My H3 WIP Helmet (Complete)

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Can you please post pics with helmet on your/smbdy head? Want to see how it fit and looks on head, please.
bevbor said:
Can you please post pics with helmet on your/smbdy head? Want to see how it fit and looks on head, please.
I will post some pics of helmet on my head just so you can see how it fits. To me, I think I should've added 2 more inches because when I have my headliner in, it adds about 1 inch and a half to the top of my head o_O

But for now here is where I am at. I noticed that everyone is doing the Green color for MC, but I wanted to go with another color so I opted to go with RED since Adam has a very nice RED suit, I decided to go that route. (There is a WHITE suit that I have seen on these forums and that looks nice as well)




As you can see, I took out the old nose piece and decided to go with FS nose piece off of his model. The last pic you see will be the nose piece I will install. There is one more detail that I will have to add, and right now I have no idea on how I am gonna do that. Ahh...if not I probably will leave it out. Hopefully if I have time tomorrow, I will go and glass the nose piece, but I think I might have to get me a visor first?
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It's beautiful! I recommend putting a white racing stripe down the center like Macattack and I think Adam did it as well. And don't forget battle damage. That's the point where this thing'll come to life.
That's what i'm going for...(hehe) i used a H2 helm to start.
sweet job!!!!!.......
...i am going to try that pep model next. hopeing to get as good as results as you! (trying right now with a H2)
oh yah...and thanks for posting my back like 2 weeks ago
That is really nice. The attention to detail is fantastic! Congrats and thanks for the inspirational pics.
bevbor said:
Can you please post pics with helmet on your/smbdy head? Want to see how it fit and looks on head, please.
This is for you bevbor...


Now I am only 5'4 and my scale that I used was set at 24.9 cm.



In the photos above I installed FS nose piece and then used CA glue to hold it in place. I also bought my visor and placed that in place as well just so I can see how close I need to bring the nose piece to the visor. I also added a paper template of how I was gonna add the sticker, yes I was thinking on using a sticker for the added effect of the MC visor...should I do it or go with the double visor??

I won't have no pics or any updates till probablly next week since I am getting ready to go on a trooping event with my garrison, so I will be a bit busy getting my TK outfit ready for that day. See you all on Monday with some updates!
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DoC ByTeS said:
Good Job! Chalk yet another one up to the pep modelers!
Thanks Doc, especially how yours came out I was in awe, I actually was gonna buy the Jelly but you said that is was not easy so I didn't want to go that route yet, but still your helmet came out really nice. But thanks though!
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Looks great, nice detailing. Awesome job on adding the nosepiece, too.
Interested to see your results if you do go with a sticker on the visor, it's nice to see alternatives pop up for the dual visor effect.
New Update!!!

Got the nosepiece in and started small work on trying to get some weathering on my helmet!



Here is some pics of the small weathering effect...LOL



Me with my helmet on

one of the best pep helmets ever. Comparable to Spase and Sb's, i mean really
you must have had some experience in this before huh?
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