Reach Jun Build (Foam/fibreglass + custom undersuit)


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This build is awesome! I do have a question tho: how are you attaching snaps to the fiberglassed inside of the armor? I have yet to find a reliable adhesive that grips rondo or resined fiberglass..


FalseShepherd thanks! have you tried attaching the snap to webbing and hot glue it to scratched up rondo? It’s what im going to try but if that doesn’t work Velcro is always there for me I guess..
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I figured out the printer, it was rising too fast and not enough to pull the layer off the fep. Anycubics slicing software is aweful. I switched to lychee and all the print since have been great.
Switching to a halfway decent slicer was what fixed my Photon woes. Lycheeslicer is amazing.


small little teeny tiny itty bitty update

I "revised" my vinyl part a bit and now it’s more accurate with the details and layers though I’m not sure it was actually worth the effort... oh well I like it. I haven’t added the shoulder pads, I’m not sure I need to yet. maybe once the arms are done I’ll decide on that.
E682B170-C258-420E-B71E-C6EBA3A4BE99.jpeg 489C282D-8B1D-4665-9B39-03D22B213032.jpeg

I also started the spine. i found the dark bluish vinyl years ago and finally using it makes me very happy. Im kinda stuck on the spine armour though, I want to to be somewhat flexible. It doesn’t need to articulate like Spidermonkey60 spine but I’d like it to be able to stretch when I bend over. Im a bit worried the vinyl might get bunchy though..

the blue flappy parts are sewn to the vinyl of the chest armor to create the whole vest-unit that velcro/snaps inside the armour.
C922C47C-71E5-43BC-9A5B-08CC132F9CEE.jpeg A1F0A47A-B3E1-4399-B96C-D61CC7A9B193.jpeg D9D81248-BDF1-449C-A05A-869D921824BE.jpeg B193EB8B-3F18-466E-8D13-255DA255FAC2.jpeg 3FDF2FCF-05E4-458E-AFCF-225E0A10789F.jpeg

the spine I’m thinking will attach to the chest armour and use snaps or Velcro to either the undersuit or the butt armour. I’m not sure what would be better when it comes to movement. I don’t really want the spine to pull the butt armor up when I move either....

BUTTON DOWN EVERYTHING. Snaps everywhere I guess...

the blue flaps are made of thinner vinyl fabric with small 2mm foam boarders hand sewn into them with a backstitch.
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Got distracted with lego again, ive finished the thighs for the most part, gotta add the circle detail to the vinyl part but otherwise theyre ready for paint. Theyre all foam except the zigzaggy detail on the side. I cut that part out of the pepped thighs i made 3 yrs ago.
602FFBCA-F06C-40D1-B584-4702DC9FD869.jpeg 08C23769-C1BB-4E27-8BEA-7BB28CA6277B.jpeg
The seals are 2mm foam wrapped in vinyl. I dont think theres any reason to make them removable so after i paint ill be gluing them to the armor.

today im working on the shins. Im using the pepped file i made before and probably foam for padding them out a little. Just finishing the fibreglass/rondo/bondo, then maybe a few foamies added for protection.
Theyre gonna be probably the heaviest part of the costume but theyre getting attached to some rubber boots so they won't pull down any if my other armor. Im still trying to keep the weight down though.

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