What Does Your Username Mean?


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You can tell a lot about a person by their Username. An alias, false name, Pseudonym, reveals interests, desires, and other character qualities. What can you really tell by a man who calls himself ThePseudonym?

I also like superheroes, and thought that The Batman had a good ring to it. So, not liking bats, or having any heroic superpowers, I came up with the Pseudonym.


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ODST-Seph... well if I need to explain the first bit (ODST) here, then I think I'm in the wrong place. It does bear mentioning that with the exception of 117, I personally think the ODST are all sorts of harder than the Spartans! Seph comes from Final Fantasy VII's bad ass Bad Guy! I went by Sephiroth on a few forums about 10 years ago now. I was out skating in my home town and a guy I'd arranged to skate with me n my mates came up and said "Hey Seph!" and that was it, henceforth I was Seph!


I've been using this handle forever, since i first got on the internet over 15 years ago... It's the only one I've ever used... It was like 1:00 AM, and i was trying to think of a screen name for some gaming BBS (remember those?), and I was just looking around the room for ideas... The lighting was casting shadows of everything and i thought they looked cool so i was like, "hmm... shadow... something." There was a ceramic kitty sculpture on the top shelf of my desk (you know, i think it may even have been the same one i used for my test mold!) and i thought it looked interesting, and it sounded good... "Shadow Cat," but the BBS username system only allowed eight characters, so i shortened it to fit. I've been ShadoKat ever since.

I eventually learned about the female X-Men character when i started joining chat rooms with this handle and started getting LOTS of PM's...


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Roxy is my real name. The "Roo" was added by my 8th grade teacher. She used to call me RoxyRoo and I loved it so much I kept it ever since. I use it for most of my online accounts.
My name, Shadow1336, is taken from a few sources.

First of all, Shadow. My dad and I used to play Halo 1 together, and I always used to sneak up on him and assassinate, or headshot from behind. And when we played co-op, I was always right behind him, so he called me his "Shadow". After going online as Shadow for a while, the name stuck with me.
Now, 1336. The internet meme, 1337, or "Leet", stands for Elite. So when creating an Xbox live account, I went with 1336, only one number away from being leet. It just so happens, that the number also ads up to 13, that being my age at the time of my account's creation.

My old username, before the Forum Change, was Lt. Buckmaster. Lieutenant being my father's rank before leaving the army, and Buckmaster being my epic last name.


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Basically, my name comes from my habit of having too much fun the night before. As you can see from my GIF sig, i ride...ALOT. well one Friday night i decided to imbibe a little too much....if you catch my drift. Well on saturdays my bike freinds and I always went for rides. well after 2 hours of riding we stopped at our spot for some "heated riding", basically an abandoned subdivision that was like a racetrack for us. we we are all BS'ing and suddenly my night before strikes and i "Steve-O" spew in front of all my freinds......so not to long after that i start to be known as upchuck...so i just took off the C and there it is.


mine is named after fire team zulu from the first halo and X11 is my service tag after it exept its a x instead of a z because x is a cooler letter in my opinion.

Spartan 037

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Spartan: Badass lol
037: 3+7=10. i was born on the 10th day of december.
my old one was Lt. Ty

Lt.: lieutenant, my rank in Social Big Team
Ty: my name is Tyler


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I have a bunch of business cards hanging around from all the vendors we use at work. Just a mish mash of middle initials and last names.

Some random guys middle initial -V,

somebody's last name - Shore

The 100 was just a filler.

VShore100 - There you have it!


" Two barrels pointed at you, your doom! Here we are we're the Cowboys From Hell"

- Pantera


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I play airsoft on weekends and most of my armour is red, and wolf comes from the phrase Lone Wolf, therefore: RedWolf


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my name comes from several things. red= my favorite color, ninja= awsome, 141= rune scape name (webb141. webb= last name, 141= sugested number for name)
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Mine was Kitsune (till the site was re uploaded and everyones was changed to their user name).
Anyway, Kitsune is Japanese for Fox. I used this for a few reasons.
Firstly; i just plain like foxes.
Secondly: My Halo profiles are named Kitsune (plus a few other online accounts).
Thirdly: my Armour colour is always orange
Finally: Ive been told i have reasonably good hearing (not so fun at concerts and Loud Partys).

Until i can get it changed back, its stuck as Jabenbetz which is just my first and last name together: Jaben Betz