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Grrr! We're freelancers! Red vs Blue WIP

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Sara, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. hobbitdude13

    hobbitdude13 Member

    Those are masterpieces. Jaw-dropping, I s**t thee not.
  2. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Thanks guys :) I'm really pleased with it. Between working on snake enclosures I've been finishing off a vac-forming buck for the visor, it's been a very busy day :/

    Nicole pepped hers but I organised all the files for it. Basically to get the scale right on the permutation I found two comparable parts on that file and one the chest piece file (flyingsquirrels) and used the 'measure distance between points' tool to figure out the size. When I say comparable I mean two things that should be the same size on each file. Using the measurements of each I just bumped the scale of the permutation til I got it within a mm of the correctly scaled chest piece. There's probably a better way to do that though, I'm not familiar with all the ins and outs of the pep program.

    To attach it Nicole pepped the FSQ chest (minus a few details tbh lol) and then using sticky tape, glue, paper, hopes and dreams she stuck the permutaion over the top. There's no good way to describe it, I don't know how but we just made it stick.

    When Kristian and I fibreglassed it I coated the outside twice and then trimmed out all of the stuff from the inside that had no resin on it because that stuff was clearly covered by the recon attachment. Once that excess was gone and we didn't have a pocket of air in there anymore we stranded it as normal. Hope that helps :)
  3. drack


    Sweet cast Sara looks perfect :)
    I love the fact your plastic is yellow.
  4. Xtremenoob

    Xtremenoob Member

    Perfect, so smooth, crisp lines and corners..... Beautiful. Nice work keep it up!!!
  5. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Lol yeah, I've been tinting it so I can see how even my coats are. I thought I grabbed black but it turned out to be dark green, at least it's patriotic :p green & gold.

    The forming buck is done now and we're just waiting to see if the courier drops off our plastic tonight. It was meant to come this morning but they screwed up. I'm pretty nervous about how the vac form is going to turn out. I do have a backup plan though just in case. Hopefully I'll have good news to share tomorrow :)
  6. Spartan_127

    Spartan_127 Well-Known Member

    Helmets look righteous! Loving it.
    Can't wait to see how the visors turn out.
    Keep it up.
  7. socom

    socom New Member

    Sooo glad Ive been following this build. Sweet job.
  8. thorn696


    Both the helmet and chest-plate look Epic. :)
  9. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Thanks guys :)

    I've FINALLY got my petg although I'm concerned that I'm going to need some thinner stuff, I guess I'll have to see how I go. What IS apparent is that we're going to be looking for a new vacuum, I just don't think the one we have is going to get the job done so I wont be wasting any material to confirm that. Sorry about the non-update, I really do hope to have some visors happening soon (I am not a patient person), we're looking at vacuums straight away, everything else is good to go. In the meantime I've got a few casts laying around now so I'll start a thread in the classifieds section.
  10. wwelsh207


    That bondo work Is MIND BLOWING! amazing job
  11. Dohko 66

    Dohko 66 New Member

    Keep up the perfect job. I hope that time is rarely a video tutorial of the vac-forming
  12. ViperB77


    Sarah! Excellent job as always. Watching you do your processes, and seeing how far you have come, even till now... DANG. I can't wait to see what weapons you're going to make for your characters (aside the brute-shot) and this... I don't know what to say other than "GAAAAAahahaAHahasejeqjtrqwei14591-2057921ujiorwe9ufhishdf (banging ass on keyboard)"

    This is just freaking amazing. When you get to your boots, take good pics! I'm going to try and leave the bottom solid, and maybe glue in "interchangeable" EVA foam, but I get a feeling it wont meet my needs.

    ...So I will keep building... and right now, I am stopping my drought. I am scoring more of my pep to keep going. Thank you for the inspiration!
  13. ViperB77


    Are we back?

    I miss watching your work!!!

    Send me an email sometime!
  14. Spartan_127

    Spartan_127 Well-Known Member

    We'll still be here when you get that new vacuum so you can pull the PETG sheets the right way.
    Just an idea. . . You could use a 5-10 HP shop vac for the initial pull and you could create a hard pull using a 10 gallon air tank to save costs. I've been looking into it myself. Just an idea, but there's lots of stuff you could google on it. Here's one thing that I found. Instrucables Vacuum Form. I don't know that it would have enough pull to do thicker PETG sheets, but the guy has other tutorials and shows how he uses an air tank to pull a hard final pull on stuff.
    Keep up the awesome work and look forward to seeing something in the future.
  15. drack


    I've buzzed Sara a couple of times here and no reply :(
  16. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Hey Guys! I'm back, not much of up an update, (consider it a pre-update) but just wanted to let you all know I'm not dead, I appreciate everyone who's cared enough to chase me up on this project, even though I never replied (and I am sorry :( )

    Anyway, I have much to get in order but I wanted to check in and mostly say thanks for sticking with me, I expect I'll have a proper build update in the coming weeks :)

    Also.... YAY, WE HAZ OUR FORUMS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers Guys
  17. drack


    Yey she is still with us! I was getting worried for a bit there. Good to see you and look forward to what's to come :)
    Oh p.s. check out what I've been up to I think you will like.
  18. Halex

    Halex Jr Member

    Woohoo, glad you're back! Looking forward to seeing that update!
  19. gothylox

    gothylox New Member

    I am loving this thread, I remember staying up late at night watching red vs blue years and years ago. I cannot wait to see them all together completed. keep it up your work is very clean.

    RTWHOCKEY Jr Member

    YAAAY!! It's still ON! So happy this build isn't dead!
  21. ViperB77


    YAY! Go SARA GO!

    Did you die?
  22. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Hi Guys, sorry, not dead. I hope this doesn't count as a necro post but I just wanted to let any follower know that this build isn't dead, I've just had a change in circumstances.

    The house we're renting has been put up for sale so while we have poeple coming through looking at it I can't have the garage cluttered up with bondo shavings, dust, fibreglass and assorted bits of halo armour so for the meantime averything has been packed away :(

    The good news is that we're building a house of our own so once that's done I'll have free rein to continue with the build.

    In the meantime while I haven't been very active I've still been active I've still been checking out everyone's builds and in about 5 months time (that sound like forever :( ) I'll hopefully be able to revive this thread (as long as that's not againt the necro post rules) and pick up where we left off :)

    Cheers guys :)
  23. spartan IV

    spartan IV

    i am just glad to see your still around your build has been great to follow.
  24. drack


    Great to hear from you and it's not necro when it's your thread :)
  25. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Hi 405thers :) (Nope, not dead)
    Gee, it been ages since I've had anything to post here. No new build news yet unfortunately but for anyone who wants a better look at my EVA helmet I recently uploaded this video of the original and a cast, I thought some people might be interested:

    The good news is I should be back on track with the freelancer armour again soon, we're building our garage very soon which is great because I can't wait to get going on my helmet or possibly (okay, especially! the brute shot) I might have to get my eye back in with a shin piece or something first though. Hopefully it's like riding a bike and I'm not too rusty. Team freelancer has been whittled down to Agents Maine and Tex now, I'm planning on finishing the Rogue helmet of Carolina's anyway, I want to give it the same attention to detail as the EVA,

    In the meantime I might have a new build thread to post to while away the time 'til I can get back to project Freelancer. A foam Quill mask.

    Cheers guys :) LOVING! all the amazing build threads going on around here at the moment.
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