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    Ma5c Laser Tag

    Looks good; its pretty nice that you mixed pep with scartch built but overall its comming along nicely.
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    Props Shotgun On Halocostumingwiki

    Or you can just cut the pieces on each page out separately and on one of the pieces where one side meets a page make it a tab and just glue it together. it will act like a whole piece.
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    Electrostatic Wall At 3m Plant

    I remember reading somewhere that that releases x rays Found it so i doubt that you would want that in your suit still an interesting concept though.
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    Are There Any Countries Like This?

    My AP world teacher lets us use wiki on our timelines
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    Sniper Scope View?

    Looking at snow on showground would help in the editing part
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    Youtube Is Retarded!

    This works
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    New Mythic Map Revealed!

    looks like a remake of terminal
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    Recon Helmet Help!

    if you look in tour printer setting you might have a orientation tool so you wouldn't have to do all that work
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    Just open it up and connect random contacts sometimes you might hit a spot that changes the pitch.
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    Trip Mine

    You could also try adding a thing the beeps inside it.
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    Unsc/sierra117's Battle Rifle Build

    Carbine? or if you want an easy one grenades two of each :)
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    Airsoft People

    Look for any loose wires and post a picture of it. If you don't find any push the wires into some contacts to see if any are loose. I'm no airsoft person but i think its an electronic problem. (alos check the batteries)
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    It just brings me to thier homepage, now what? o_O
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    Making Low Detail Into High Detail...?

    It would take a lot of bondo and sanding and it will be heavier if you do that, I suggest you go the extra mile and do the hi def, you will save a lot of grief later.