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hello all, i am working on a halo infinite helmet and need to vacuum form the visor. i dont have supplies and am still trying to learn it so i was wondering if anybody would be able to do it for me and i could pay. i can 3d print the visor and smooth it and ship it. just need if shaped. if anybody could help or know anyone who could help that would be appreciated


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Have you tried doing a search for makerspaces in your area? If you're in a reasonably sized city, there's a good chance you have a makerspace around you, and a chance that they may have a vacuum former for use. There's a makerspace in my city with a vacuum former that I'm planning to use for my build. In my case, you have to pay a monthly membership for 24/7 access, but they have open house nights once a week with free access to their equipment for the public. Might be worth looking into.


I mean, I caaaaaaaan, but it would be a lot of expenses for just the one visor. I suggest looking into making your own small former, it's actually not complicated !

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Goodwill or second hand toaster oven. I got one for $5. Couple 2’ sheets of MDF. Couple screws with wing nuts and a shop vac.
Here’s my cheap former. Pretty simple and crude!

good luck! Helmet came out great as well!!


how much would we be talking here? i dont mind paying a bit for high quality pieces. and like i said id be down for shipping my 3d printed visor with buck for it

Honeslty the biggest expense will probably be shipping it here to Canada. Search Johnsonarmprops on facebook or insta, you'll probably save more money keeping this in the US :)