i will probably do that this winter. I have all the stuff for my duct tape dummy but i just need someone to help me out sometime

@ Shade & RK: Thanks guys!! Appreciate the support from you guys! Helps me keep motivated :D
@Dman: The LED's really aren't that expensive. Depending on how fancy you want to make the piece i am probably at $20 for lighting the torso. Its a bit more for lighting the rest of my suit but i went fancy this time and bought enclosed 9 volt battery boxes with on/off switches. You can always add them later, but with your project and deadline i would add them later. (your build is looking pretty sweet btw..)
@Thorn: LOLZ! Im gonna be a big blue blob of light that night!! especially if it's foggy here like it is a lot in the fall!! Thanks man!
@Proxy: Thanks for the comment! I wish you luck getting yours done too :) We should be both 100% done around the same time :D

Keep on building 405th!!! :D


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That is so close to done. looking really good man. I dont know that you need make a different undersuit. it looks good what you have now. I wouldnt worry that it comes out a little maroon in pics if it really is black in real life. I think the toe caps and the front attachments will really bring the whole thing together amazingly.


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I agree with every one else, with the few add-on's this will be one really Great looking suit. I know the feeling of trying to get it perfect right away but but everything you don't get done in time for Halloween be something for you to do this winter. As it is right now You have a suit most people could only envy, Great job. I still like the lighting :D


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thanks all :D should have it almost done tomorrow!

Small update:
All parts are padded and strapped and ready to go. The shin pieces are attached to the shin guards, just need to finish the 2 shin attachments tomorrow and screw them on to the shins. Handguards are attached to the gloves, so hopefully ill be 100% done tomorrow!

Got one of the front attachments installed;

Lights mounted in helmet and wired in series. Just need to add wire to the battery pack

Fans installed (for the most part). Need 2 more shorter mounting screws (Blackula's helmet is pretty tight in the jaw area so i had to mount them all weird...) Just need to tidy up the wiring and hook it up to battery pack.

Im REALLY debating linking a LED in the helmet attachment to this fan switch. May be kinda cool but i dunno....

Also, snagged a chair as i was carrying a forearm to my old room and....

BAH!!!! Lame sauce!!! If you wrote down every four letter word i screamed when this happened, you probably would have a novel sized stack of paper... :p oh well, hope i can make it look good again :-\

Anyways, thats it for the most part today. Taking my other chest attachment home with me, hopefully get it done there tonight


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Thanks all!! Quick question of opinion..... Does the red and green screens of my front attachment look bad??

I went to buy LED's but they didn't have enough to do both of them green. My mother said it looks like a traffic light.... What do you think?? I could go around town and find more green ones i guess....


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Pic update!!! Got green LED's when i took my car in to get looked at, so the suit is 99% done!!!!!




Took pics with my S&W 5906 9mm cause my prop/toy gun isn't painted yet :p Watcha guys think??? I know that the knee caps are way too high up but i just need to put the straps back on the shin pieces and they should stay in place after i install the other knee panels. Im just now working on the front panel for the chest piece and im debating the forearm attachment for now cause i want it to be nice. I bet nobody would notice it missing anyways but we will see, wouldn't take long to complete. ALSO im thinking about cutting some foam mats in to shoe insoles and that would put me up to probably 6'5" with all my gear on

EDIT: Also, I think i'm going to leave most of the decals off until after halloween cause it will probably rain or sprinkle that night and right now its too cold to spray a good looking clear coat over my decals without the clear coat clouding up. SOOO those will come later when this costume is mostly on display on my duct tape dummy :)


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Thanks guys! glad you like it :D Should be completely done either tomorrow or monday morning! Just a couple more things to put together and stock on there!!

Crazed, the undersuit is a skinsuit used for snorkeling and tropical scuba diving. heres a link; not a bad deal, way cheaper than the last Itech hockey undersuit i bought.

hopefully another update tomorrow, should have the front panel done and gonna start on my duct tape dummy lol!