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    Infected Marine Flood! (Pic Heavy)

    Bump for progress update... any news? If itd help, there are a couple marine suits being fabbed up out ther- iirc adams and vrogies u could just cut them up and put them over a big flexfoam under-suit
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    Boron Steel Armor

    DO IT. CNC plasma+ vector output from pepakura is plausible.. just not with any great detail. Maybe MKV armor.
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    If We Wanted To Improve The 405Th Forums...

    It's an opinion. If you don't want to hear it, don't ask for it or don't read it- you have options. Personally, I'm tired of the flood of 14-year-olds. Anyone else interested in a 405th-for-grownups?
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    If We Wanted To Improve The 405Th Forums...

    paid membership, 5$ for a username, or paid posting. 2 cents per post should do it. fewer immature mods, more mature staff. less kids. Age 18 minimum would cut out a lot of the noise.
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    Eva Shoulders

    IMO they should be symmetrical. The files are not. A modeler can probably fix that pretty easily.
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    Infected Marine Flood! (Pic Heavy)

    thigs are soft armor- drop leg pouches wrist is soft armor-pouch butt piece is soft armor- a fanny pack rest is in the pdos, just broken up and smooshed out by the floodiness.
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    Let's Get Active With The 405Th

    it boils down to this.. go along with the mods plans and wait for them to finish.. sometime.. or start your own group/. both are annoying and the latter is a lot of work.
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    Mac5 Hd 3D File Wip.

    i think you could use some o' them non-uniform rational basis splines
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    The Beginning Of My Marine Suit

    or just multiply by 10, decimal number system and all..... also google can do that stuff for you
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    Anti-Vehicle Nonlinear Rifle/mkvi Sparten Wip

    wow. good goin' , douches.
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    Public Announcement: Armor Impact Tests

    what about vacform armor/ i think seans is .08 abs, can anyone test that??
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    D.i.y 3D Printing

    No, but it will torque everything in the frame in a way it's not supposed to. Additive machining is advantageous and doable because it doesn't require the big, rigid frame of a CNC milling machine.
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    Microsoft Cracking Down On Pep Files?

    pssssssssssssst.. use, test, upload to new site. profit! Also could make a little application that starts a big indexed torrent of pep files, and lets you grab whichever ones you want, kinda like the blizzard downloader but with a big list of pep files. Might need a...
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    Let's Be Honest. Halo 3:odst Is *edit* Ok!

    ODSTs should not be able to melle Wraiths to death. no matchmaking for firefight.. If you already have Halo 3.. the extra multiplayer crap is meh.. very not worth it.
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    Too Many Stickies!

    I read them, but holy crap it took a long time.. and the search SUCKS. get a damn wiki!