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Much to tell so gather around!


As you all know, we have a Regiment located in Mexico. Likely you haven't had the chance to communicate much with those members as language is certainly a barrier. I can tell you though that they are very active and excelling at sharing on Facebook. In fact, their Facebook Page and Group are the most active of any other Regiment in the 405th! AZTLAN and his members are doing a fantastic job so thanks to all of you!

To aid in them having an easier time here on the forums, Art Andrews installed a Google Translate module that will translate the site in to any language! Now they will be able to read what the rest of the 405th is posting to a much greater degree! We do have a rule here though that this is an English forum and therefore posts must be in English. We've asked that the members need to respond in a language other than English outside of the Mexico Regiment that they also post the Google translation. We hope that while it adds a little more work to their posting, it will let everyone else know that they are using a translator and as we all know, they are less than perfect in translating especially when it comes to slang words etc. This might take a little time to get in the groove but I'm excited to see more activity on the forum from our Mexico Regiment Family!


Cadet and I had a long chat with our new RCO for Pacific EVAkura last night and he has big plans for that Regiment! He also hinted at posting some new tutorials in the near future so certainly something to look forward to. If you're from Pacific, make sure you post in your Regiment area and let him know you're around and what you'd like to see moving forward. Speak up, Pacific! Show EVAkura some love!


Interested in Halo game nights? Be sure to check out the relatively new 405th HOG forum for all of the information!

405th Halo Online Gaming (HOG)

405th SWAG

Cadet, Asgardianhammer and I have been working on getting some pretty cool swag designed that will be available on an ongoing basis for our Type C and Type D members (Auxiliary and Deployed) that we're pretty excited about! I'm keeping it under wraps until we can do the big reveal!

We're also talking about the potential for things like shirts or lanyards etc. What would YOU like to see?? Send a message to Asgardianhammer for general 405th merch ideas or your local Regiment staff for Regiment specific merch ideas!


Hopefully you've noticed the appearance of new FAQ's from time to time like the one on how to become a member and our newest one on Deployments.

We are currently working on a FAQ of what the duties and expectations are for our Regiment Commanding Officers, Executive Officers and Membership Officers. We want to give all of our Regiment staff members the tools they need to successfully run their Regiments as well as informing the membership about what they should be expecting from their elected RCO and staff.

Have and idea about an FAQ you think would be helpful, let me know!


We are now on our 9th day of Deployments being open are seeing a fairly steady influx of applications. WE WANT MORE! Got questions about deployments? Feel free to hit up your Regiment Membership Officer and they would be more than happy to speak to you. Sierra 107 and CommanderPalmer are also available for questions. We're all here to help!

PHOTO REMINDER! We're seeing lots of applications without all of the requested photos. We need head to toe photos from the front, back and both sides so that the team can review the whole kit and not just from the front.

Coming soon! A far less lame title for this along with it being used on a frequent and ongoing basis!

We're going to share news, feature members and highlight Regiment activities. Got something you think we should share? Please PM me with the details!

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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Some of you are going to notice a little difficulty getting in to the 405th at the moment if you're using a bookmark that does not have the www at the start. The reason for that is that we've switched over to a much more secure https from the http and the www is needed. Just update your bookmark and you're good to go!


As well, the translation app at the bottom of the forum will do most any language so this can really benefit our members around the world! Just keep in mind that anything you post must still be in English!


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FANGS you had me at swag. Any changes to members like me who arent havent wont deploy or in support roles such as me?


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FANGS you had me at swag. Any changes to members like me who arent havent wont deploy or in support roles such as me?
Every Regiment is free to make Regiment specific merch that is available to all members of the Regiment. As you know, you do not have to be deployed or even have a completed costume to be in a Regiment, so any Regimental Mercy would be accessible to anyone in that situation. You just have to work with your local Regiment Command Staff to get so swag made. In fact, any member can organize a swag/merch run, they just have to get approval from ttheir local RCS and then from Robert, Asgardianhammer , the Division Identity Officer.

Also, there is General 405th swag, hats and patches, available at all times at an on going basis.